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Posted: Friday, 04 July 2014 7:58PM

Nun inspires second food truck to feed the needy

WICHITA, Kan.- The Lord's Diner began operating the second food truck in the Hilltop Neighborhood last week.

"It's unbelievable," said Sister Ann Catherine Burger. "They can be from anywhere actually. As I said, no questions asked. If they want food, all they have to do is show up there."

The 92-year-old nun is the inspiration behind the second food truck.

Since 2001, she began a mission to help those in the Hilltop Neighborhood, near Harry and Oliver.

"Of course that led to helping them in any way that we could and food is one of the necessities of life, so we found out that they could certainly use food," said Burger.

She is often seen driving a golf cart near the Mount St. Mary Convent on Lincoln Street.

Burger delivered meals to 30 people in the Hilltop Neighborhood. She said that many of the people she served were from low income households and often made tough decisions between buying food or medicine.

"Whatever you need for life, they need, period. Sometimes they don't have water. Sometimes they don't have electricity," said Burger.

When The Lord's Diner was approached about the idea to expand their food truck concept to Southeast Wichita, they discovered this nun's mission.

"They thought maybe it was time for her to retire, so they asked us if we'd be interested. We did some investigation. We worked with the Food Bank to see if the need was truly there. And it was," said Jan Haberly, director for The Lord's Diner.

Burger no longer delivers meals.

A few times a week, she will sit in the golf cart and watch her mission being carried out by The Lord's Diner food truck.

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07/04/2014 8:05PM
Nun inspires second food truck to feed the needy
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