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Coast to Coast AM airs on more than 500 stations in the U.S., as well as Canada, Mexico and Guam, and is heard by nearly three million weekly listeners. With host George Noory, it is the most listened to overnight radio program in North America.

A media phenomenon, Coast to Coast AM deals with UFO's, strange occurrences, life after death, and other unexplained (and often unexplicable) phenomena. Coast to Coast AM is overnight talk radio with daytime ratings.

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Video: Spate of Bigfoot Sightings Spawns Museum

A series of recent Bigfoot encounters in a small North Carolina town has led one resident to create a museum dedicated to the creature.

145-Year-Old Coffin Unearthed in San Francisco

A seemingly simple garage renovation at a home in San Francisco resulted in a unsettling discovery as construction workers unearthed a 145-year-old coffin!

Massive Sponge May Be World's Oldest Animal

NOAA researchers studying the deep waters off the coast of Hawaii were stunned when they spotted a sponge that was the size of a minivan and may be thousands of years old!

Watch: Shopkeeper's Ghost Returns to Browse?

Security camera footage from a vintage clothing store in England may show the ghost of the shop's previous owner seemingly browsing from the great beyond!

Rhino Horn Removal Reveals Amazing Heart Shape

Conservationists attempting a novel new approach to protecting rhinos made a startling discovery when they removed one creature's horn and noticed a heart shape in its core!

Australian Town Invaded by 100,000 Bats!

The Australian town of Batemans Bay has been besieged by an incredible 100,000 bats that have made the unfortunate community their new home.

Incredibly Ancient Neanderthal Structures Found

Archaeologists in Europe have discovered remnants of mysterious underground structures created by Neanderthals around 176,000 years ago!

Watch: Odd Object Ejected from ISS?

Intriguing new images from the ISS live feed shows a perplexing object seemingly being ejected from the space station and some are wondering if it might be a missile!

Apple CEO Spots iPhone in Old Painting

During a tech conference in Amsterdam, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that he is not immune to the odd phenomenon of 'finding' iPhones in places that seem out of time.

Faithful Flock to 'Crying' Virgin Mary in Colombia

The appearance of single red 'tear' on the face of a Virgin Mary statue in the Colombian town of Floridablanca has led to a mass pilgrimage by those wishing to observe the anomaly.