WSU Baseball at Cal Poly

Saturday, March 18th

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It's time for Wichita State shocker baseball on 987. And thirteen thirty K in it as ask him. Now with the column the game here is seen Dennis. And welcome to bank stadium in San Luis Obispo California for a shocker baseball as Wichita State takes on. Cal poly what made the pregame show on your home on shocker baseball season long thirteen 30 AM in 987. At them. The second of two meetings between these two clubs. Here in San with a bit below five to four winners were the most things last night in a thirteen inning marathon. That was a real tough one to swallow for Wichita State as the winning run came across in the thirteenth inning. And that came after two outs and nobody was on. And it was two out single by nick Meyer and in. Marron got their shortstop hit a ball in the gap in left center field and Todd but we'll talk about this a little more in depth what our pregame chat here just a few minutes but. Travis young went over into the gap in left senator the ball of course with a little bit the end because of the playing surfaces McGrath outfield. And being so profitable to the ocean there's plain view on the grass that skipped a little bit. Travis just making sure the stayed in front of academy alone injured dive for a to grab it by that time he'd. I don't panic is the right word but he felt. Mire Iraq going around second base and then tried to put the ball to Alex Jackson the center fielder coming over. And in exchange it was month basically. Rolled around toward the warning track and athletic team and it was an effort in frustration for Wichita State last night they fell behind. One to nothing after one. They ended up tying the game. Wit me run in the third inning. And after two were out and nobody was on Ian Williams wanted a strong four hits together got three runs and maddening. And they led Ford won the game cruised into the seventh inning of the things for one score. Grayson Jennifer Miller RBI groundout in the seventh and then lucrative aircraft to two run home run with nobody out in the eighth inning and look more and more like shocker again down. It was 44. And Holyfield pitched the shocker out of the eighth and ninth and two actors we went in the shocker had runners on base at least one. Every of the extra innings tenth eleventh twelve and thirteen. Could not catch him in. And then that people play by cal poly in the bottom of the thirteenth into the game after four hours and one minute. Cal poly improved to six and eleven on the season and they'll push doctors to ten and seven so it was a tough when it take for Wichita State. As the fall to ten at seven and the mentioned elsewhere around the valley yesterday in case you missed it. Toledo beat southern Illinois. Eight to seven. North Florida defeated Bradley 42. And Missouri State beat Memphis 925. Dallas Baptist shot gramley three to nothing. And western Michigan. They were planning game against. Evansville that was suspended Imus finished today in that game ended up. Going away the Broncos eleven to Illinois State lipscomb or postpone the plea doubleheader today at tell you the results of that one. In just a little bit and Wichita State and cal poly in the middle game of this three game series here bank stadium in San Luis Obispo. Currently. The weather here in California it is 69 degrees. Mostly sunny skies. There as they west northwest wind. At about thirteen miles an hour. Which means the wind will be at least for the moment be drifting out toward left field this is a very big ballpark. And Ridder the only one that really threatened the wall last night his second home run of the season it's 335 down the lines. 385 that gaps that oral five to get thinner it was about a fifteen full wall all the way around so it takes a poke in and out of here. Especially after the sun goes down which made Ritter's home run in the eighth. All the more impressive. Cody Tyler and Spencer Howard you're starting pitchers in this one. Cody making this start for Wichita State. It will be. He is fifth start of the year. And this is only the second start by Spitzer Howard who is second one on this homestand. As he was only down the bullpen and starting against. Loyola marymount last weekend so hard making start in two pairs of seven and Cody father appearing for the fifth time. All start. Alicia markers and help Foley must things we're just the second series in the Q program's history. This today cal poly program that went division one in 1995. They are a member of the big west may. Went to Wichita last year and it took two out of three from Wichita State. After dropping the first game of that series you shut out fashion big shut out. They got off to a really rough start they started this season with a eleven game road trip and this is. Pretty much the middle point I've made twelve game home stand or cal poly. They work two and nine on the road trip that began on opening weekend and a towel in Berkeley. Well along the way you mentioned they are. Six and eleven they've been shut out five times and they have had some trouble scoring runs and error I think he could. Classify them as needing help to score. They don't hit for much power especially in this ballpark don't generate a lot of offense they're pretty much centered around pitching and defense. They're beat itself or as we pray that they are fielded just 95383. More errors last night. They have 31 errors. In seventeen games so they survived last night probably more than anything else battling with three years. The Wichita State base runners network scurrying around the base as like Jack Kravitz but couldn't. Come home and especially. Beyond Ridder's two run home run in the eighth when they were. Able to afford to tie it 44 but I unable to get. That vehicle run across and it turned Cody Tyler and it'll vehicles by its nuclear power. Coming up next we'll talk to head coach pat Butler yeah course the head coaches joggers talked about the heartbreak of last night how Wichita State you can bounce back. And take the middle game. Of this three game series pregame count Scott Cutler as pregame show continues after this she's. It's beat the Kansas lottery welcomes you aboard the powerball markers this Royal Caribbean ship is about sets sail. You and I guess we'll spend the next five days worrying about nothing but real life bad SPF that's the thing. That's the private concerts from the underdogs forced to move. Oh come on board were ready to hit a high seas when you are. Your dreams are waiting. So download the collection would have been under your powerball tickets for a chance to join us on the power ball power crews TTS lottery dot com for details. 