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"Kan. House Panel to Debate Union Fundraising Bill"
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01/24/2013 6:54AM
Kan. House Panel to Debate Union Fundraising Bill
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03/03/2013 5:30AM
Just been reading about your preocjt, so took a look at the website. I was amazed at what was on it, I have always had an interest in Tunnels, and whilst the New Garrison was being built in |Colchester Wimpy's uncovered some Tunnel workings that we were allowed to look at, It was 80 Field Company R.E. who were at the time working and training in these tunnels. Whilst working on the 25 April 1915 an accident happened which resulted in the loss of two Sappers. Also a total of 12 Sappers received awards from the Royal Humane Society for the work they did in trying to recover their friends. Also a lot of local men served on the western front in 180 Field Company RE, they are buried in Colchester Cemetery along with some in Abberton Churchyard.
03/03/2013 9:03PM
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03/03/2013 9:03PM
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03/07/2013 2:38AM
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