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"State Seeks Public Comment on Science Standards"
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01/17/2013 5:07AM
State Seeks Public Comment on Science Standards
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01/19/2013 5:51PM
Public Comment on Science Standards
As a lifetime KS resident and family man I would wish our students be taught an understanding of Creation with a lesser balance of adaptation to our environments as found throughout the Earth. Nothing would exist without creation in the genus/species families of animals and plants. Humans are NOT evolved from monkeys or the primordal slime as many would have us believe. We are created wonderfully by a God whose plan is for salvation to be chosen by each of us in our age of accountability. I don't know how far back you want to take this or how many days it took God, but the idea of strictly evolution will never be accepted to myself and most Kansans that I know...Brian Mayers
05/23/2013 11:01AM
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