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This is my bills that. Join me weeknight today Don again. Into the three game series would you just be who helped volleys about a joining us once again and any time you can play and lose a one run game you replay everything and think about. The break she could've gotten or maybe in your case that coach what you would have done differently. When you go thirteen innings and leave a bunch of guys on that's got to make you lose sleep at night for sure well it's one hit the yes one hit and we couldn't do you know we didn't do it first inning we had that you mentioned this leads off the bay cities that second. They needed it right there didn't get it in the third inning with second and third one out we go we punched out of one out for the second out so. You know there were situations safety squeeze in the third inning. They played their corners and that's something that I was thinking about doing withdrawal wine. And I feel like they took it away we did have a lot of speed at third base so. Would rather got a base hit right there but. Yeah let's kind of where we've been offensively. We've chased a lot of pitches out of the zone and granite we've faced in credit very good picture on Friday night. It's one of the better pitchers in the big west that are in this fantastic conference that. You know on the bright side if you can take anything on the bright side. Pitches after a great job after a short Jimmy chalky. Was. You know doing a good job they had four hits with two outs in the inmate score for the warned. I just couldn't contain that. We we take Willie out which one GO purple and did a fantastic job of coming in and give us an opportunity. So pretty much stay in the game decided on our offense and we have been very good outfit that we so for. At the beginning of the season. We did not walk one better. Our pitching staff. That's a positive and we played exceptional defense. So pitching and defense is what we have based a lot of our effort on as a coaching staff as a team. And you know in baseball percentages will change hopefully our offense. Try to keep these guys going we were more aggressive swinging the bat and we were they'll issue. That's something that we touched on this week. But we were aggressive out of the zone so you know you have to keep keep adjusting and you know today and today and and I know it it it's still somewhat early. Tibet that's your point that opening if you're eight and two thirds and Tamiflu key play at the end it gives up. A one run so to get 26 outside your bullpen is as top notch and obviously nobody walked. As rob Evans turned a corner he looked really sharp again last night Raleigh Evans has turned the corner and the growth that he's made with coach Steele. It is a filthy changeup or breaking ball that he can get over fastball that's really effective so. He's really grown. Really you know they're coached hill's talking about him last week singer Robbie Evans is coming on it's gonna help this team. It is worked extremely hard in the credit goes to Robby so. U three guys that sea of sand burn pitched well also Robbie Evans pitched well born house has pitched well. So guys are coming on there's a lot of guys don't have bullpen that's still. Have not toed the rubber as of late pit so we have you know with an extreme game last night. That'll really kill Paul used a lot of their pitchers and they use their closure for 48 pitches so. You don't other starters really good today and we need to get him out of the game but the other could be an advantage for us play an extra innings last night with a pitching depth that we have. Right now we need to solve offensively that starting pitcher. You can get him out of the game earlier from. Lucrative gave you guys a lift it to two run home run in the eighth inning at had to really get that first base dugout don't community he would Obama this is a big park in when he hit it it was in no doubt her. How Lucas wrote really worked hard last week I felt like last week she was turned the corner offensively. The little bit more control when you swinging not over swinging. They end up wouldn't you know put in the battle the ball flush so he had a big time homer yesterday won't let off the inning with a base hit he follows up with a we that was shot over the left field fence and outputs. Back into the ball game in our pitching staff did they did a great job we'll probably guessed it came indelible and but offensively. We have to we have to do more for this that you chef boosting the and there's nothing worse than being the visiting team in an extra inning game because any mistake. Weather beaten by a picture or anybody behind him. That's the game as a home team really didn't counterpunch but. That's to me what your best. So much about Sandler like you talked about any if he blinks. You loose and it comes down to kind of look a bit of a flu keep playing left take a student Travis young player that into the game as you saw well the I'll feel there was more extra from the newly ocean being close in the grass was getting wet. Help Molly didn't play very good defense last night they've made about three years. But other Schroeder first place check comes in oh throws a fastball. Guess it's a wide shots left fielder Trevor Jones did a great job of diving it one hop off the grass. And then was hit when he was hit I thought it was gonna go with a chance. But Travis Gregg gave a great effort. Dove catches the ball. Because it skips so hard made a great kid she flipped it to Jackson we couldn't get to handle the ball we got scored from first base so. You know those who thinks it could happen but during the game I'm going to be honest with you I chain I was going this gets brushed. We're on the road we just weren't there to win on the road we've been good at home. I enjoyed it. But I didn't like the outcome of the game. But it it builds a team tell you wanna play it situations that are closest. I you wanna come out on top we didn't last night. But there were positive so pitching staff did a fantastic job with no walks we've played very good defense we attack the ball defensively. We're just waiting on this offense that we thought. That I thought would be a lot more offensive. And we have been so for the getting concerned I want a major being concerned about really strong piece that one really good outing in four there. Just break in the middle well I mean did you run supports a big deal for comfort for victory in when you score first and can get a little bit of a cushion. But other pitcher can really Trace that there's an opportunity for victory. He's been behind every ball game for the last three weekends. And you know I've had put a lot of good. Or were actually huge hit in seven playing on the road the last three weekends to us being better and growing offensively last night we were. Well electric slightest bit earlier we were aggressive. And then we have two strikes were aggressive out of the zone. With balls were bouncing a ball so overheads so did you get up and pull back and push him forward so you know it's it's he's just keep working at this. And it would be made a productive out in the seventh I think Janice their ground ball that produced a run in the