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"Dangerous Synthetic Drug Now in Wichita"
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10/17/2013 9:02PM
Dangerous Synthetic Drug Now in Wichita
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12/31/2013 2:29PM
Christi RN
What is it made of, basically are they making it at home? How can you tell if someone took it, smoked, injecting, swallowing? How long are the affects. How can we eradicate it before it blankets all the areas of the city, then heads to the smaller cities near Wichita. I feel as a medical professional we just don't know as much as law enforcement. I'm sure there's not even a lab test that can identify it in the urine, or bloodstream. Feeling frustrated with lack of core knowledge, with all street drugs, how can we help when were uneducated in the street smarts to assess those at risk.
12/31/2013 5:20PM
More Information
The NBOMe series of chemicals are primarily N-o-methoxybenzyl analogs of the 2C-X family of phenethylamines, and are 5-HT2A (serotonin 2A) receptor agonists. A few are amphetamine analogs. With few exceptions (e.g. mescaline-NBOMe), compounds in this group are active at verly low sub-milligram doses. These chemicals have nearly no history of human use prior to 2010 when they first became available online.
12/31/2013 5:22PM
More In depth Information
2C-I-NBOMe is chemically related to, but not the same as 2C-I. 2C-I-NBOMe is active at extremely low sub-milligram doses. This chemical has nearly no history of human use prior to 2010 when it first became available online. It has been linked to several hospitalizations and deaths.
01/03/2014 2:09AM
A English Definition would be nice!
For those not in the medical field , it would be nice to know what it is made out of, Or Similar components ...Just Saying!!
01/03/2014 2:08PM
Lets not broadcast the ingredients
Posting the ingredients only makes for more meth heads to make it.
01/04/2014 9:56AM
Educator who wants to know more
How does someone react to taking the drug? Knowing the effects would be helpful to know and what to look for if a student has taken it.
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