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"Iowa court sentences Kansas man to 17 years in prison"
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01/05/2012 7:50PM
Iowa court sentences Kansas man to 17 years in prison
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01/06/2012 3:31AM
common sense
I am glad to see elements of this type be put away as long as can be to ensure our public and streets are safe as too many nutcases are out there with guns! The United States should purchase an island somewhere far out and away and send all of the people there who have been convicted of premeditated murder and leave them there to fend for themselves their own kind! And they should lose their U.S. citizenship for good! this will indeed help alleviate a large portion of the criminal conduct here in the U.S., ease court burdens, reduce taxes,increase safety and send a strong message to those would-be murderers that we are serious on the crime here. It would also give business incentives to move to places blighted by crime which would also help stabilize falling market values in those areas and potentially increase investments etc.
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