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Time to buy a new car?

For most of our married life, my wife and I have tried to buy a new car every three to four years. In fact, we haven’t bought a used car in 30 years … if you don’t count our children’s vehicles.
We expect fewer mechanical problems from new cars … though that hasn’t always been the case. Between two hard working people, Shelley and I feel we deserve a nice ride.
She always gets the new car and I drive the older car, which is eventually traded in.
New car sales are up dramatically this summer and we added to the commerce. I’ll continue to drive the older vehicle, covering severe weather and collecting more hail dents. My little S-U-V meets the national average; it’s eleven years old.
Americans are showing some confidence in the economy and gasoline prices have been falling. That should mean continued strong car sales in the weeks ahead.
Our thought for today is from Doug Larson:
“If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day weekend.”

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08/15/2013 1:24AM
Time to buy a new car?
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