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"Veteran Sen. Roberts wins Kansas GOP Primary"
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08/05/2014 11:35PM
Veteran Sen. Roberts wins Kansas GOP Primary
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08/06/2014 12:41PM
Don't fix it, if it's not broken.
The last thing we need is a wishy washy politician from Kansas to represent us. The Tea party is getting too hyped up and it's starting to look like the political correctness syndrome happening again except it's on the other side of the fence now. Wolfs accusations were weak and typical, Not even news or creative, He might as well been preaching hope and change... Plus the fact of him playing with social media and his profession tells me he isn't serious about it. We don't need a joker in office.. We already have one of those !
08/06/2014 7:28PM
Vote out the encumbents.
Till the American people vote out the career politicians they will never have to live with the laws they pass. So when the general elections are here vote out the ones that have had their chance. And wise up to the fact that they are all in the same goodold boys club. The Dems. and the G.O.P. are just like pro wrestlers. The only time they fight is when they are in front of a camera. WISE UP AMERICA
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