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Art of Fire: Glass Art from the WAM Collection
04/04/2015 to 03/05/2016Re-imagined anew and opening in April, the museum presents a compelling arrangement of the distinguished and growing glass art collection. for the new display, the museum consulted with Seattle-based independent curator and craft scholar Vicki Halper. Notably, Halper curated WAM's popular 2014 summer exhibition, Australian Glass Art, American Links for the Museum of Glass. Revealing WAM's rich holdings, the variety, quality, and artistry of Steuben glass will be presented. In fascinating ways, the exquisite work of the Steuben Glass Works, the world-class glass manufacturer (1903-2011), continues to beguile and inspire artists. The new installation will acknowledge and examine how contemporary glass artists explore the continuing allure and legacy of Steuben. Magnificent work by such living artists as Dante Marioni and Kiki Smith will be on view. The new collection display also features a new commission - an elaborate, Steuben-inspired candelabrum - by glass artist Andy Paiko. This special work will be effervescent! It incorporates an abundantly enthusiastic array of forms and techniques first developed by Steuben. Paiko's tapering candle holders that hang gracefully from the central form, each demonstrate the Steuben "air-twist" technique, perfected by designer George Thompson. The cinched, bell-shaped forms of the upper part of the large-scale candle holder are typical of Thompson's designs. WAM's collection includes original sketches by Thompson during his time working for Steuben, making Paiko's re-imagining of Thompson's forms particularly relevant to the collection. If you haven't spent time in the museum's glass art galleries recently, you should visit soon and prepare to be impressed by the beauty and history of this special artform!
Art Start Families: Los Colores
10/06/2015 to 10/27/2015In partnership with the Big Read Wichita, we will read the children's companion book Green is a Chili Pepper as we explore colors in the gallery and the art studio. We will highlight Hispanic culture and the art of bookmaking in this special Art Start Session! Tuesdays are for families: Children ages 3 to 5 and an adult. Art Start is a FREE program for children ages 3-5 to engage with art, imagine and learn together. The theme changes each month, so come back once a month for a fresh take on the museum.
Boeing Dome Theater and Planetarium: Animalopolis
06/29/2015 to 06/28/2016Come nose to nose with hippos and eye to eye with bears. This lighthearted and imaginary look at animals is fun for kids and adults alike.
Boeing Dome Theater and Planetarium: The Last Reef
06/29/2015 to 06/28/2016Fly across iridescent tropical reefs, brush through a cloud of a million jellyfish and visit an alien world where the closer you look, the more you see. Dive into how reefs are as vital to life on earth as the rain forests, but are starting to disappear due to population. Produced by the Academy-Award nominated creators of the Broadway show STOMP.
Bridging Art and Science: Underwater Beauty
06/29/2015 to 06/28/2016Featuring Norman Rainer Submerge yourself in the magnificence of the marine world with stunning underwater photography.
Design Zone
10/03/2015 to 01/05/2016Examine how architects, engineers, video game developers, music producers, roller coaster designers and more use math and science to create their crafts. Develop a video game. Design a roller coaster. Lay down a music track, draw 2-D or 3-D art. Light up the crowd for a dance party. And more! Produced and toured by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. This exhibit was made possible by a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant.
Design Zone National Traveling Exhibit
10/03/2015 to 01/03/2016What does it take to create a video game, line up rhythms like the best DJs, or design a roller coaster that produces the biggest thrills? Go behind the scenes and see how video game developers, music producers, roller coaster designers and other creative problem solvers use math to do the amazing things they do.
Honoring Our Veteran's Exhibit
09/04/2015 to 11/12/2015Explore the museum's textile collection of US military uniforms
Karg Art Glass presents 'Fire Me Final Friday"
09/25/2015 to 10/30/2015Ceramic Show, showing 8 artist along with Karg Art Glass Gallery, Opening night Sept 25, 6 pm to 9 pm we will have live jazz band from WSU, Clay demonstrations from WSU ceramic dept., food,& wine. Good way to meet and greet your friends and have a wonderful time discussing art.
Photography & Inherited History In India
09/12/2015 to 12/13/2015Two generations after the exultation of Independence and the concurrent horrors of Partition, contemporary Indian photographers reclaim and reappraise the history of colonialism in their country. The exhibition will include works by Raqs Media Collective, Gauri Gill, Nandan Ghiya, Vivan Sundaram, Pushpamala N., and Annu Palakunnathu Matthew.
Rhythm & Hues
09/04/2015 to 12/13/2015Rhythm and Hues explores the influence of music on modern and contemporary art practices. Both forms of artistic expression share compositional and stylistic similarities. In Lester Johnson's densely packed composition, City Women, the figures seem to pulse with energy. Their arms and legs are caught in beautiful stylized movements, reminiscent of a complicated musical score. Johnson’s work was heavily influenced by jazz, and it demonstrates the same shifts between tones and design, using bold colors and angled figures to mimic the sound of instruments interacting, tangling in an exchange of ideas. Drawn from the permanent collection, the works of art in Rhythm and Hues explore the parallel nature of visual art and music. From regional musical styles such as bluegrass, to cultural expressions such as American Indian dances, to the birth of jazz in the early modern era, music and visual art are intimately intertwined.
Spirited: Prohibition in America
