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Posted: Tuesday, 19 November 2013 2:36PM

Wichita Delays Action on Century II Study

WICHITA - The city council has delayed action on a study of what to do about Century II after Music Theater of Wichita's Wayne Bryan expressed his concerns.

The council seemed ready to proceed with a planning and design study when Music Theater Producing Artistic Director Wayne Bryan stepped up, saying: "The conventions are currently under-performing, while the arts are surprisingly healthy and self-supporting, for a city this size. But before we take any steps to yet again change the configuration of this increasingly congested piece of land, we'd rather there were a master plan for the whole picture, rather than taking some halfway step that might not be the best Wichita can do."

The council agreed to delay the study until the December 3rd meeting to give more time to get with the arts community about their concerns.

The planning and design study for the future of Century II was requested by the Go Wichita Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Music Theater of Wichita Producing Artistic Director Wayne Bryant told Council members more consideration needs to be taken of the future of the Wichita arts community.

Bryan said, "And again, I'm trying to take nothing away from the excellence of this study, but there was so little mention of the ramifications that we could feel from this, that it hasn't felt like a study that included very much of what our concerns might be yet."


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11/19/2013 2:44PM
Wichita Delays Action on Century II Study
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