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"Kansas Jobless Rate Flat in July"
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08/18/2014 10:02AM
Kansas Jobless Rate Flat in July
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08/18/2014 10:29AM
Thank you for your service...
I'm one of those who are in this "flat" statistic here in Wichita. BTW, I'm also an American Armed Forces Veteran of 31 years. I appreciate when people thank me for my service, but none have a decent well paying job opportunity for me to show them I can produce and bring a lot to their company. Maybe it's because people (good companies and their HR hiring folks) like being seen in public doing and saying the support our Vets at these job fairs and ads. They are real good at that. But in reality (and by my experiance thus far) if you don't know anyone to help you get in, you're toast. But again, I appreciate you thanking me.
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