09/01/2015 to 10/20/2015During the era of Prohibition, Americans could no longer manufacture, sell, or transport intoxicating beverages from 1920 until 1933. A new exhibit, Spirited: Prohibition in America, on view September 1st – October 20th at the Historical Museum, explores this tumultuous time in American history, when flappers and suffragists, bootleggers and temperance lobbyists, and legends, such as Al Capone and Carry Nation, took sides in this battle against the bottle.  Organized by the National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, PA, in partnership with Mid-America Arts Alliance, Kansas City, MO, Spirited: Prohibition in America explores the era of Prohibition, when America went “dry.” Visitors will learn about the complex issues that led to the repeal through the 21st Amendment in 1933. Through the exhibition, visitors will learn about the amendment process, the changing role of liquor in American culture, Prohibition’s impact on the roaring ‘20s, the role of women, and how current liquor laws vary from state to state.  Spirited has been made possible through NEH on the Road, a special initiative of the National Endowment for the Humanities. It has been adapted and toured by Mid-America Arts Alliance.
Temporary "Transcribing History" Exhibit in Rotating Gallery
02/28/2015 to 01/15/2016Sending an email miles away is a piece of cake in this day and age, but the written word experienced many radical changes and developments to get to this point. Over the course of five thousand years, changes in written language and how individuals wrote messages changed how human beings recorded their existence and communicated with each other. The Museum of World Treasures invites you to explore these changes in a new Rotating Gallery exhibit, "Transcribing History: Pictographs, Parchment, and the Printing Press." Visit for a glimpse into the history of an important aspect of any civilization and discover how cuneiform on clay tablets paved the way for text messages on smartphones. Experience how the simple act of writing affects many aspects of everyday life and ultimately provides the power to change the world. The Museum’s Rotating Gallery hosts new temporary exhibits on an annual basis. Each year, our Exhibits Committee selects a Student Curator to research, design, and direct the creation of this exhibit under the guidance of the Museum’s Curator of Exhibits and Research, Tim Howard. This year’s Student Curator, Emily Simon, is a Newman University student studying English and history, with a minor in international studies.
Wichita National All Media Craft Exhibition
08/28/2015 to 10/16/2015Opening Reception: Friday, August 28, 2015
Community Night at the Indian Center
09/17/2014 Community Night is a chance for the American Indian community and the public to take part in a variety of activities that are part of the American Indian culture. Community Night is free and everyone is welcome. For more information, call (316) 350-3340.
Kansas Kids Preschool Class
09/09/2015 to 08/31/2016Ages 3 - 5 Investigate, discover and question with your Kansas Kid and encounter the wonder of our world – it’s science for preschoolers! Read a story, take part in dramatic play and hands-on science experiments, plus experience a special activity in the exhibits and more. Parents will receive a newsletter linked to the class’s monthly theme. September: Sensory Science Sept. 9 Sight Sept. 16 Sounds Sept. 23 Smell & Taste Sept. 30 Touch October: Fall and Halloween Oct. 7 Color Changing Leaves Oct. 14 Cornfields and Scarecrows Oct. 21 Apples and Pumpkins Oct. 28 Halloween Creatures November: Super STEM Nov. 4 Science Nov. 11 Technology Nov. 18 Engineering Nov. 25 Math December: Holidays Dec. 2 Cookies Dec. 9 Light and Sounds Dec. 16 Ornaments and Shapes Dec. 23 Winter Sky Dec. 30 New Year’s Eve
Machine Gun Kelly
10/14/2015 to 10/14/2015HEADLINER MARKETING PRESENTS MACHINE GUN KELLY King Los, Dub O WED, OCTOBER 14, 2015 DOORS: 7PM ADVANCE $30 - DAY OF SHOW $35 ON SALE FRI 8/07 10:00 AM CDT THIS EVENT IS ALL AGES All seating is general admission. Table reservations are available at The Cotillion or by calling 316.722.4201. Nancy's Amazing Sandwiches will be here serving her Famous #8 and more! Text RAP to 49798 for updates and chances at tickets. There's nothing like someone who has lived your story and Ohio's MC MGK resilience has become a beacon of hope for thousands of kids across America. Penning rhymes about everything from addiction to family issues, MGK is a symbol of relentless perseverance to his fans and the MC is about to begin the next chapter of his already successful career. Born Colson Baker in Houston, Texas, MGK lived almost a dozen places, including Egypt, before moving to Denver, Colorado with his father after his mother began a new life with a new man. "I don't have a relationship with my mom, she left when I was nine years old," says MGK. In Denver, the Bakers lived with MGK's aunt. Though the father and son had each other, they couldn't lay claim to much else. As his dad fought depression and unemployment, the young MC split his time between wearing two school outfits and being bullied by the neighborhood kids. "I used to stand out because I was tall and I couldn't really fight back then," says MGK. "Then I got tired of getting beat up so I started fighting people with my words instead." In seventh grade, MGK found solace in rhyming after watching DMX's "We Right Here" video. "DMX is a huge influence on me because neither of us have siblings so we had to fight a lot of dark shit by ourselves," says MGK.
Senior Wednesday: Peter Fletcher Performs!
10/14/2015 to 10/14/2015As part of our Senior Wednesday series, classical guitarist Peter Fletcher will present a concert featuring a wide range of musical pieces from Bach and Grieg to the Catalan songs of Miguel Llobet and Heitor Villa-Lobos. Hailing from New York City, Mr. Fletcher's long and illustrious career includes many awards and honors.
Tallgrass Film Festival
10/14/2015 to 10/18/2015"In a world overrun by film festivals, Tallgrass remains a largely undiscovered gem. The festival is big enough and smart enough to curate a top-notch program, but modest enough to nurture an atmosphere in which filmmakers mingle with each other and audience members." -Geoff Edgers, producer/star of Do It Again and Boston Globe Arts Reporter

