Tornado Talk

A podcast about one of nature’s most fascinating phenomenon. Join Dan Holiday and Jennifer Narramore as they explore the world of tornadoes.

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Episode 32: Madness in March Part 2

Thursday, March 2nd
Part 2 of our 2-part special about the March 2-3, 2012 Tornado Outbreak that spanned 13 states. Numerous communities in the paths of over 80 tornadoes. Stories...

Episode 31: Madness in March Part 1

Thursday, March 2nd
An early March outbreak in 2012. Tornadoes confirmed in 13 states. Two would be rated EF-4 and 9 rated EF-3. Episodes 31 & 32 of Tornado Talk look back at...

Episode 30: How Close is Too Close?

Friday, February 10th
Is it for money? For adventure? For science? What drives chasers to want to get as close as they can to a tornado? We ask our panel of chasers and emergency...

Episode 27: Texas Tornadoes!

Monday, December 26th
December 26, 2015. A significant tornado outbreak in North Texas. A total of 12 confirmed tornadoes, 3 of which were rated EF-2 or greater. The most intense...