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"Deputy Among Several Injured In I-70 Crashes"
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01/01/2013 11:10AM
Deputy Among Several Injured In I-70 Crashes
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01/15/2013 7:02PM
Launched February 2011 (Personal Computers) I have always used PC's and never saw the point of Apple. My deauhtgr is into video editing and has wanted one for ages. When the MacBook Pro was updated in Feb 2011 I decided to give in and get this model. I am a complete convert! This is so fast in every way, start-up from a full reboot, in and out of sleep. It takes a second once you open the lid to be surfing wirelessly, no PC can do that Battery lasts forever, again a lot better than any PC laptop I've ever had. The software you get preloaded is excellent, especially Garage Band and iMove. iMovie has loads of special effects build in, like Chroma Keying (green screen) and the speed of the i7 dual core means no waiting. I did purchase Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac as nothing comes supplied that give you the same apps. Very expensive but worth every penny.
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