The Tallgrass Film Festival, the largest independent film festival in the state of Kansas, is a hallmark of Wichita's cultural landscape. Now entering its 13th year, the festival has become an internationally recognized, multi-day platform for world-class cinematic programming, while showcasing Wichita's revitalized downtown area and many of its cultural attractions.


Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience
10/14/2015 to 10/14/2015Theresa Caputo, psychic medium and star of the hit TLC show, Long Island Medium, will be appearing live at the Hartman Arena on Wednesday, October 14th at 7:30pm. Theresa will give interactive readings to audience members throughout the show and will also share personal stories about her life and her unique gifts. Tickets go on sale Friday, August 14th at 10am and can be purchased at, 800.745.3000, or the Hartman Arena Box Office.Tickets start at $39.75 (plus applicable service charges) and are subject to change. Purchasing a ticket does not guarantee a reading. The highly-rated show Long Island Medium follows Theresa's life as a typical Long Island wife and mom with one very big difference...she can communicate with the dead. Since she cannot "turn off" this gift, messages from departed loved ones can come through at any time. The local car mechanic, manicurist or cashier at the bagel shop may find themselves receiving a spontaneous reading from Theresa as she goes about her day. The unique challenges that her special abilities create for her husband of 22 years, Larry, and her two children, aged 20 and 24, and how they cope, are also a main theme on the show. Theresa's second book titled "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" was released in September 2014 and debuted at #9 on the NY Times Best Seller List. Her first book titled "There's More to Life Than This" debuted in the fall of 2013. Theresa has been a practicing medium for 10 years and is a certified medium with the Forever-Family Foundation, an organization dedicated to connecting science with the afterlife. She helps individuals find closure by connecting them with their departed loved ones. For Theresa, this is not just her job... this is her life. Learn more about Theresa at
Art Start Pre-K Classes & Daycares: Los Colores
10/01/2015 to 10/29/2015In partnership with the Big Read Wichita, we will read the children's companion book Green is a Chili Pepper as we explore colors in the gallery and the art studio. We will highlight Hispanic culture and the art of bookmaking in this special Art Start session! Thursdays are for preschool groups and daycare centers: children ages 3-5 and their chaperones.
Christine Stedman
10/15/2015 to 10/17/2015What do you get when you add a pint of the Maury Povich Show, a quart of the Jerry Springer Show and a gallon of the Dr. Phil Show? You get a heaping helping of drama, chaos, dysfunction and a lot of laughter! Stir the pot and let the "Funny" begin. This is the recipe of Christine Stedman's life. After you have a "taste", you'll definitely come back for a second helping! Christine performs frequently in Las Vegas & Atlantic City and in comedy clubs all across the country. She was one of 5 finalists in Nick at Night's "Search for the Funniest Mom in America." She has also made many appearances on the popular Bob & Tom Show.
John Flanagan Reading and Signing
10/15/2015 to 10/15/2015Watermark Books & Cafe will host Ranger's Apprentice author John Flanagan for a reading and signing of the Ranger's Apprentice prequel The Tournament at Gorlan on Thursday, October 15 at 7:00 p.m.
Presence Program: The Gift of Art
10/15/2015 to 10/15/2015Adults with early to mid-stage memory loss and care partners are invited to attend this free interactive program aimed at encouraging personal expression, active looking and reflections, and emotional well-being. Led by Courtney Spousta, curator of education, we will spend time together, calmly reflecting in the galleries and enjoying three to four selected works of art. Gallery seating is provided. For program reservations, please call 316-268-4907.
"The Grand Duchess" by Offenbach
10/16/2015 to 10/16/2015Jacques Offenbach composed The Grand Duchess at the height of his popularity. It debuted at the 1867 Paris Exposition to a royal audience including Napoleon III, Tsar Alexander II of Russia, King Edward VII of England, Emperor Franz-Joseph of Austria, and Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck of Prussia. In spite of poking fun at European nobility and their militaries, Von Bismarck laughed, "Yes! It's exactly like that!" and The Grand Duchess became an instant hit.

Hailed by critics as "off the charts terrific" as Anita in West Side Story, American Mezzo Kaitlyn Costello stars as the Grand Duchess. With a weakness for men in uniform, she becomes infatuated with the dashing young Private Fritz and quickly promotes him to Commander-in-Chief. Fritz is sung by American tenor Cullen Gandy in his WGO debut, after making a splash at Los Angeles Opera starring opposite opera diva Renee Fleming. They is joined by Metropolitan Opera bass William Powers as the blustering General Boom, whose premieres of Penderecki's Paradise Lost for Lyric Opera of Chicago, and Harbison's The Great Gatsby for the Metropolitan Opera and more than 100 other roles across the globe. WGO's new production is directed by Shawna Lucey, who served as assistant director for Santa Fe Opera's hit 2013 production of The Grand Duchess, and has served as stage director for productions at San Francisco Opera and the Bolshoi Opera, among others.

This is the only production of The Grand Duchess in the U.S. this season, and it will be performed in English to highlight the whimsical comedy.

10/16/2015 to 10/17/2015FREE! NO COVER! BBI is a five member band that plays old school to hip hop, from 60's to today's hits. BBI is an innovator in the true meaning of variety in music. Don't miss two nights of BBI on the Miller Lite Stage in the Rotunda at the Kansas Star! It's free! No cover! Bring your dancing shoes for back-to-back nights of exciting entertainment! Friday, October 16 & Saturday, October 17 8:00PM each night! Entertainment schedule subject to change without notice. Persons enrolled in the Kansas Voluntary Exclusion Program may attend this Kansas Star event, but are prohibited from entering the gaming floor. All casino games owned and operated by the Kansas Lottery.
Lights on David Street Halloween Music and Lights Show
10/16/2015 to 10/31/2015Lights on David Street Halloween Music and Lights Show. Free Drive-by residential Music and Lights Show. Music transmitted on 106.9 FM.
Live Bull Riding
01/23/2015 to 12/19/2015Live bull riding on Friday and Saturday nights!