course. Ridder with a home run not necessarily a hit with runners in scoring position what you guys would call clutch hits. If they're Europe. Formula for that each other but now he's hitting two out hitting and hitting with runners in scoring position you structure. Kind of it's a baseball cliche the last couple years but just trust the process looked and that's what it is we left eleven runners on base and we were over with runners in scoring position. And you know percentages in baseball coming go the F to outlast them and that's what we're trying to do their best right now. It was still a lot sophomores and freshmen that lineup as of last night's it and if they have to grow and see this good pitching that we're seeing in. In eventually they're going to be able stepped up. The main thing with last night was so I was competitive. I enjoyed the effort that our guys gave. It is they were extremely disappointed with the loss. But. You watch all the effort to win. Indian and every kid shouldn't you know one hit away from the first referred many other things we have opportunities for the errors the second and third order second with a one out so. You know we just have to keep on grinding through it. And finally got what looks like come papers are pretty good combo. Cody Tyler so Bulldog and Mike Steele we haven't talked about this she's very familiar with these guys use it for a big west guy so I. There's a guy that's got a book on cal ball he's got so maybe Cody Jones the guy that is the time well you don't know might get a good job about the fifth inning he relationship to those guys out and faced in western same conference last year as pitching coach along these so. Yeah our guys really executed pitches from the fifth inning on. And it's you know and we did carry that into today. No the last two weekends that we played three weekends in a row our starters have not had any wins. We go for seven. And that comes down to offensively I just keep saying it. That we need to improve offensively we have some guys aren't doing. Are reaching that potential that they have. And we've got to stay with those guys that they have to figure these things out I can make a complete line I've changed. And that would be a lot of freshmen and you have the growth of defense and signals and they shredding and things like that. No Jacob gets the last night pinch hit. He had no fastball it's a rocket to right field he's a freshman he's going to be a fantastic player force. The end yeah it'll freshman you can kind of dips and ebbs and flows of the positives and negatives and still some of these guess what we're going to get really important they got a series tonight we'll talk you don't want to be a big big big game today gets another good pitcher gets thirteen and up. I would say for today is you can we come out offensively give these stats don't tell if you look at my partner you. But it got cut up his pregame comments in his. Time now to check out the shocker upcoming schedule. They will wrap up series with cal poly tomorrow will be a 3 o'clock first it's simple time will go on the air thirty minutes prior usual 2:30 central time there. War pregame show. And then Wichita State on Tuesday weld a cute Paulson picked on or Roberts. In a night game at dale Johnson stadiums and shock you know argued Tuesday night. For cal poly upcoming starting Thursday Nebraska Cornhuskers come to town war games in three days. Your baggage stadium and as well. Talk baseball brought import bank probably on they would like to remind anybody shocker play you can get 50% off your online order. Any Wichita area confidant. While on a Papa Johns dot com. And used a promo code shocker fifty. To receive. Your shocker discount. Time now for the starting lineups are brought here by a equity bank where you'll never have been ATM fee you can go to equity bank got. Com. For more information. What a shocker tennis seven on the season they'll start it with grace and give us that he is in right field. Trade Vickers the shortstop will hit second. Batting third for Wichita State lube Ridder the second based. And the cleanup spot is the first baseman Alan balls. Jordan border hits fifth shocker to play third base and pick one and shocker the age hitting six. Batting seventh that catcher they'll crawl off. Josh you backer in left field and hits eight which does date and batting ninth in center field. Travis you. Cody Tyler pitching for the shocker taking stock of five. If you don't do any area five point four so in four shocker it'll be just step Vickers Ridder. Bull lawyer Goodwin. The actor young. Where Cody Tyler pitching for Wichita State for cal poly they're six and eleven. Start with Alex had a center fielder. Bradley Beasley is second baseman hit second. Batting third in left field as Josh George. Admire the catcher. Spot. Kyle Bangkok. Is shortstop hitting fifth. Michael's Anderson. Is at third base hitting six. Batting seventh for the most things is the first baseman Elijah skips. Colby Derrick right field it's eight. And batting ninth to mediate. Scott Pilgrim Spencer Howard makes his second start of the years to be apparent from the seven for the right hander. He has a 10 in the area 188. Billion for the mustang but cannot be easily George Meyer American content Sanderson. Skips Barrick. And program. It's mr. Howard pitching. Or cal poly. The umpires Ryan live bird is behind home plate calling balls and strikes. Paul Graham first base. And he Jones. Down at third base. John baseball brought import also by two bars carpet outlet points that are 1816. Or run away. Hardwood lamb and tile carpet area rugs and huge selection. With thousands of options to colored textured pattern quality product but we're pretty prices because of their large collection and knowledgeable. And helpful friendly staff know I pressure that'll. Bush and everything. What you make a decision pulled the trigger gullet it's the dollars are respectful view in your home so any time any warning of any type. Bars carpet outlet and flooring Centre is home 1816. North Broadway. Series history and read it maybe is on the way. Cal poly they've won three out of four they took two out of three last year Wichita. And they took the opener courts last night by war. Five to four in thirteen innings. Today's scheduled to Missouri Valley Conference. Majority of the game if not all of them finished right now. Memphis held off Missouri State six the five so the bears fall to fourteen and five. On the year. So it will likely to today in split they lost to Toledo ten to two. And beat Illinois. Eight to five so SI use now Canon nine. On the year also splitting two was Evansville they split doubleheader. With western Michigan. They lost the Broncos eleven to. And won the second game of that double headers 65 and walk off fashion though now Evansville is seven in ten. In nonconference play lipscomb took a double header from Illinois State and eight and three want to. Illinois State has fallen to 511. On the year