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Alexander Payne porta invece "Nebraska" interpretato da Bob Odenkirk e Bruce Dern. Per quanto mi riguarda basterebbe la sola presenza di Odenkirk per vendermi il film a scatola chiusa, un road movie su un padre e un figlio (Bruce Dern e Will Forte) per la riscossione di un fantomatico premio da un milione di dollari, dal Montana al Nebraska, stato del regista, in cui ha ambientato tutti i suoi film.
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The crash occurred at around 11 p.m. local time Tuesday, during a shift change, making the accounting of personnel more difficult.By Wednesday morning, all that was left of the control tower was the mangled exterior staircase, tilted to its side. The tower itself, which was located on the very edge of a dock jutting out into the harbor, was either in the water or in a heap of wreckage on the dock.Andrea Furgani, an ambulance doctor and one of the first rescuers, said crews initially brought four injured to area hospitals in Genoa.
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