Club Rodeo is the largest nightclub in Kansas with the largest dance floor. We also have the only LIVE snot-slinging bull riding action in Kansas. Every Friday and Saturday night-Watch 20 cowboys compete for up to $1500 cash in Club Rodeo's indoor bull-riding arena.

Pumpkins at the Park
10/16/2015 to 10/30/2015Pumpkins in the Park is a blast for every member of your family with fun candy stations for the kids, a scary 3D maze for the teens, and beer and cocktails for the adults. Come on out to Tanganyika for a wild Halloween celebration!
Roberto Bernardinello - Italian Music - Solo Guitar
10/31/2014 to 10/23/2015Roberto Bernardinello Italian Repertoire - Solo Guitar
School's Out Edventures: Construction Design
10/16/2015 to 10/16/2015Grades K-8 • Build 3-D structures with a Computer Numerical Control (CNC); experiment with materials and shapes to establish a strong bridge (grades K-3) • Generate structures with 3-D design software (grades 4-8)
Smokey Joe's Cafe
09/25/2015 to 10/31/2015SMOKEY JOE'S CAFÉ is Broadway's longest running musical revue. The house opens at 6:30 for catered dinner, drinks and appetizers from our house menu. Drinks are served from 6:30 until the close of the show. Tickets are available for SMOKEY JOE'S CAFE Friday and Saturday, with Select Sunday matinee's at 2:00 p.m. Catered Dinner is available for Show & Dinner for all show days and times.

Tickets are $25.00 per person for Show Only, or $40.00 per person for Dinner and Show. Advance reservations are strongly suggested and are required for Dinner and Show. All dinners are plated and brought to your seat by our superb wait staff.