Indiana State clinches a series victory over Oakland in Michigan when 95 earlier today. Indian state gets the 500 they are nine in nine. Dallas Baptist outlasted Grambling seven to six. So DB use now twelve and six on the years ago this week tomorrow. Or ball far. North Florida beat Bradley nine to five. So Bradley's long long road trip to start the season not get any better they're still stuck on five wins. At Bradley outside the conference Oklahoma won his twentieth game this afternoon they'd be Kennesaw State at a Georgia. Seventeen to nine they're not when he and three. Texas Tech comes in Wichita next weekend they beat Texas to one of the clinch that series against the longhorns. And the red raiders are now sixteen. And four. Sacramento state which will come into Wichita on Wednesday lost at home to Minnesota five to two. Oklahoma State improves to thirteen and six. They beat Northwestern State. Today 72. To clinch that series. Elsewhere in the big twelve. They are late in the ball game in. And actually now just on final piece to use won the series in Kansas the frogs win five to one in the game. This afternoon when we come back we will throw the first victim will be Wichita State and cal poly middle game of the series coming up. The most dangerous thing in Kansas comes out. He has no regard for human life it is tax at all. The most can. Kansas. Drinks. And it's time we will start. To drink. You drive. Much versions can make all kinds of things disappear do that again making ATM fees and or amber yeah. Equity bank debit card and make every ATM fee every ATM Spanish go ahead of greeted me. The magic potions inside your equity bank debit card prevents the fee from ever during your accountant abracadabra. 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Okay. Who. It's. Our National Anthem here from baggage AM then game three game series in sharpton's. And cal poly mustangs healthy tip of the game is brought to you by united health care. Exercising with the brand is more fun and a good photo greater harm partners skip work out. If you know somebody counting on you for more tips on living a healthier lifestyle. Brigades each dot com port today. Upcoming promotion in tech stadium the chargers come back home at the battle on the 22 will be at 6 o'clock game with Sacramento state. And then the marquee matchup coming up next weekend it'll be Texas Tech coming up now in the college World Series participant a year ago and winners of the series against Texas recently. Now command for Friday Saturday and Sunday at 621. On Sunday autograph session with the baseball team and coaching staff to include hockey game. And family fun day at fun day Sunday against kid PA announcer and gets on the basis. Every Sunday and then the following weekend authorize that comes to town march 31 April 1 April 2 emotion all weekend long and equity and people drive. Donated books on emissions or misty confide ninths school district in the local area elementary schools anymore. And on Sunday after the game while Sunday during the game and sports and outdoors day. Admission is free for you twelve and under and you play catch on Tyler's eagle putt tonic field post game. In addition the softball team they have a promotion tomorrow it is poster giveaway autographs. Which value and today as well they play. Convenience Drake. Tomorrow at 11 am. Answer softball team swept great today pilot nothing and 65. And don't forget Monday night I graphic comfortable in the stadium at the academy sports and outdoors. You tonight free admission cronies tell them under. The shocker battle Nebraska. As Wichita State softball team heard before he can. With a couple of us against Drake. Today. Clinton hill or. How follies dancer howler. How are making his second start of the years previous one came against Loyola marymount. This past weekend. Though he has started off the seasonable and now it's his second start is pairing for the seventh time. Got fourteen in the third innings under his belt he's walked the only three and struck out fifteen. He's a low ninety's I in 1992 of these fastball. Got a slider and changeup. Big guy is. 63195. Sophomore he's out of Templeton high school in California. So Wichita State was an upgrade to Genesis. Trade Vickers. And Luke Renner the shocker in their old school throwback grains with a great camp. At all going to force. Green tops white pants black shoes and hats. Not ready for baseball's a shocker and cal poly get things under way here in the second game. Of this three game series series concludes tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock central time. Howard's first pitch to justice is a curveball that mrs. upstairs. One ball no strikes. In time 602. Temperature first pitch 64 degrees. And Janice Jack nights out a way to pitch goes all the way back to screen. Grayson generous the last night went to got a six. Seasons averaged 343 home runs and fifteen runs batted in drove in one of the shocker runs with a groundout. He takes down around a need for a called strike the infield is in that pronounced shift as most have been this year. Three infielders. On the right side of the diamond. And that's in there for a called strike I think our kids can read it. Sanderson the third baseman is now basically playing shortstop. And everybody else on the right side of the dime of the infield the outfield cheated way around her right now who's down and announced three into. Spencer Howard. Opponents hitting just 232 against them. Aniston wait for the payoff pitch and here it is. That's chopped on the ground the first baseman short hops and skips makes that play himself. Three unassisted and now we start here this evening. They started overcast actually. Very beginning of the day started fog and overcast a lot of mid day burn off and now it's mostly sunny for a sudden we have left this evening. Wind blowing out west northwest at about eight to ten miles an hour that means out to left left center. Trade Vickers. Thinks strike right in there. And it's nothing in one. Trading to 58 home runs and eight runs batted him. Vickers last night one out of four. Any fouls on back to the net and it cut. Case you missed it earlier this ballpark is big and plays big especially after the sun goes down 335 down the line 385 to the gaps. And 405. Dead center field. Swing and afoul back by Vickers again and that's. Couple fastballs that he probably wishes he had back one ball in two strikes. Shocker shortstop so. Dot Butler juggling the lineup just a bit. Trout line out croft in. Do got out on his bounce back through the middle America content toward the bag you've got to throws on the run in time. Bickered down one over the mountain. Kyle merit and content takes care him. The bases empty two out through the greater. We're briefly was the hero last night he had a two run home run for the shocker in the eight inning bringing him back from a 41 deficit. It was fourth Q when he came up and out homes at first base he crushed one over the wall in left center. And he takes it right down the middle. Nothing in one. Raider Q 61 but his averages on the rise he's been a hot. Think this a little bit low. Ritter is seven for his last thirteen now that home run and ordered them. 11 pitch it outside. And now it's two and one. I get stadium 2800. Capacity when it's full. Mostly bleacher seating that there's some chair backs in the lower concourse. And that lower bowl around in their first strike to rader stood to. Scenic cal poly. Here on the campus. Few curator thousand Americans back over the screen. Bases 52 outs in the shocker first. A couple of ground balls off the bat Janice and Vickers. Swing and it's not high fastball later down on strikes. Shocker to go quietly in the first in about half an inning Wichita State nothing. Cal poly coming up. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament 122 kids all Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor in hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United healthcare. Services not available for plan. Midwest Kia is Wichita is certified low price leader right now get your pick of new 2016 optimists 30% off MS RP your pick up when he sixteen soles 20% off and as our peace and your pick up new twice sixteen surrender those 25%. Off and SR Pete at midwest Kia on the G a corner of Kellogg and Tyler stop number 255045616. NT 563 point four monthly cell rebates of one qualified great. Shocker stork has brought you by American family insurance seat agent Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel. She's Stevens can join this morning right here on cape enhanced and. If Tyler. Taking his warmup tosses or Wichita State. And I other. Pitched well last year against cal poly but it within a relief role to. He went borne at third. And gave up just one run. And that series again with the against cal poly in Wichita. Walked four struck out three. Tyler making start number five this year humans do anyway. 540 there and they basically had polar opposite where Obama prepares to start the and to start the season he went eleven innings and gave up one earned run. The last few starts he's gone five and chief surgeon giving up nine earned run. Any given up fifteen hits in his last two starts though. Trying to quiet cal poly bath and write his own little personal flaw that forces strike in there is nothing in London Alex McKenna. McCain citing 3547. Runs batted in. He is. Required last night at first inning single that was that. Strike in there alone to. Cody tire on the year. Sixteen and two thirds when he can really it's only five walks in fifteen strikeouts. McKenna Beasley and George. And Greek Cody Tyler. 6180. And its competitor he picked up by croft. It's one ball and two strikes. Alex McKenna just a sophomore up. Canyon country California. Can a freshman all American a year ago according to. Collegiate baseball. Try the corner and miss. Tune to. He and teammate nick Meyer will both. Freshmen all Americans last year. Polly went 32 and 45 last year twelve and twelve in the big west finished in a tie for fourth in the conference line in the center field. And McKenna like last night starts. He cal poly first with a base hit. So McCain on there immediately and bring up Bradley Beasley. Obviously where I had to actually. Yeah. San Leandro California. Beasley one out of six last night. He's getting to 54 on the year. As a team. Cal poly eating 258. A couple of teams. Really struggling to find their way offensively almost identical team batting averages. Tyler comes set Beasley at their from the right side. Annie takes a little bit outside look like a breaking ball or something soft and come around. One ball no strikes. McKenna five out of seven steals this year. Mentioned it last night bears repeating Wichita State pitching staff and catchers I guess for that matter. Have seen opponents go four for seven all year in stolen bases its loan outside Tyler. It's two and oh. So it didn't really. Come to pass last night either. Only stolen base attempt was by croft but Wichita State so there were no attempts for. The mustang that we. And shot into right field for a base hit the camera around definitely gonna go to third throw coming little diamond. And it's immediately first and third and nobody out for the most things. Here in the first inning. Really Schwab he had some trouble in the first inning last night. As he gave up one run in three years. The third. You could just limit the damage got a double play but just like last night mechanic got to hit it Beasley got again. And Mike Steele. Two batters in and. Ten minutes after the first pitch of the game this round. There's gonna go to them out. We'll Mike Steele has some words. Or Cody Tyler. After Cody is. Gonna handle it it's an office it trip that quit. Mike Steele sees something he wants that big Crosby's left hander. Keep this from getting out of hand very early. Colonial last night club. You're The King and I hit and a single. Easley singled in Georgia sacrifice fly to center field. And after nick Meyer single parent content into a double. Life so it only turned into. Just the one run. And you would think that would be a pretty good effort by Cody Tyler feeling gives up one here hundreds at the corners nobody on the very first inning. Strike in there. And says the home plate umpire Brian blackbird. Here's Georgia eight to 84 hitter. Leads a team in RBIs with thirteen. This is stretched by Tyler. You'll. It's lonely crowd back it's going to. George doesn't strike out all that often and early as a team count on it doesn't strike out a lot. And. Cody Tyler not a huge strikeout guy himself he's averaging just less than one in innings this year. In his career. 83 strikeouts and a 104. You won't hear any got throwing and in essence down goes Georgia three strikes so. Might steal whatever he was. In party on his left hander worked like a charm her father wounded. Here's nick Meyer. Myers scored the game winner last night the thirteenth. In his two out of six. In that gets all thirteen innings a night ago. Migrating to 73. McCain at third Beasley at first. Sent by Tyler hands throw to first. Back standing is madly Beasley. From third around the first on the infield for the shocker lawyer Vickers greater and Alec bulk. To backer young and generous to your outfielders from laughter I know croft catching today. And steps often fires over the first makes. Beasley dive back at first. Beasley two out of three in stolen bases as a team. The mustang sixteen for 22 solo run some. The safety squeeze is on Tyler's got it looked at home will throw at second base covering it out there. The safety squeeze by in my room work. Everybody moved up and it's one that nothing alcohol. We kind of made the play. Look at home but then thought better of it got the sure out and really it was a little late getting over there will be fine Qaeda. Network. There are marathons to. Delivered the game winner to left center field last night and one of his