Meet George Rose

The Good Life
Saturday, October 21st

Guy's first guest on today's adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears is George Rose. George is a noted photographer, and George's new book is a spectacular collection of photographs of Sonoma Wine Country.


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This is a good line food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. Guide our. I the morning and afternoon. Not just oh yeah had a great week and now you're ready for one weekend a little bit out of the stuff today and that's the public. Afternoon tomorrow. Splendid. Splendid that. Libya great weekend to give out on Sunday today maybe not so much pitcher Arco early you can view that welcome to the good life we're gonna talk about. Well bunch of things my guess is George grows long time friend and acquaintance that has been involved in the one business for many a year. But the bottom line is he's an ace photographer. And he takes the most magnificent photos you'll learn more about that and his new book. The new book is it looks so good it's called vineyard Sonoma County units. Every time you look at this book and I have other booklet does in the do the same thing to me you go and a man out there. Anyway George is gonna join us and then. I think maybe Chris bell and burger will see. Bent to go on further one of the winds of the week of got the porno fourteen cap and believe or not the 2014 Chardonnay. Probably ought to be the 2015 Chardonnay. But. I had some of this up long ago and it's rarely drink and a big fan of older aged short but this will be and I got three events that tell you about as well ways. And we're gonna talk who while we're speaking to George apartment about. How you might get involved and help momentarily. With the recovery in California coast. If you've seen the pictures. Now it's off the news so you're not thinking about it Nazi in it and I have so many friends who lost homes and and damaged businesses and and it's just that chocolate anyway. George rose at the his biography is magnificent forty years ago George root began his long career for photographer. But along the way got involved and one business who have. Today the documentarian. Of popular music and took some of the most magnificent pictures of some marker rock stars is that politics sports. Finally ended up in and wine country and in the story continues George good afternoon welcome to the program. Hey guys. Man I was looking at the FaceBook page today and folks you can do that you just type in George ruse in the search windows. And if you look the news in the fun part about this is an early Tuesday. If photo documentation of everything on the West Coast with an emphasis on line and I love the picture. It was October 19 the afternoon in Sonoma County. Where that gray sky is not smoked for a change. It's rate. There are. Evil little lot all once but a little while. So George let's talk about you and your your biography is extensive. But I think there's nothing more fun than here in about somebody's personal journey and here and it's from. From the individual themselves ought to take us back. I did find some really cool picture I did music in the mama lips. Of you from days come by and I'm popped him. Many news and and of course had a camera in your hand it's either camera glass on it think with all the pictures it's. That is back what got you started photography and wind its way through your journey up to where you're now. Well you don't want people meet me they'd think Emma you know. Their surprise you how young guys. I've been doing it for such a long long time. Began my career in newspapers or newspapers were great and glorious and I worked at a Los Angeles Times and focused on pop culture and sports news and weather. You know I I was I guess a photojournalist. Theory you wanna cry never call my local photojournalist violent off. Working at the Los Angeles Times and and went freelance work or time Newsweek Rolling Stone all of always based here in LA. And and then went there went up north that drove up. 11 in orbit now we're and drove into this beautiful place called wine country Napa Sonoma. Mendocino. And I never went home. I ended up buying his own newspaper open Mendocino County in the net or you years. The idea now XY. We had a great time it was a Ph.D. in businessmen learning and understanding of the world. And I became really great friends with the app circuit. All eleven. Brothers and sisters and now of course that's serving your back in the eighties it was. That are not sure. Why producer of the time along with. The band's bigger kids over there Glenn Ellen. And I had a great career in wind communication. Working first Thatcher and then. Moving on to. Quote law. And then Kendall Jackson. And ending up my career 25 years in the point business at. Is it was a fantastic. Light but you know throughout all of being you are spokesperson for the wine industry. Photography was always first and foremost in mine mine certainly as a way to sell the idea in the image in the romance of wine country. But also just to document the seasonal changes and ID you know and I have had just a wonderful. Career there in the wine. And have so many Britons who have. Ultimately. Ended up hiring me years my semi retirement and I still work for the Sonoma County wine growers and vintners tourism and a handful of wine producers. Document into the seasonal changes. And I just released my book vineyards Sonoma County at a 188. Page one letter from the county. It's not and it's just packed full of beautiful pictures of vineyards in the Sonoma coast and the seasonal changes that go on in the vineyards and some of the pictures of people harvest integrate some. I AM. Just released that which you believe this past week right in the middle of our our major crisis. And I think people are really happy that to see this book you know given all of the the destruction of property in the lives of hit it and you know it is it is an area. A disaster and it certainly has changed. Everyone's. Way of life and attitude didn't. And hopefully temporarily AM you know I'm hoping that now everyone will recover very quickly from this disaster. I don't Leo just the magnitude is is lost on most people if you go to the cal fire website that did view where I was tracking the fires of cinema got who's in trouble next. As a pretty amazing thing in the number it nearly 4000 homes destroyed. Well numbers actually 68 on oh my god all of those buildings businesses. Just in Sonoma County. You know and we're you know I mean it is it is incredibly hard to wrap your arms around this it is on such a massive scale. Of any disasters that we've ever experienced anywhere in the United States whether it be a tornado over you know our hurricane flooding. I mean it's as if it's just so unimaginable. And you know wine country it's still open for business I don't I don't want to give anybody the impression that. They can't come. Visit Napa or Sonoma are Mendocino County is open for business. Unfortunately and there are large walk. These regions that are shut down. And everything is just kind of getting back you know their power and now the roads are just now reopening and it's gonna take a little while burst on but he impacted areas in the end wineries. To be back in full operation that you know most definitely. The better part of Sonoma County is open you'll berg. That the town of Sonoma all the wonderful places to go wine tasting. Are still open for business. And you know that the fire really. The fire really blew through the ridge tops and and not burned in the forest lands on the on the ridges and and then dip down into areas of Santa Ana Rosa nobody expected that. Well that we take a break for we do Georgie would you when you're working of filtered remember Jack thanks Lee. I can do it. It is that right down our well he has an. Of course we became good friends and he in my brother carried on the good live down in Florida when I left. And jacks on the other line we're gonna take a break we'll come back. And and maybe we will bring him on deferment because god knows between a three of us think of everything that is changed on the West Coast. Most of it for the good of news to detriment I keep telling every in my one class George there's never been a time in history. Of wine consumption of VO one and it is. And today. I agree more him with a quick break come back when George rose. Bring in my friend Jack thanks ladies and Lola talk about George's book and and and more food want him from fears after the short break.