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"Why vote \"no\" on the Wichita sales tax increase?"
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08/28/2014 10:52AM
Why vote "no" on the Wichita sales tax increase?
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08/28/2014 1:37PM
How come the last three or four sales tax increases are not enought?
What is the plan? They have raised the taxes in the past more than once or twice and now they want more. Why ? did they waste the last couple tax increases? Can't they keep a budget? Can't they manage the millions of dollars they already get? The raise taxes every time they get in a pinch is not right. The police just bought a $700,000 military vehicle that is designed to resist mines. I see the street lights on and the vacant buildings the city owns with the lights on 24/7. The easy way is to tax the people more, to tax them again and again. I wish they would try something else first.
08/31/2014 12:52PM
There's no tax money being spent frivolously
It's called "the cost of providing necessary services" ... The MRAP the police bought came from seized assets of drug dealers, fines and sales at auction of items in the evidence room that were recovered and never claimed. How safe would you feel if the street lights were turned off after midnight? The lights in vacant city owned buildings deter criminal activities that destroys city property and keeps addicts,vagrants and homeless people from taking up residence in them. The best way to lower taxes is cut out unnecessary waste whenever and wherever it's found,including increased wages. Employers are forced to pass on the cost of production to the working consumer. All it's doing is "Feeding the Beast" of inflation and higher taxes.
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