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"Okla. Teacher Found Intoxicated, Without Pants in Classroom"
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08/06/2014 10:33PM
Okla. Teacher Found Intoxicated, Without Pants in Classroom
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08/07/2014 8:43AM
Teacher's Union will protect her.
The Teacher's Union may step in and help this poor teacher who is being singled out and harassed. The School is not talking in fear of complicating the case by saying anything the Union may use against them in the litigation to defend this poor teacher. This poor teacher has medical issues which caused this infraction in policy and to terminate her for a health issue is a attack on all teacher. She was only wanting to do her job because she cares for her students. OR, OR she was forced to get a job by welfare authorities. She is so poor she can't afford panties or carry a spare pair. She is a victim of the system,, or maybe a product of the system? I hope there is a follow up story so we don't have to speculate on this story because too little information was given and the story is only for shock value and not for learning purposes.
08/07/2014 3:05PM
A Victim?
Whoever wrote the above comment is clearly off their rocker. If I am a victim to MY decisions in life, then all of us are victims. I don't think that the 'welfare authorities' held a gun to this ladies head and said 'apply for a job as a school teacher'. It's OBVIOUS that this lady has a drinking problem. as for being singled out and harassed... Gimme a break! If I showed up at ANY job on my first day, drunk with no pants on, I should be fired ON THE SPOT. It would be ludicrous to think that the school has some obligation to the teacher because she has personal problems (like stupidity). To the person who wrote the above comment, stop smoking crack and come join the rest of us in reality... after the LSD wears off.
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