Children's Farm Festival: Fabulous Fall
10/17/2015 to 10/17/2015Celebrate Fall at the Farms by participating in some old-fashioned county fair activities. Learn how animals are judged at the fair and much more. You might even win a blue ribbon yourself! Regular admission applies. Members are free with membership card and photo ID.
Coheed and Cambria
10/17/2015 to 10/17/2015Get tickets: AEG LIVE PRESENTS COHEED AND CAMBRIA w/ Cursive SAT, OCTOBER 17, 2015 DOORS: 6:30PM $26.50 ADVANCE - $27 DAY OF SHOW ON SALE FRI 8/14 10:00 AM CDT THIS EVENT IS ALL AGES All seating is general admission. Table reservations are available at The Cotillion or by calling 316-722-4201. Nancy's Amazing Sandwiches will be here serving her Famous #8 and more! Text ROCK to 49798 for concert updates and chances at FREE tickets! Over the past 10 years, Claudio Sanchez and his group, Coheed and Cambria have distinguished themselves as among the most gifted storytellers in rock. His The Amory Wars narrative—spun out across their five previous studio albums which together have sold over 2 million copies in the United States alone—is a good vs. evil science-fiction epic that’s become to Coheed and Cambria fans something like what The Wall and Quadrophenia were to previous generations. And the tale might soon reach an even wider audience, as Mark Wahlberg recently announced that he and Stephen Levinson of Leverage Productions will turn Sanchez’s The Amory Wars into a big-screen live-action feature film.
Extreme 18 Tournament
10/17/2015 to 10/17/2015Hosted at Tex Consolver Golf Course, this is a scramble tournament with challenging hole locations and tee markers in non-traditional spots. Sides of slopes and sand traps will be used! Entry fee includes green fee, cart, range balls, food and prizes. Driving range opens at sunrise and tee times start at 10am.
Free Family Fun Days
02/21/2015 to 12/19/2015Looking for something fun and educational to do with the whole family in 2015? Free Family Fun Days invite parents, grandparents, and children of all ages to the Kansas Oil Museum for crafts and activities of all kinds! Each month will feature a different theme celebrating the cultural and natural heritage of Kansas. Event is FREE, but regular admission rates will also allow access to the museum's indoor and outdoor exhibits.
Haunted Stroll
10/17/2015 to 10/17/2015Be prepared to be scared, and join us for this annual Halloween favorite! This monster-themed Halloween event is open to the public and offers scary fun for the whole family. Stroll down trails haunted by spooky scenes and costumed characters at Camp Starwoods. Follow the mile-long, illuminated path and meet characters along the way. Feel the chill as monsters come out of the shadows, and finish your night with a hayrack ride!
Leonard Pitts Reading and Signing
10/17/2015 to 10/17/2015Watermark Books & Cafe will host author Leonard Pitts on Saturday, October, 17 at 4:00 p.m. for a reading and signing of Grant Park.
Live Science Show
09/05/2015 to 10/31/2015September and October Parasitophobia Encounter types of parasites, look inside their strange world and find out what makes them so terrifying. Sweet Tooth Size up some savory treats. Investigate how our bodies process them and some not-so-sweet side effects.
Met: Live in HD - Verdi’s Otello
10/17/2015 to 10/17/2015Verdi’s masterful Shakespeare adaptation, composed in an unprecedented late-life artistic surge, is seen in a new production by Bartlett Sher, with Yannick Nézet-Séguin conducting. Tenor Aleksandrs Antonenko sings the title role of the Moor tormented by jealousy, opposite new soprano star Sonya Yoncheva as his innocent wife and victim, Desdemona. Željko Lu?i? is the villainous Iago. Approx. runtime - 3:30
Monkey Butt Poker Run
10/17/2015 to 10/17/2015Hit the open road for one WILD ride for the Sedgwick County Zoo! The day will include: a great breakfast at the Zoo to get your motor running, a tour of parts of beautiful Kansas in the fall, great prizes, and a ton of fun; all while supporting one of Kansas’ favorite community attractions! Early Bird Registration: $20 Registration the Day of Event: $25 Passengers ride free. Registration includes one poker card, t-shirt, and breakfast for one. 8:00 a.m. Registration/check in at Sedgwick County Zoo. Before you ride, fill your tank with an all-you-can-eat pancake and sausage breakfast served by Chris Cakes. Breakfast for passengers is just $5. 10:00 a.m. - LAST BIKE OUT Hit the open road for one WILD ride while you work to build the best poker hand. This ride is about 100 miles roundtrip and begins and ends at the Zoo. Stops include: Alefs Harely-Davidson in Park City; the Andale City Park; The Second Table Café in Yoder; a quaint location in Cheney and, of course, the Zoo! 2:00 p.m. - ALL BIKES BACK Arrive back at the Zoo for more fun, wild animals and great prizes! Finish off your poker hand at the Zoo to see if you're a winner. Questions? E-mail: 2014 event sponsored by: Alefs Harley Davidson, Piping & Equipment Co, Inc, My TV Wichita, Fox Kansas, Pepsi, Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, T-95 and 104.5 the Fox
Peliculas at the Library
10/17/2015 to 10/31/2015BIG READ: Peliculas at the Library, inspired by this year's selection, Into the Beautiful North by Luis Alberto Urrea. Welcome to the Cine Pedro Infante! For the last three Saturdays in October, we’ll screen Spanish language films (with English subtitles) that Nayeli and her friends might have seen at their local cinema in Tres Camarones. - Sin Nombre (rated R; 96 minutes) A Honduran girl on a train to the U.S. encounters a Mexican gang member who is being pursued by one of his own. Together the two young people face danger and violence on their journeys. This film by writer & director Cary Fukunaga won awards for directing and cinematography at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Saturday, October 17, 1:00-2:30 pm - Biutiful (rated R; 147 minutes) Javier Bardem stars in a film about a man raising his two children alone. When he is stricken with cancer, he must find a way to care for his children after he is gone. The film received Academy Award nominations for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Actor for Bardem. Saturday, October 24, 1:00-3:30 pm Double Feature: o Dracula (not rated; 104 minutes) This 1931 film starring Carlos Villarías tells the classic story of the vampire Dracula. Although filmed entirely in Spanish, this American production had access to the same sets and actors as the English-language production which starred Bela Legosi. Saturday, October 31, 1:00-2:45 pm o Juan De Los Muertos (not rated; 96 minutes) A comedy zombie film about Juan, a Cuban slacker who discovers that a rash of recent attacks are not caused by dissidents but by the undead. Juan has a plan to not only kill the zombies but make money off the endeavor. Saturday, October 31, 3:00-4:45 pm
Spooky Swim
10/17/2015 to 10/17/2015Drop into the pool for a spooktacular good time. Participants can swim in our pumpkin patch and the glowing pool. The Wibit Obstacle Course will be up and ready for swimmers! Recreation swimming rules apply. Children under 8 must be accompanied by a swimming adult. Not part of membership privileges. Enter through the front. Payment will be accepted the night of the event.
The Professional Roughstock Series - Midwest Classic
10/17/2015 to 10/17/2015Rodeo season will be in full swing and the horsepower will be bigger than ever as the Professional Rough Stock Series' (PRS) top riders return to the state of Kansas with nearly $2 million in stock. This action packed event is coming to Hartman Arena on Saturday, October 17th at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online at, by phone at 1-800-745-3000, or at the Hartman Arena Box Office. "We look forward to making our return to Kansas, this time to Park City, and continuing to grow the PRS fan base in the Midwest which has been strong ever since the state hosted the 2012 PRS World Finals" said PRS Executive Director of Production, Kelly Timberman. The roster of Cowboy Athletes for the Midwest Classic includes defending PRS Bareback World Champion, Brian Bain. The Bull Riding field includes former PBR World Finalist and defending PRS World Champion Runner-Up McKennon Wimberly. The list also includes some of the best Saddle Bronc riders in the world including PRS Points Leader JJ Elshere. (Lineup can be subject to change.) The lineup of equine and bovine athletes slated for Park City is equally impressive, featuring numerous National Finals Rodeo qualifying stock contractors and some of the most feared animals in the sport. Timberman commented, "We're bringing our animals from all over the country to ensure the best possible draw. It's going to be quite a show once again for the fans." The Midwest Classic is the 7th stop on the Nationally televised 2015 PRS Tour. The series features the three most exciting and dangerous events in rodeo -- Bareback Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, and Bull Riding. About the PRS: Headquartered in Belle Fourche, SD, the Professional Roughstock Series features the best cowboy athletes in the world matched up with handpicked world-class stock. Riders compete in the three most exciting and dangerous disciplines of Rodeo - Bareback Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, and Bull Riding. Each PRS event is televised on RFD-TV to over 45 million homes across the nation and airs on Friday nights at 7:00 & 11:00 p.m. CST, with replays on Sunday afternoons at 1:30 CST. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter @proroughstock, or like us on Facebook at
Trail of Tears Memorial Walk
10/17/2015 to 10/17/2015Short memorial walk, fry bread and corn soup samples, games, health fair, story telling in tipi, setting up a tipi instructions, mini pow wow and much more.
Trick or Treat in the Boom Town
10/17/2015 to 10/17/2015Come to the museum to enjoy arts, crafts, activities and trick or treating!
"The Grand Duchess" by Offenbach
10/18/2015 to 10/18/2015Jacques Offenbach composed The Grand Duchess at the height of his popularity. It debuted at the 1867 Paris Exposition to a royal audience including Napoleon III, Tsar Alexander II of Russia, King Edward VII of England, Emperor Franz-Joseph of Austria, and Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck of Prussia. In spite of poking fun at European nobility and their militaries, Von Bismarck laughed, "Yes! It's exactly like that!" and The Grand Duchess became an instant hit.

