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"Attorney: Kan. Schools Measure Could Spur New Suit"
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Attorney: Kan. Schools Measure Could Spur New Suit
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Visiting with a small party, touring the billtefaetds, we stayed just outside Albert. Hearing the Glory Hole was open for visitors on the Sunday, we delayed our departure and had a look. The Guide was extremely informative, the trenches of the British and German were marked with flags and easy to see. Amazing they were so close in some parts and we were allowed in small numbers to go into one of the tunnels. There are some memorial notices of the men who died there and the stories were touching. Local French people were taking the opportunity to look too, I am sure no-one could have imagined so much history was so close but hidden from view. Thank you to the landowners who have allowed this and the team who are excavating a memorable experience.
03/03/2013 9:00PM
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