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"Group Begins Campaign to Fluoridate Wichita Water"
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07/12/2012 9:45PM
Group Begins Campaign to Fluoridate Wichita Water
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07/13/2012 11:35AM
NOT in my water
How about just brushing your teeth on a regular basis? Learn more about the dangers of ingesting fluoride at Get the facts before listening to the so called "experts"!
07/13/2012 1:45PM
These people clearly like to pick and choose their facts. There are studies that show that HALF as much fluoride as is commonly put in city water can actually cause more cavities and cause long term health effects. Look at your toothpaste. It says "danger if swallowed" why do you think that is? Fluoride is NOT safe. Please Wichita, don't cave to these organizations.
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