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"Sen. Moran Statement on Government Shutdown"
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09/30/2013 11:31PM
Sen. Moran Statement on Government Shutdown
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10/01/2013 7:30AM
Do what you want I'm not signing anything over to obamycare
10/01/2013 5:29PM
Not quite accurate information
Mr. Moran, President Obama said on TV today, he was willing to negotiate, or have open discussions, and talk with ANYONE. It seems as though, it is you in Congress who are not willing to compromise. You pass the legislation for the Affordable Care Act and now do not want to proceed with it. You Congressional people are the ones stone walling and not offering any compromise...stonewalling to the point our Government is "Shut Down". Is that good for the American people? No. It's the 'whole lot' of you who are bullies, want to back each other in a corner. Instead of squabbling, come up with a compromise and present it. Blaming each other does NOTHING!
10/01/2013 6:38PM
Keep up the good fight !!!
I applaud your position on this issue. I heard President Obama state that the does not think he should have to give anything up and Harry Reed will not come to the table or allow the Senate to. Today on the News they showed how terrible the shutdown is and how it is effecting tourists going to national parks. If that is the biggest news I am not very concerned. I agree 100% with the idea that everyone in government should live under the same plan as the general public. I may not be as articulate as some but I do understand common sense. And if it is good enough for the goose it should be good for the gander. This law was passed with political tricks so stop it the same way.
10/02/2013 4:38PM
Pass the budget and be done with it.
Health care is not a good enough reason to shut down the government. It's a pissing contest and I am tired of the tea party bullying. The health care act has already been passed into law, why are you bickering about it. If it proves to be not what it seems, then go about making changes. Shutting down the government and causing people to go without paychecks is not the answer. Are you forfeiting your pay check? Is you health coverage the same as what the average man can get. I think not. You are supposed to be one of us, not above us.
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