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Posted: Wednesday, 15 February 2017 9:15PM

Brownback criticizes Kansas House tax bill

TOPEKA, Kan. — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback says a bill advanced by the Kansas House that would increase personal income taxes is "a big step backwards."

Brownback made his comments in a speech Wednesday at the Statehouse to members of the National Federation of Independent Business.

His remarks came after the House gave first-round approval to a bill that would increase income taxes by raising more than $1 billion over two years. Supporters are promoting it as the best way to balance the budget.

The bill would abandon core policies Brownback pushed in 2012 and 2013.

He said, "This is just really going the wrong way."

Brownback contends tax cuts previously championed have created economic growth. But the state has struggled to balance its budget since.

AP News
02/15/2017 9:16PM
Brownback criticizes Kansas House tax bill
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02/17/2017 5:40PM
Brownback criticizes Kansas House tax bill
Why do politicians and bureaucrats only think that balancing the budget means stealing more money from American citizens? Stop the spending !!! Quit spending money that you don't have!! Quit spending money that you are not entitled to!! Quit spending money that doesn't belong to you!!
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