Hailed by critics as "off the charts terrific" as Anita in West Side Story, American Mezzo Kaitlyn Costello stars as the Grand Duchess. With a weakness for men in uniform, she becomes infatuated with the dashing young Private Fritz and quickly promotes him to Commander-in-Chief. Fritz is sung by American tenor Cullen Gandy in his WGO debut, after making a splash at Los Angeles Opera starring opposite opera diva Renee Fleming. They is joined by Metropolitan Opera bass William Powers as the blustering General Boom, whose premieres of Penderecki's Paradise Lost for Lyric Opera of Chicago, and Harbison's The Great Gatsby for the Metropolitan Opera and more than 100 other roles across the globe. WGO's new production is directed by Shawna Lucey, who served as assistant director for Santa Fe Opera's hit 2013 production of The Grand Duchess, and has served as stage director for productions at San Francisco Opera and the Bolshoi Opera, among others.

This is the only production of The Grand Duchess in the U.S. this season, and it will be performed in English to highlight the whimsical comedy.

Bring Me The Horizon
10/19/2015 to 10/19/2015Get tickets: BRING ME THE HORIZON Issues MON, OCTOBER 19, 2015 DOORS: 6PM $26.50 ADVANCE / $30 DAY OF SHOW ON SALE FRI 7/24 10AM THIS EVENT IS ALL AGES All seating is general admission. Table reservations are available at The Cotillion or by calling 316.722.4201. Nancy's Amazing Sandwiches will be here serving her Famous #8 and more! Text METAL to 49798 for updates and chances at tickets. Formed in Sheffield in 2004, BRING ME THE HORIZON have gone from hyped youngsters, winning the Kerrang Award for Best British Newcomers in 2006, to one of the world’s most exciting and unique new bands, currently bringing their individual brand of heavy music to sell out crowds all over the world. 2013 is the year you will hear one of the most exciting albums of recent times- ‘Sempiternal’. The fourth studio album by platinum selling metal giants Bring Me The Horizon. ‘Sempiternal’ is out on April 1st (April 2nd in US). This year has already seen everyone from Q Magazine to the Times newspaper claiming a resurgence of British metal, with Bring Me The Horizon leading the charge. The Sheffield five piece recorded ‘Sempiternal’ over a three month period with super producer Terry Date (Linkin Park, Deftones, Soundgarden). The album is an embracing ride through soaring vocals, supercharged melodies and what can only be described as spine tingling metal anthems .
School's Out Edventures: Hack Your Halloween
10/19/2015 to 10/19/2015Grades K-8 • Dissect a pumpkin, concoct potions, and develop your own spooky decoration to take home (grades K-3) • Spruce up your Halloween decorations and costumes with electronics and circuits (grades 4-8)
Cooking With Dr. Anne To Give Kids With Behavior Problems A Boost!
10/06/2015 to 11/03/2015GreenAcres Market and the Riordan Clinic are teaming up to bring optimal nutrition and a chance to improve the behavior, learning and mood of children that suffer from poor concentration, hyperactivity, anxiety and food sensitivities. Anne Zauderer, a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, on the staff of the Riordan Clinic, will don an apron and roll up her sleeves to offer four FREE cooking classes during the months of October and November at GreenAcres Market-Bradley Fair.
Saturday Night Live's Brooks Wheelan LIVE - Stand Up Comedy!!
10/20/2015 to 10/20/2015A night of Stand up comedy with Brooks Wheelan!! Brooks was a writer and cast member on Season 39 of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. He originally hails from Iowa where he attended the University of Iowa. Most recently he appeared in season four of HBO’s Girls. In 2013, he made his stand up television debut on Comedy Central’s Adam Devine’s House Party and TBS’s Conan, and in 2012, he was invited to perform at the New York Comedy Festival as a part of Comedy Central’s Top 10 Comics to Watch, and was a breakout performer as a new face at the prestigious Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal as well as the Comedy Central South Beach Comedy Festival. Brooks is currently headlining colleges and clubs throughout the US. “Wheelan is himself a name to watch, getting great reviews for his sharp and sometimes dark observations of American life.” – London Times TICKETS $15 Tickets available by calling Roxy's at 316-265-4400 or online at... This event is being brought to you by: Midwest Digest Snug Harbor The Monarch Jill Miller's Finishing School Sugar Sisters Bakery 42 Below Shelter Salon Hellbomb Tattoo Also included is support act, Matty Ryan, and locals TBA. Born and raised in an Irish neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, Matty has been touring and performing throughout the country for years. His conversational delivery and deft takes on his burgeoning yet unwanted adulthood have made him a favorite at showcases and clubs throughout the U.S. An alumnus of the Second City, Matty has appeared at Zanies, The Laugh Factory, The Hollywood Comedy Store, The Improv, UP Comedy Club, iO Theater, UCB LA, UCB East, The Knitting Factory Brooklyn, and in 2013 he was invited to perform at the TBS Just for Laughs Festival in Chicago. He currently co-produces The Blackout Diaries every Saturday at The High Hat Club, and Parlour Car every Thursday at Bar DeVille; both in Chicago.
Indian Center's Share Our Culture Series
09/24/2014 The Share Our Culture series takes place every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at the Indian Center, and provides the opportunity to learn in depth about an aspect of American Indian culture.
Jacqueline Woodson Reading and Signing
10/21/2015 to 10/21/2015Watermark Books & Cafe will host National Book Award Winner Jacqueline Woodson, author of Brown Girl Dreaming, for a reading and signing on Wednesday, October 21 at 6:00 p.m.
Russian Grand Ballet presents Swan Lake