three hits in the game three out of six. Bearing congress. Comes in hitting just 24210. RBIs. That RBIs by Meyer was his thirteenth so he is equaled. Josh George for the team lead in that department. Though croft once network with. Cody Tyler so pair of singles. And a safety squeeze bunt. That's the mustangs they want to nothing lead in the second straight. Game in this series cal poly is scored in the first inning. Tyler trying to keep if one went in the air right center field pretty well hit you know Estonia force. Philip young and young reaches nothing Pitt get an off the track. Aren't gonna score around second it's Mary Conte is gonna make it in the third base for the triple. Yeah did you feel book. Well why don't run ya got there about some holiday in. In America on its triples and Bradley easily. Edit Maryland on its. He lived in batter we're taking Cody Tyler the little warning track deep right center field. Lemon yeah 85. Tyler's struggles continue. In five innings against LSU gave up ten hits in five earned runs. And against Louisiana Tech didn't make it out first inning. It was a strike in there so mustang suit rung the bell a couple of times here in the first. I was gonna go for the full wind up with marrying cons at third base. I'll back. So into. Michael Sanderson. Second leading hitter on the team behind Alex McKenna from Sanderson 317 with five RBI. Last night with two for five. Shocker to be fighting uphill once again. Trail at one point last night for one. Do nothing cal poly bottom of the first uttered third with two outs on two counts of Sanderson. But he Tyler's ode to pitch. Popping up foul ground right side yeah this is chasing balls what will let him call him often just in fair territory coming in Kenneth could make the catch. And the inning is over so. Shocker it's. Once again falling behind after one inning one nothing last night. Two runs on three hits and one left tonight at the end of one cal poly right in the shocker out of her. Cancers are words we grow and build teach innovate and more from the solution to this guy. Our efforts helped create better lines for ourselves our families and our communities. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas understands we're here to serve you our fellow kansans by making access to healthcare is easy and hear from his. Working for Kansas workers since 1942. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of chances. We are those hospital rehabilitation. Acxiom healthcare services provides three unique still nursing facilities to get you back on your feet and bacterial life. Family health and rehab it was Woodstock dirty up every had a derby and read skilled health and rehab and he switched I'll relocation of the safety or there'd be a cliff may and a highly skilled in carrying stats they give the patients the best opportunity to function as a the highest level when they return home court back to their family when he needs physical occupational or speech therapy we are here for year. Shocker stork has brought to you by American family insurance CIA agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post story and and over agent west Sawyer. I let back into any week day morning. Tonight right here right. An early hole did nothing. You know the top of the second inning it'll be Alec home climbed into the box. Basic Spencer Howard takes slider blown away when balls no strikes. Bone last night one out of six scored a run ahead of Luke critters you run home run. Bomb also brought in around the ground ball. It takes down around these low to no. Spencer Howard worked a 1231. Inning with a spank. Cody Tyler is permitted to runs and three hits in his first inning of work. And it's swing and miss pitch right down Broadway that foam swung over the top of. Two balls and one strike ballot bowl third leading hitter on the team in 281. Just getting it's hits. It's here and there lately though. He's three for his last thirteen point swings and misses of another fastball so Spitzer Howard fell behind him in just. Pop to right path to into. All of the employers and good luck here in the second. And I was flying in right center field for a base hit heading over cut it off this McKenna. But by the time he picks it up ball will be cruising in the second base little leadoff double. Alec Baldwin is fifty base hit of the year. And just like that shocker Teva runner in scoring position with nobody out. That didn't mean a whole lot last night shocker came up dry time again with somebody is going additional work. There are born here. Soccer's. Left more than half of their eleven on base in scoring position. And from the tenth through the thirteenth they have at least one runner on. Representing the go ahead run in the couldn't bring him in. Jordan warrior out there now. Warrior one out of six. Last night and Jordan. Hitting 314 on the year first pitch through it and swings and misses a slider out away from him. Nothing in one very very aggressive hitter Jordan border. In Leeds team and RB I was seventeen. And he's been on it cares six for his last thirteen. And with that one for six last night. Same pitch same result Boyer pulled off swung and missed. In addition the frustration with leaving runners on base last night the shocker struck out. Nineteen times in thirteen innings. Lawyers got an account nothing into. And he swings and misses it strikes out three quick and. One out. Though here's Sam Biddle and getting started DH tonight but didn't recruit at Goodwin. Good 16 for warning this is his fifth start. Pair of doubles and five RBIs. Good and left him better. Overland Park, Kansas. Transfer from count only college. Look in this. Bring Bowman in. Alec little leadoff double there was one out. And swing and miss my good. Do nothing cal poly probably second inning. And good ones last action against northern Colorado with one out to on the fifteenth. And the bat handle fowl won't go into. But also threw strikes to Sam Goodwin. Afternoon. It on Spencer Howard's terms here for a couple of pitches struck out or your on three pitches. And he strikes Doug Goodman and three pit. And third strikeout. In the last four hitters we've been through Howard. Now be up to know that it's their crop. Graf played about half the game last night went cold for three. Better Trout line get to it that's as a starter in the crock took over from there. Cutter outside hi what balls no strikes. Paul the second with two way shocker second. There's a stretch by Howard. One iota croft. MS slider on and want. That is now nine swings and misses. In this inning. No one bit of contact that was made was Alec bombs doubled to start the inning. Chop foul. And now it's. One bowl in two starts. He's a wrap up the series tomorrow back in the central time zone you're starting. Game time will be 3 o'clock 1 o'clock here on the West Coast. One Q croft here is. And fastballs up and didn't give croft trigger. Good to to know croft in stark number four. He's four out of seventeen at the plate. He reached on an error last night thirteen that was thrown out trying to steal. Actually part of the hit and runs. Slider low and away three balls and two strikes. Soccer's trailed you know I think we're in the second. Paul warn its second. Howard's 32. Outs giant bowl for. So croft odds that two out walk heating continues. And now Josh to backer. There were the packer backer appeared as a pinch hitter last night would go for one line out the left. Actor if they're from the left side put runners at first and second two outs. In the charters. Having trouble coming through in the clutch with runners in scoring position they are over. For the weekend. And if backer takes a strike blowing out our loan on the outer part of it. Strike zone nothing in one. It backer eight for 33 eighths to 42. 