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"Board Approves Additional $5 Million to Repair School"
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03/10/2014 10:34PM
Board Approves Additional $5 Million to Repair College Hill Elementary
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03/11/2014 2:57PM
Doesn't make economic since?
Why spend more money, $5,000,000.00, to repair a school, College Hill Elementry, that has been closed for a year? How many bus rides would $5,000,000.00 pay for? The Bryant Elementary school is open and doing fine!!! It's a great school in a great neighborhood that doesn't need moooooooore money thrown at it. What has happened to common sense? Maybe the school board needs to attend Bryant Elementary for retraining in common sense! That's my two cents, but who am I. Just another tax payer who , pays and pays and pays and pays!! How about you? One Wichita Tax Payer
03/11/2014 8:03PM
Follow the money...
Yep, FTM. That's how our various governments around the world work ya know.
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