10/21/2015 to 10/21/2015Only one opportunity to see the full-length classic production of the world's most famous ballet - Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, featuring Russia's brightest ballet stars! There’s a good reason why Swan Lake is so often called the ‘ballet of all ballets’. The combination of pure romanticism, the story about love and deception and Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet music all continue to reach new generations of audiences. Tickets start at $20 Get yours today! One show only: October 21, 7pm The OrpheumTheatre Please visit for more information
18th Annual ALSA Grand National Show of Champion
10/22/2015 to 10/25/2015Follow the yellow brick road to Park City for the 18th annual ALSA Grand National Show of Champions.
Andrea Cassell Reading and Signing
10/22/2015 to 10/22/2015Watermark Books & Cafe will host author Andrea Cassell for a reading and signing on Thursday, Oct. 22 at 6:00 p.m.
Curator's Talk: Scenery, Story, Spirit - American Art and its Impulses
10/22/2015 to 10/22/2015From majestic landscape paintings to gritty urban realism, American art evolved as a reflection of the changing impulses in American culture. The special fall exhibition Scenery, Story, Spirit tells the story of this evolution as it draws on the exceptional American art collection of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. The exhibition curator, Peter John Brownlee, Associate Curator for Chicago's Terra Foundation for American Art, will explore shifts and twists in American art history in this illustrated talk. Discover how American art mirrors cultural context in landscape, genre, still-life, and portrait paintings.
Fine Art for the Wine Heart at Wichita Center for the Arts
10/08/2015 to 01/21/2016This is an evening of painting and sipping wine, with step by step guidance from Gayle. Participants will recreate a selected painting, with their own original spin. Canvas, paint, easel, brushes and wine glasses provided. Bring your own wine.
King & Country
10/22/2015 to 10/22/2015Grammy Award winning "for King & Country" coming to Central Community Church on Thursday, October 22, 2015. Artist of the Year... Group/Duo of the Year... Song of the Year... Best live show. Featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live twice, Entertainment Tonight, The Today Show and many more!
10/22/2015 to 10/22/2015Tickets: $25 ADVANCE, $28 DAY OF SHOW. All seating is general admission. Table reservations are available at The Cotillion or by calling 316-722-4201. Nancy's Amazing Sandwiches will be here serving her Famous #8 and more! Text CONCERT to 49798 for concert updates and chances at FREE tickets! MATISYAHU – FALL 2015 BIO In celebration of the 10th anniversary of his breakthrough album, Live atStubb’s, Matisyahu has taken a new look at the music that first made his reputation in Live at Stubb’s III: A 10-Year Journey. In two stripped-back sit-down shows in March of 2015, Matisyahu performed new arrangements of his early reggae hits from the original album, along with a selection of later favorites up through Akeda. This tour reconnects Matisyahu with long-time musical collaborators and friends from his early touring days, including Live at Stubb's guitarist Aaron Dugan. Matisyahu and his band will present an evening of stripped-back arrangements highlighting the music that launched his career while taking fans of all ages on a journey through the evolution of Live at Stubb’s to his most recent release Akeda.
10/22/2015 to 10/22/2015Psycho is a 1960 American psychological thriller-horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock starring Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, John Gavin, and Janet Leigh. The film centers on the encounter between a secretary, Marion Crane (Leigh), who ends up at a secluded motel after embezzling money from her employer, and the motel’s disturbed owner-manager, Norman Bates (Perkins), and its aftermath. When originally made, the film was seen as a departure from Hitchcock’s previous film North by Northwest, having been filmed on a low budget, with a television crew and in black and white. Psycho initially received mixed reviews, but outstanding box office returns prompted reconsideration which led to overwhelming critical acclaim and four Academy Award nominations, including Best Supporting Actress for Leigh and Best Director for Hitchcock. It is now considered one of Hitchcock’s best films and praised as a work of cinematic art by international film critics and film scholars. Ranked among the greatest films of all time, it set a new level of acceptability for violence, deviant behavior and sexuality in American films, and is widely considered to be the earliest example of the slasher film genre. After Hitchcock’s death in 1980, Universal Studios began producing follow-ups: three sequels, a remake, a television film spin-off, and a TV series. In 1992, the US Library of Congress deemed the film “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” and selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry.
Upon A Midnight Dreary
10/22/2015 to 10/24/2015Join Madam Wisteria and Lady Trellis in this original interactive comedy dinner theater with an all-star cast and become part of they're séance. Perfect for a Halloween themed date night! You can't miss this! Ticket price includes appetizer, entrée, dessert and basic drinks. Complimentary wine! Doors open at 6pm. Dinner served at 6:30pm. Show will start around 7:15pm Come in costume for the contest! Prizes and raffles will be given! This event will take place outside located in the gardens of Serenity Bed and Breakfast Inn. Advanced reservations required. Get your early bird tickets now at
A Night of Hay, Hooves and Halloween
10/23/2015 to 10/23/2015Your child doesn't have to wait until Halloween night to put on his or her costume. Bring them out to Cowtown for "A Night of Hay, Hooves and Halloween." There will be trick-or-treating, dancing, surprise visits from favorite story characters and games in a family-friendly setting.

