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Posted: Monday, 18 August 2014 10:18PM

Ballot Issues Plague McPherson Primary

McPHERSON, Kan.  -  Missing names and write-in lines in a local election leaves voters and candidates in one county outraged.

It happened in the recent primary elections in McPherson County. Voters and candidates voiced concerned about both issues, but only one was a mistake.

McPherson County Clerk, Cathy Schmidt, said there shouldn't be a write-in line for specific positions such as the Township Clerk section.

"There's never been a write in line when there's been a candidate in the primary," said Schmidt.

By Kansas Statute, if a candidate applies for any position besides committee member in a county primary election, their name is listed and the write-in line is removed. From there, the general election will have the option for voters to write-in other candidates. Schmidt explained where she was told the problem started.

"I think they (McPherson Co. Commissioners), got a call from a township clerk who had been township clerk and wanted to run again but didn't come in by the June 1 deadline to get his name on the ballot, said Schmidt. "So then there was no write-in line to write his name in."

The second issue has McPherson Co. Democrats Treasurer Ryon Carey very upset. Schmidt accidentally left committee candidates names off city ballots.

"The bulk of the population were not able to vote for their candidacies," said Carey.

Schmidt said she found the error on election day, but by then it was too late.

"That was my error and I have admitted that was my error and I own it completely," said Schmidt.

In McPherson County third class cities, the township and city both vote for the committee. However the mistake didn't cost the candidates who weren't listed in their cities because they were listed in the townships.

"They won their elections but only because they were unopposed and no write in votes were counted against them," said Carey.

Schmidt said this has been a very frustrating mistake.

"That it's kind of been blown out of proportion," said Schmidt. I completely understand I made the error and I won't make that error again."

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08/18/2014 10:20PM
Ballot Issues Plague McPherson Primary
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