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"Sheriff's Office Acquires Armored Vehicle from Military Surplus"
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08/27/2014 9:27PM
Sheriff's Office Acquires Armored Vehicle from Military Surplus
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08/27/2014 11:15PM
I read the 1033 program was is under scrutney due to the Fergenson Mo. ordeal.
The president and congress is looking hard at this program that helps police departments acquire military equipment. This is because of how the police used these armored equipment at the protests which made the bad situation worse. The president acknowledged this, the FBI acknowledged this, The Mo. state government acknowledged this and that is why the country police were removed from the city of Ferguson during the protest. After all this has been in the national news. The Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office thinks this is a good idea? I am also reading of some state governments giving the local police a time limit to get rid of military equipment. Not to mention that lots of M-4 Machineguns in the same program have been lost and are unaccountable by the police forces. The saying goes. " Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it". The political trend/wind is changing and demilitarizing the police is the new push by legislators wanting to get reelected. must get rid of military equipment
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