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"Kansas Plant Reopening after 'Pink Slime' Controversy"
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08/12/2014 8:14PM
Kansas Plant Reopening after 'Pink Slime' Controversy
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08/12/2014 9:03PM
Lean, finely texured beef. ?? Prove that..
Just giving something a name means nothing now days. What is the fat content ? It's cook able and edible. If you can get people to eat it then you have a product, who cares what it is if you can make money with it. And you know the quality is only going to go down as they figure out how to make it cheaper and cheaper still. They can grind up anything and put in that and no one will know. I'll bet the people who make it , don't eat it. People who make hot dogs don't eat them either and this stuff isn't good enough for hot dogs.
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