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"Sedg. Co. DA Bennett Responds to Carr Bros. Ruling"
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07/25/2014 9:05PM
Sedg. Co. DA Bennett Responds to Carr Bros. Ruling
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07/26/2014 1:14AM
Who prosacuted the case really messed up.
They messed the case up when these killers were tired. Who tried this case?
07/28/2014 1:17PM
It’s time to stand up and be counted in Kansas
The Kansas Supreme Court is anti-death penalty and has once again abused it position for its own personal opinions. The last time they tried this deliberate tomfoolery they were reversed by the US Supreme Court. If they want to legislate, let them join the legislature. Legislating from the bench is, in my opinion, an impeachable offence. If there were ever a case for executing the death penalty, here it is. Twelve (12) years on death row and this is their appeal. This is sickening. The District Attorney’s office did an exceptional job of prosecution. The legislature of Kansas is apparently as impotent as the US legislature. The people of the great state of Kansas need to take control of their government - they work for us, not we for them. This is a very good example of life time appointments disguised through retention elections which seldom removes a sitting judge. To the people of Kansas: Please, please, please Stand-To. Take the time and effort to find out who these majority judges are and vote no on their next retention election.
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