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The problem with taxes

The problem with taxes is that everyone hates them, but no one wants to give up the public services they pay for. We all realize the need to slice government spending, but where? Can we get by with fewer public employees … including teachers, police officers, and firefighters? And who is worthy of tax breaks that hold down revenue?
Republican Kansas House Speaker Mike O’Neal of Hutchinson has the job of holding the line on taxes in the state legislature. But in his home town, the Hutchinson school board recently raised the property tax by 3.6 mills … to offset a 1.3 million-dollar cut in aid from the state.
Let’s face it, there is waste in all government … but government also provides important services to citizens. And the cost of providing those services keeps going up.
Sedgwick County and the City of Wichita have demonstrated that holding the line on tax increases is possible. And so far their spending cuts have not been too painful for citizens.
Our thought for today is from George Bernard Shaw:
“A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.”

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03/17/2011 1:17AM
The problem with taxes
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