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Food, Wine & Fun for your ears. Join The Good Life Guy, Guy Bower, for cutting edge food and wine information without snobbery.

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The Good Life Segment 4

Saturday, March 25th
Guy Bower wrps up this weeks adventure in "food, wine, & fun for your ears" with his pick for the wine of the week.

The Good Life Segment 3

Saturday, March 25th
Guy's conversation with Dr. Gordon Shepherd continues as Dr. Shepherd tells Guy about his wine tasting in France with Jean-Claude Berrouet from the french...

The Good Life Segment 2

Saturday, March 25th
Guy's conversation with Dr. Gordon Shepherd continues as Guy & Dr. Shepherd talk about the nose's pivital role in the taste spectrum.

The Good Life Segment 1

Saturday, March 25th
Guy is joined by Dr. Gordon Shepherd, author of "Neuroenology-How the brain creates the taste of wine". The two talk about the term neuro-science and Dr...

The Good Life Segment 1 03-18-17

Saturday, March 18th
Troy Ball, author of the book "Pure Heart" joins Guy to talk about her life as a full time mom with business ambitions taking care of two sons with severe...