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"Reaction to Carr Brothers' Ruling"
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07/25/2014 9:32PM
Reaction to Carr Brothers' Ruling
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07/28/2014 10:18AM
Are state supreme court justices too insulated from street violence?
There's a well-known dysfunctional mindset that I've heard called "Ivory Tower Syndrome." It amounts to people who are not in danger themselves second-guessing those who either are in danger, or else are closer to the endangered people. Persons afflicted with Ivory Tower Syndrome intellectualize much, and they moralize much, and they stand on principles much, much more than life in the real world permits those exposed to its rigors to do. Perhaps no one should be eligible for a position as a judge unless he or she has served a year, incognito, as a mock prisoner in a real state prison. The lessons learned, and the discipline acquired, would probably be quite valuable to them when considering these "hard" cases.
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