This popular kid's Halloween event will include:
? Trick-or-treating -- Kids both in and out of costume will have a fun time going building-to-building to trick-or-treat. There will so much candy at Cowtown that day that even the cowboys on the streets will have some hidden in their saddles!
? Spooky Displays
? Dancing in the streets and buildings and more!

Asleep at the Wheel
10/23/2015 to 10/23/2015Asleep at the Wheel is celebrating their 45th Anniversary and touring in support of their new album, Still the King: A Tribute to the Music of Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys. The western swing revivalists will perform live at the historic Orpheum Theatre on Friday, October 23. Asleep at the Wheel has seen miles and miles of Texas. They got their kicks on Route 66. And, in 2010, the band clicked another milestone on the odometer – their 40th anniversary. Now in their 45th year, the band continues to introduce the western swing genre to a new generation on tour. “It’s been an amazing ride. From Paw Paw to San Francisco to Austin, we’ve seen it all,” says Wheel front man Ray Benson. “But, rest assured, there is still so many exciting projects in the works such as our brand new tribute album …The Wheel keeps rolling!” Since their inception, the band has won nine GRAMMY awards, released more than 20 studio albums and charted more than 20 singles on the Billboard country charts. In 1971, the band signed their first record deal after Van Morrison mentioned they “play great country music” in an interview in Rolling Stone. Their debut record, Comin’ Right At Ya, was released in 1973 on United Artists. The release of Texas Gold in 1975 brought the band national recognition, with the single “The Letter That Johnny Walker Read” becoming a top-ten country hit. The band has been awarded “Touring Band of the Year” (CMAs, 1976) and the “Lifetime Achievement in Performance” (Americana Music Awards 2009). In 2010, they earned a GRAMMY nomination in the newly minted Best Americana Album category for their critically acclaimed Willie & The Wheel.
Dawn of the Dub 5
10/23/2015 to 10/23/2015DAWN OF THE DUB 5

All Ages ? $12 Early / $15 Advanced ? Ticket available at The Cotillion box office, and 42° BELOW, or online: //////////////////////// FEATURING: ? Nocturnal by Nature Gogo Girls ? Costume contest with cash prize. ? Two stages of national & regional DJs. ? Laser light show. ? ICT PhotoBooth ? Professional lighting provided by Heady Lights & Death Crib Entertainment. ?? ?? ? Blinkies and Glowies provided by The Gaggle of Glow LLC. ?? ? Photography by Llama Photography. ? Videography by Digital Beard Productions ? Full bar for 21+ ??????????????????????? ???? ? ? QUARANTINED ZONE ? ? ???? ??????????????????????? ?? Dirt Monkey < Boulder, CO > ? ? Based out of Boulder, Colorado, Patrick "Dirt Monkey" Megeath has been at work for over a decade, honing his production skills through a variety of genres: dubstep, drum & bass, house, hip-hop, and breaks. With Dirt Monkey's ear for bass and a vast knowledge of music production, he has quickly exploded onto the scene with his innovative original productions and energetic stage presence. ?? @Midnight Midnight Tyrannosaurus < Tampa, FL > ? ? The Florida based bass music producer Midnight Tyrannosaurus has been making quite a quake in the underground dubstep community. Quickly gaining recognition and DJ support from big names like Excision, Figure, and Cookie Monsta. With multiple top charting Beatport releases on Chronos Records, I. Am. Audio, Prime Audio, and Anemnesis; Midnight Tyrannosaurus is well on his way to making his own unique staple in the industry. Raw literal dinosaur sounding synths, and heart thumping sub bass make a Setasaurus one you'll never truly forget! ?? DJ SOLO < Chicago, IL > ? ? ?  Make sure to like Nocturnal by Nature to stay in the loop with all things EDM in the ICT! ???

Jason Bailey Reading and Signing
10/23/2015 to 10/23/2015Watermark Books & Cafe will host author Jason Bailey for a reading and signing of Richard Pryor: American Id on Friday, Oct. 23 at 6:00 p.m.
Night of the Living Zoo presented by Pizza Hut and Taco Bell
10/23/2015 to 10/25/2015Bring your ghouls and goblins for a night of not-too-scary Halloween fun at the Sedgwick County Zoo! Several ghoulish activities, like pumpkin bowling and beanbag tosses, can be found throughout the Zoo. Wear your costumes if you dare and take a stroll down jack-o-lantern lane, creep up to candy stations and let your spirit come alive! You can wander the Zoo at your leisure, visiting Dracula and the fortune tellers, playing fun Halloween games, seeing creepy displays, and visiting Candy Land on your way out! Please note: You might see animals in their outdoor exhibits (such as elephants, giraffes, and grizzly bears) but most animals will not be in attendance at this event. Advance tickets: $6.00 area QuikTrip Stores or online! Tickets purchased at gate: $6.00 for Zoo members and $8.00 for nonmembers. Children 2 and under do not need a ticket. 2015 event sponsored by: Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, QuikTrip, Learning Quest, Fox Kansas, My TV Wichita, B98, 96.3, and KZSN.
10/23/2015 to 10/25/2015Let the Games Begin!

We all know that the beating heart of any game con is the big damned room where the magic happens, and this year we don't aim to disappoint. Schedules are going up, which means it's time to start planning your weekend at TsunamiCon! We have piles of new games being posted on our event schedule, as well as a host of game demos courtesy of Cardboard Carnage, Tabletop Heroes, and our own TsunamiCon game wardens! We'll update the site with new event information as plans are finalized, so continue to check back with us and be sure to sign up for some games.