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Posted: Monday, 30 September 2013 10:27AM

Longwell Advocates "Responsible" Oil Drilling in City

     WICHITA - Drilling for oil in Wichita is not a dead issue, even though the city council has backed out of a proposal to drill under Century Two downtown. 5th District City Council member Jeff Longwell says, " There were just too many issues with it downtown, initially I was kind of the one saying yeah, if we can do it. There are new techniqutes today, not only drilling but pumping the oil. But that one got to the point where even the oil people like Ruffin were saying hey this is a bad idea and so you gotta go, hey maybe we gotta listen to them." Longwell says there is a possibility to drill for oil beneath Mid-Continent Airport. He says if it can be done "responsibly" he would support the idea.

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09/30/2013 10:39AM
Longwell Advocates "Resonsible" Oil Drilling in City
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