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Posted: Monday, 24 February 2014 9:42PM

Kansas Lawmakers Table Anti-Fluoride Proposal

TOPEKA, Kan.  -  A Kansas House committee has tabled a bill to require cities and other local governments to warn consumers if they put fluoride in their water supplies.
Chairman David Crum said the House Health and Human Services Committee's 10-2 vote Monday means the anti-fluoride bill is dead.
The measure has been condemned by public health officials and the Kansas Dental Association. The federal Centers for Disease Control last year called fluoridation of water "one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century."
But the bill says fluoride is dangerous and would require local governments to warn consumers if it fluoridates water - and to warn that it might lower children's IQs.
Anti-fluoride activist Mark Gietzen said supporters of the bill will try to get action in the Senate.

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02/24/2014 9:45PM
Kansas Lawmakers Table Anti-Fluoride Proposal
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02/25/2014 1:46PM
Ionic fluoride and calcium are the chemical basis for strong teeth and bones.
Just like chlorine gas is dangerous, but chloride ion is part of table salt, fluorine gas is dangerous to breath, but the fluoride ion is not dangerous in the small concentration recommended. It is part of the make-up of strong bones and teeth, along with calcium. Watch out for wackos' emotional warnings about what they feel "might" happen.
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