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Posted: Saturday, 05 July 2014 3:09PM

UPDATE: Victim in officer-involved shooting identified

WICHITA, Kan. -  Wichita resident Icarus Randolph, 26, was killed in an officer-involved shooting Friday afternoon in the 7800 block of East Clay. That's near Lincoln and Rock Road.

Wichita Deputy Police Chief Nelson Mosley said at approximately 1:09 p.m. police officers responded to the report of a suicidal person. They met with family members in the front yard of the residence saying Randolph was distraught and out of control.

Icarus Randolph then came out of the house and walked aggressively straight toward one of the officers. The officer then used his taser on Randolph which only halted him for a moment, then he continued toward the officer.
That's when the officer noticed Randolph had a knife in his hand and the officer pulled his gun out backing away from Randolph. As he backed away he fired his gun 3-4 times hitting Randolph in the chest.

EMS transported Randolph to Wesley Medical Center, where he later was pronounced dead at around 2 p.m.

The investigation is still ongoing.

WICHITA, Kan. - Officials say a man shot by police this afternoon in southeast Wichita has died.

The incident occured around 1:30, near Lincoln and Rock Road, in the 7800 block of East Clay.

Deputy Police Chief Nelson Mosely says officers were responding to the report of a suicidal individual. He says the man charged at police with a knife, an officer tazed the man but when that didn't stop him the officer shot him.

The man was taken to Wesley medical center in critical condition. He was pronouced dead at 2:00 p.m.

Nelson says an investigation is underway and the two officers involved have been placed on administrative leave.

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07/04/2014 5:30PM
UPDATE: Man dies following officer involved shooting, S.E. Wichita
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07/04/2014 7:48PM
Not Suicidal!
The man did not "charge" towards officers. He was wielding a small kitchen knife while standing and speaking to the officers before they tazed him, beat him with night sticks and then fired at least four rounds into his chest and front of his family, who were the ones who called and asked for assitance to get him admitted to a local hospital for treatment of PTSD!! He was never reported as being suicidal! This is "Police Brutality and Excessive Use of Force All Day"! If you're going to report a story, please get the facts right and the story from both sides of the incident...not just the practiced public statement that is always given by the Blue Line Gangstas!!! They are setting up a defense for a Suicide by Police, justified shooting!
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