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"Brownback Resists Federal Government \"Overreach\""
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08/18/2014 10:34AM
Brownback Resists Federal Government "Overreach"
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08/18/2014 1:53PM
Over reaching governmemnts is the track record in World History
Over reaching governments is why American has the type of government it has. World history shows that the more control a government has, the lesser quality of life the people have. We as Americans need to always be in guard of that. But We need to be educated on world governments in history and not be subject to generational amnesia where we have no knowledge of history beyond our adult life. Our Government was set up to make it hard for the government to be over controlling and it has worked fairly well, But it is not perfect and it can still be destroyed from with in if we are not vigilant. Sen. Brown back is doing this and preserving Kansas government to govern it's own . Most people does not know the definition of Republic government much less other types of governments.
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