Wyoming man guilty of wasting sheep meat

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, September 12th

Hunter removed the head for a trophy and abandoned the rest.  He was fined $1,040.


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10 in the morning news feed Macintosh Ted Woodward 57 degrees. This weekend Wichita will host the league of Kansas municipalities. They're just Longwell tells the USS news. All of the mayors think Al members in Sydney managers from all over the stated in this OP. Down down at the Hyatt then and are mentioned senator and state in there and all kinds of opportunities to gather and learn them. Visit when each other and. The Wichita mayor will be sworn in as president of the Kansas league of municipalities. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor we Stephen did in the morning. Here on K and as ash. Now the forecast with K Unisys stamp meteorologist Dan Holliday can morning dance. Good morning high level clouds from the remnants of Burma have started to spread in the eastern Kansas we should stay mostly cleared today sunny warm and dry this afternoon with a high 85. Tonight's low 61 that we want to ninety tomorrow and the cold front may come in this weekend with a chance of rain late Saturday night. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now there's guys 57 degrees and call. People are back on the streets of Miami a day after hurricane Irma blasted through many residents are feeling a sense of civic pride. The electricity still out and most of the homes and businesses here and might not be restored for several more days. So Kuwaiti immigrant Bashar and his young son decided to walk to the small park across the street from their building and clean up the fallen pop front and lamps. All of enabled them to help now to think about because. I'll give an update. We got the city and we wanna pay back for that. He says he's just grateful that the original projection seven or about landfall in this city did not come to pass. Jim Ryan ABC news Miami a ransom were attacked at the Butler county computer network this past weekend caddies at all. Offices are opened its services require the use of computer. Such as motor vehicle and driver's license renewals are not available. County administrator William Johnson tells K as sad news there also locked out of a first responder 911 system that includes mapping and GPS. Authorities are having to walkie talkie information in and write it down. Johnson said uses something they prepare for. Our biggest concern is for you're not working for a making sure we stop and close that access point our second priority then is to make sure we're able to take care of our employees through payroll. And our vendors through accounts payable. And then you get our operations up and going that are important for public. The county said there working diligently with third party vendors to restore the system authorities do not believe any public or private information was stolen. Last Friday and Saturday several law enforcement agencies conduct a sex trafficking staying in Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it involve the Wichita vice section. Being exploited and missing child unit Homeland Security investigations the health and human services office of the inspector general. The police patrol south Broadway corridor team and the police patrol south. West. The police patrol south special community action team. The result of this. Organized effort or eleven people were arrested for buying sexual relations. One for sale of sexual relations. And want for promoting sale of sexual relations. And too for unrelated charges. There were multiple arrests made downtown at the Wyndham garden hotel at Kellogg and Broadway and at the airport Hampton inn and suites in west Wichita carry enrich. Two men were wounded by one gunshot in southeast Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened Saturday night in an apartment north of polonium all over there were four people in the apartment of 25 year old man his girlfriend. His younger brother and another man the siblings began arguing about fruit snacks. Between five year old male. Then struck his brother on the back of the head with a handgun. And the gun discharged. Causing minor injury. To the point three year old shoulder. Our minor wounds to the 36 year old males leg. The man with the gun fled the scene. A federal report says Kansas inspectors. Failed to follow up on nearly half the problems they found nursing homes in 2014. Inspector general report issued Monday said federal officials examine 100 deficiencies. It's related to health services that were found by state inspectors at 79 nursing homes. The federal investigators found of the state verified the nursing homes fix the problems and only 48 cases. Kansas City Star reports and other cases inspectors from the Kansas department of aging and disabilities services. Require the nursing homes to submit plans to correct problems but didn't check to see if the plans worked. The report cited a shortage of inspectors has a possible reason for the findings Dan O'Neill Cain and SS news. Got a favorite sports team. Then you're probably willing to spend some serious money to support it when it comes to sports we don't play around Americans. Absolutely loves sports unions it's only getting more and more expensive to claim them to watch them to just generally be involved in them credit card stock com's Matt Schultz says we spend a hundred billion dollars last year tickets cost a fortune parking costs a fortune buying a beer hot dog costs a fortune and he says will probably keep saying even if times are tough people are still probably get any key Dylan. Terry held in her. ABC news. K and assist you signed now 635. Was Steven did in the morning and a I don't know about you. Radio listeners out there the story that cut my ear I'm alluding you know. Two Brothers arguing over fruits snacks. And somebody gets shot. Two people got shot two people got shot same volatile right same bullet minor injuries well still. A lot of irresponsibility and at Crowder and angry siblings. Body or fruit snacks next. When people think that if they just gonna pop somebody upside to him with a gun that it will go off Apple's all time. They you know bang goes off and that's apt. That is strange yeah that those bizarre now well. We like to bring you the stories about people who. Don't seem to be responsible that's why we do or here. Well we could find irresponsible plea to us when and