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"Kansas Star Exceeding Expectations"
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09/13/2012 10:22AM
Kansas Star Exceeding Expectations
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09/25/2012 4:05AM
Looking at the overall deigsn, the tube/tank is the fuel tank for the motor. The light is a carbide lamp similar to miners lamps of the period. The giveaway on that is the burner just visible in front of the reflector. Basically, the way those things work is you put calcium carbide in one chamber, water in another and let the water drip into the calcium carbide. The carbide and water react, releasing acetylene gas which is piped off into the burner. Lit and properly adjusted, it gives a pretty darned good light. The box on the front fender, got me.
09/26/2012 3:11AM
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09/26/2012 4:35PM
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09/28/2012 6:56PM
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