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"Kansas Chamber Expands Agenda on Energy, Education"
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01/14/2014 10:36PM
Kansas Chamber Expands Agenda on Energy, Education
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01/16/2014 10:23AM
news reader
this is ALEC's agenda
01/16/2014 11:56AM
Ms clean energy advocate
There is no climate plan or for that matter little progress in addressing the major contributor of carbon dioxide, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, etc which is coal fired utilities. The Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign financed by Gov Bloomberg has been successful, but that is not a national energy policy that looks at stopping coal combustion, coal mining, and coal pollution.
01/16/2014 4:02PM
High-stakes climate poker
The risk of going slow on change will have consequences. I think it is time for businesses to understand the risk that is putting on ourselves by not moving on this. Ignoring this risk puts our society's future in a very tenable place.
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