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Posted: Monday, 13 February 2017 3:03PM

Nursing Homes: KABC Deficiencies List

LAWRENCE, Kan. - Kansas Advocates for Better Care, a non-profit organization monitoring conditions in the state’s nursing homes, has released its annual listing of ‘red flag’ facilities.

Sixty-eight of the 350 nursing facilities in Kansas were found to have been cited for at least 10 health and/or safety deficiencies in each of the last three years. Nearly three-fourths of these poor-performing nursing homes are owned by for-profit corporations, the remainder are non-profit.

In the past 18 months, at least 44 facilities on the list were cited for deficiencies that resulted in ‘actual harm’ to residents or put them in ‘immediate jeopardy’ of being harmed.

The Good Samaritan Society Center nursing home in Minneapolis was cited for 46 deficiencies -- the most for any long-term care facility in the state.

The list is based on deficiency data culled from Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) survey/inspection reports. A deficiency means that a facility was found to be out of compliance with a regulation intended to ensure residents’ health and safety.

Kansas law requires that nursing facilities be inspected every 12 months, on average. KDADS, however, consistently fails to meet its own timelines because of budget shortfalls and not having enough trained inspectors. Consequently, nursing homes are often inspected at 16 months, potentially exposing residents in poor performing facilities to further harm and for longer periods of time.

In Kansas, it’s not unusual for a nursing home to be cited for 10 deficiencies within a single inspection cycle (12 months). A facility being cited with 10 deficiencies for three consecutive cycles, however, constitutes a ‘red flag,’ said KABC Executive Director Mitzi McFatrich. State inspections are the only objective review of nursing homes conducted by a governmental oversight agency to assure the safety and health of older residents.

Among the nursing homes with 10 or more deficiencies in each of the last three survey/inspection cycles (those with an asterisk* were cited for actual harm, immediate jeopardy, or mistreatment of a resident(s) during their most recent inspection):
Woodlawn Rehab & Health Care* (Wichita, 30 deficiencies)
Legacy at College Hill (Wichita, 22)
Manorcare Health Services (Wichita, 20)
Seville Operator, LLC* (Wichita, 19)
Sumner Operator, LLC* (Wellington, 19)
Peabody Operator, LLC* (Peabody, 17)
McPherson Operator, LLC* (McPherson, 17)
Meridian Nursing & Rehab* (Wichita, 16)
Diversicare (Hutchinson, 15)
Wheat State Manor* (Whitewater, 15)
Hutchinson Operator, LLC (Hutchinson, 13)
Victoria Falls (Andover, 11)
Medicalodges (Douglass, 11)
Catholic Care Center (Bel Aire, 10)
Good Samaritan* (Hutchinson, 10)

The list was current as of Dec.1, 2016.

KABC is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring quality long-term care for frail elders and adults with disabilities.

02/13/2017 3:07PM
Nursing Homes: KABC Deficiencies List
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