anger rears its ugly head now there are consequently this next story Ted okay Wyoming jury has found a man guilty of wasting sheep meat. He will be fine more than a thousand dollars in loses hunting privileges for two years. The coating enterprise reports the judge also post six months of unsupervised probation and a ninety day suspended jail sentence. They love their sheep meat and align all the story does mutton forming a shots liked I our salute. Slew key. Obtained a tank and harvested the bighorn in September 2015 harvested tee shot at. He removed the head and the shoulder hide for a trophy mount but testified that much of the animal's carcass was to blood shot to salvage. Another hunter found it and reported the Wyoming game and fish department apparently there's enough meat to the public and at a W now presented. And his guys go to jail home ties and indeed for wasting sheep meat. Not a story you're going to see in Kansas really. Turkey is like and that's that's a urged what was your hot line there a big sky country story reminded line and storied a month form him well. And got my goat a woman still. The bad one day I guess. Oh would still a paramedic truck in Las Vegas as led pursuing police officers on a fifteen mile motor way Jason most California area. Authorities say they have now parked their vehicle outside a pharmacy before it was stolen. Apparently over the keys and hit C America during your high speed chase the woman into the Jason interstate fifteen inside California apparently realizing. Officer officers were going to use tire puncturing spike strips to stop the vehicle. Las Vegas police about a Highway Patrol troopers and police helicopter all tracked via ambulance. During the chase. Do these guys are when they stop that do whatever for a minute they just leave the keys in the in the ambulances at it works smaller usually in a hurry and it is time forgot. It is not. Going to forget to give us workers up and Aris. Every day look at the police records. Cars stolen with keys sit right in there up every day and I'll. At any rate took a soul yesterday was 9/11 we talked a lot about 9/11 my daughter said to Tony yes less like to didn't even realize was that eleven. Until the anniversary. Until she listens Stephen tee added and Goddard pictured Unita what part of a documentary. Yesterday afternoon lay it together and about. What happened and remind me of that awful day and of the courage of the first responders it was all about debt and we just salute you again day after but we salute you again. And I'd rent by the park Cedric county park yesterday afternoon there were a woman to woman walking and they were carrying a flag apparently there walk and an American flag around the palette that. By sort of the little relay embassy. And that was pretty cool I hop on a wave data. Ache coming up at 8:10 this morning. We have a special guest Stephen Ted. Mr. Sam Brownback who is the governor of the state Kansas. Will be you have such an 8 in this morning on this is special not sure what I'm outside about the will come up what's up and I'm sure. Going to be a great day which even today thirty you know make sure you're listening to that 639 now Stephen did time for our commodities update with mr. Tom Loeffler a plethora commodities markets that are. Good morning Steve. Much you know like candle and Peter chemicals mostly positive the leadership coming from with Peter Campbell I'd get another extension of spreading. Case channel trade last week Paul Light to moderate volume and mostly steady prices that little spot on the and a police all pictures and inside trading sessions they traded closed mostly negative yesterday. On the closure yesterday October life Campbell twelve cent lower one and 720. October feeder the 90% to 149 Birdie Putt. October lean on him 57% at one point seven. All the corn futures were able to recover yesterday's close on the positive side. Particularly important part of the title like a French price they can do need a bar updated wheat production estimate for Australia. Glory to put one point six million metric turned the corner Christian campus is about 2% complete. When a week blaming him in those 3% complete. Today at 11 o'clock in the monthly USDA's supply and demand reporters looking for work one of soybean production and yield a lot of oriented stocks. At the moment some vacation week than a quarter over in the port 34 and a half. December corn and a penny an F 356. November soybeans than opinion 99. October crude oil trading at 19% higher 4826. December gold camp seven dollars and forty cents at thirteen 12830. December it will be supporting up to 2490. And of course it took to the dollar index 17% tired and I need to move to. In December it. Dollar indexed. As acutely submit to say. But December and that is future 57 point 122075. Per commodity trading like marketing advisory contact Oprah commodities on the program whereby using an 866 do. Tell yet to apologize you know for my night ignorance of crops wheat corn whatever. IIBM lives in this state all my life I haven't even educated myself about wheat for instance but we're planning weak right now correct. He's Alan Wheat crops do we do a year and cancers. Just one to this day. OK so how long were you put two seeds and ground now how long did it take before we harvest that we going to be completely be next year. Won't start focusing their deal although latter part of June early July. Takes a long time for a week to grow doesn't it. Into a can make you grow faster. Anyway you can make you grow faster. Like not a good and I think that. State up north after we can't say have a spring wheat and I will go week to. See that's what I was thinking I don't know anything about it but does not. But there are union leaders have won a week there is 100 women do talked talked. Our grid with a process like what do we do. Minds and that's what confuses me too many kinds of wheat. And yup well. And only one crop the year I did makes me feel like maybe that the farmers are slacking a little bit. You know well and plant and it's the crack at it yet. They do did they don't do any they did until next June I mean we're trying to. And expand the outcome of western diplomats crop but there's other things going on I don't know. All right thank you sir that C a gay is as commodities up they went on littler of littler commodities and coming up Don grants the FB. The bunny tracker talk about retirement savings gap is growing. That's coming up even 10 in the morning on K and a sense.