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"Wichita Man Charged in Toddler's Death in Hot Car"
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07/30/2014 9:19PM
Wichita Man Charged in Toddler's Death in Hot Car
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07/31/2014 6:18AM
Secretary Phyllis Gilmore
Seems to be side stepping any responsibility by her department and speaking with hind sight when she should be looking at the here and now and the future. I can't express the disgust I have for these guys who didn't know where the children intheir care were even at for two hours. Even if the children lived, they would have emotional issue for emotional neglect. I ask. How in the world were children placed in the care of these guys?
07/31/2014 9:45AM
How, you ask?
Where else are these kids going to go? They have to go somewhere. How many foster children do YOU have?
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