01. Little bit low and outside try to get. Same part of the quadrant and missed one want. Moment second croft first. I rushed to backer and it. It's a shocker on the board. 112 and started to swing it debt load could want. The backer. Got an at bat in each of the northern Colorado games earlier this week. Well one. And each game. In the count two and one. It's still in. Place found that students do. Witnesses starting become an epidemic for Wichita State runner gets on there. They've had a hard time stringing together good at bats after that. Ball where they doubled to start the inning and then Boyer and good when both went down. On three pitches. Croft works a walk now. The backers account even if you into. You're nothing cal poly. Yours is stretched by Spencer Howard. QQ did a backer shock towel over toward the cal poly dugout and third base side. Now holding attuned to. Cal poly got two runs and three hits in the first inning. Soccer try to counter here in the second that they can have that happen throughout not to get it. His distract my Howard and 22 against. Pounced on the ground right side skips ranges far to his right decent pitcher covering it got there kind of shocked as it turned away. Kind of golden opportunity to score. But they strand ball in the second base after leadoff double the end of one I have to remember it's don't fall into an underdog and. 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At Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about this is Leo 1410. Guys don't forget to join me Saturday and Sunday afternoon just tools like KMS. Steve and I think cal play. And needs mustangs and the lower third of the order. Skips Merrick a grand. After bust things got two. In the bottom of the. The first. Time. Britain. I'm including your. Circulate. Bounce back inning here after. Giving up singles to the first dignity faith. Tennessee he squeezed RB I triple. Hit the face the left hander here and he like his skips. Listen there's a switch hitter but apparently is scrapped that project they take outside. One ball no strikes. Lies just skips getting to forty. Home run and six runs batted in. Tyler into the full windup than the 10 and that's. In the air but drop Bancroft called strike one and one. Cal poly member of the Big West Conference. The only sports that are not in the big where there are two of them. Football. Is in the big sky in the wrestling team isn't pac twelve. When else. In the big west wing and power back by skip since one and two. As I mentioned briefly last night this is it hard hard place to get into. If coming out of high school. Grade point average AC PSA he need be through the roof. Mean even consider. Two balls and he strikes out at life just skips. Schools establishing 1901. They started playing baseball here four years later. And they went division one in the mid ninety's. Fur ball little bouncer off of these foot found batter's box. Ironically in 1989. When shocker we're winning the division I national championship. Cal poly is winning the division through my home championship. Since they've been activism gone. The mustangs have gone T three regionals in 092013. 2014. In 2014 they won the west. Two and two Elijah skips. And he picked to strike in Downey goes. Second strike out for Cody Tyler that's good start. For the left handers negative. To bring up. I will be there aren't going to be the. Colby Derek in the air for the second straight day in right field. There are three out of five last night with a couple runs batted him. He was. He seldom used player before last night we came through and ID go out and back in there tonight. Access slider it missed a little high. One ball no strikes. Cal poly under the direction of head coach Larry Lee. In his fifteenth season here after sixteen seasons that equates to college. Players strike. One of the one. Q I think cal volleyball the second one on her one out rather and nobody on. The other 11. Little bit low. And miss by much. Do you want. Over in the DH will be next. And now be one time through the order for Cody Tyler to one pit. Stop the outside corner three and one. Colby Barrick. Is a left hand batter so. Tyler. Figures to have the eventually fallen behind. Junior college transfer Colby Barrett. Any swings and pops one foul back and how to play. Very quick to Hancock college. And high school called me. What to say anything is. Only three players on the roster for cal poly not natives of California. Payoff pitch. We'll bat handle flare involvement foul ground circles around it any had to battle some seagulls. Hovering above if you make the catch though that's not something you did practice. Mineral estate where there. Barrick als our honor over. Haven't heard it here again I don't know. Do away in the second got over in the DH. Over in five for 34. He went hitless in four at bats last night. Tyler into the wind up with nobody on and throughout. Andy's a little lopsided prompted to reach for one ball no strikes. Shocker we'll have young jealous then Vickers in the third. Things lead to nothing swing and miss fastball got passed in the letters. One ball one strike to the right handed hitting freshman Scott program. Out of middle Valencia California. Tyler 11. Cutter slider it's a little bit high. Two balls in the strike. Why it's just starting to take effect here in the early evening. Hi fly ball center field young is back they're tracking it comes in a few steps. And makes the catch premature straightaway thinner. And Cody Tyler. As they won't Q3 second inning at the end of two it's still cal poly to the other her other. We are busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls sabres beat it to death round of the thank you completely forgot to our camp is thinking different believes that he can be you've promised better yeah. Stop you can't be everywhere but we can't. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's got enhanced blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. The carnahan's group that JPY get. Sense is a highly trained team that presidential realtors ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers in Wichita we utilized data PR marketing with exceptional photography for an inspirational experience online and in print media buyers can expect a team of unique abilities with years of experience to negotiate on their behalf and as smooth transaction all the way to their new home to see all of our beautiful homes at the Carnahan group dot com a leader in real estate for over forty years. