Tornado Talk

A podcast about one of nature’s most fascinating phenomenon. Join Dan Holiday and Jennifer Narramore as they explore the world of tornadoes.

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Episode 36: I’m Warning You!!

Thursday, August 3rd
Severe Thunderstorm Warning. Tornado Warning. Significant Weather Advisory. Winter Storm Watch. These are just a few of the weather messages that are conveyed...

Episode 35: Chasers Gone Wild

Monday, June 26th
Storm Chasing, whether for hobby, research or career, has been around for many decades. According to the Storm Prediction Center’s Online Tornado FAQ, the late...

Episode 33: Outbreak in Oak Lawn

Wednesday, April 19th
It is considered the worst tornado outbreak on record in the Chicago area. At least 10 tornadoes pushed through Northern Illinois, 3 of which were later rated...

Episode 32: Madness in March Part 2

Thursday, March 2nd
Part 2 of our 2-part special about the March 2-3, 2012 Tornado Outbreak that spanned 13 states. Numerous communities in the paths of over 80 tornadoes. Stories...

Episode 31: Madness in March Part 1

Thursday, March 2nd
An early March outbreak in 2012. Tornadoes confirmed in 13 states. Two would be rated EF-4 and 9 rated EF-3. Episodes 31 & 32 of Tornado Talk look back at...