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every week they had to default have. Happening right here on KM SS. Cal poly as we head without the third case of all the backing her which does studio's king Dennis. Here ballpark San Luis Obispo California. California Polytechnic state university and with the Disco cal poly. Member of the big west and winners last night five to four in thirteen innings. Travis young goalie off for Wichita State. Is the last man. To face Spencer Howard for the first time it bounces one foul past. Brian walker third. Young last night in the two hole hit one out six. He's hitting ninth here today. Young has fallen on hard times offensively he swings and barely gets a piece of wanna slider out away from him. And he's down to count on to. So young one out of six last night one for fifteen now. Over his last. Three plus games. Average on the season content. On account Owen to the pits doing. Little roller to third is going to be tough charging its Sanderson fields throws and out of first place why. Sanderson had become charging him get rid of it in a hurry. And Travis young. Just thrown out I doubt that that. Tires Grayson Afghanistan grounded to first to start the game. Grayson before that first at bat. Had been a hot here in technically I guess he still is he's eight for his last warning. After that groundout. We hire an outside pitch slipped out of Spitzer Howard's hand. That gentle stuff. With eight RBI. In his last five plus games that dates back to the LA she's here. And it cranks one deep down right field line but that's cooking now. One had wanted Janet step. On the season Grayson. Fifteen runs batted in five doubles a triple and homer. That shift again with only one guy on the left side of the diamond Annie took a shot that way but she to fouled on the left side and over on top of the batting cages down left field line. So now if you strike Sanderson will. Retreat from his claws like third base position and now. Play short again as Mary cons Beasley and skips all the right side. Canceling a foul tip back this green off catcher's glove. Do nothing cal poly where in the top of the third. One out. Soccer's missed an opportunity in the second. Swearing in of foul tip of the catcher's glove down goes Afghanistan. And it's strikeout number four for Howard. And now trade knickers. They're brought them victory. Not a lot of seats here maggots stable they do have a lot it's. Student support and fear little ground ball left side Sanderson to his left gobbles it up throws in time. And that's and with that accommodation they are. More than capable make it hard on the opposing team shocker go up and down on the order of the third. The bottom of the third it is still kidnapping Alapont. System under the dream. Is at the center of the business the new car home. I was just enjoy. An American family insurance we know protecting dreams takes a strong partnership are agents of the resource is to provide you with coverage for all your auto home business or life insurance needs find an agent and get a competitive quote today. At and stand dot com or call 1800 Miami fan. Products and written by American family insurance like mutual standard for Ohio Wisconsin company success American car when Madison Wisconsin I think seven and. 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Man well this bunch in the very first inning got two runs and three it's not going to Tyler who work. Alex McKinnell elated off. And how easily they both singled up the credit and and then nick Meyer is safety squeeze in how America RB I triple student nothing cal poly leading the bottom of the third. Cody Tyler work they won Q3 second inning to settle in a little bit see if he could continue down second time through the order. Outside of the fastballs are underway one ball no strikes. Alex McKenna now two out of seven in this series. He's getting hit in the first inning in each of the game. Takes a strike on the inside corner we're looking forward in there and want. McKenna the team's leading hitter. At 354. Here's the wind in the 11. Crack in his senator fielding young is not gonna get it's gonna fall in front of him for a base hit islets in the cannot cure attitude and and of course that makes him. Three out of eight this series. And he's got eleven or warning. Is it being moved to the leadoff spot. He is having quite a homestand. Debate played their first eleven away from home and there in the midst of a twelve game home stand. Nebraska will come in here Thursday Friday and Saturday. For four games in three days. But they are picking it up offensively since they came home and Alex McKinnon is right at the front line. Beasley takes inside crop on about firing down at first but held on to. So McKenna leads off with a single. Beasley up there from the right side. The one note to him. It on the ground left side spear gun third baseman Boyer second base one throw to first double play. Lawyer to Ritter to go home at 543 twin killing him just like that the bases there and keep. Good job Libor to go to his left hand and over in glove at top of the grass. And he fired a strike but other raiders are eighth Bloomberg. We'll help seniors Josh your. Georgia a strikeout victim with runners in the corners and nobody out in the the first. George came into the game hitting 284. Tyler back the full wind up with nobody on line in the pitch. Bit down and and when ball no strikes. Quite a bit cooler evening tonight as opposed to last night. Temperature now sixty degrees. Little tapper left side charging his lawyer got on a short hop throws in time lawyer tonight's third inning in the field. And it gets Cody Tyler in the doctor's. Back in the dugout. Three come to bat one hit when nobody. At the end of three here instantly activist Bo is cal poly to Wichita State nothing. Executive fair share is a proud sponsor of Wichita State athletics with regional offices in Missouri Kansas and throughout the US we offer a fractional aircraft ownership program that features a diverse fleet of newer model jets and turboprop aircraft we proudly support the men's Wichita State basketball team discover a program that's right for you at great midwest economical values and exactly fair share dot com. 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Soccer sports properties which does statement like that think the shocker ambassadors which does speak the league level. Corporate partners United Healthcare one built and Coke industries and Cox Communications. Later held off of slider down away wanna know if you're just an advertising with which does the atletico shocker sports properties. 316978755. Ritter pops one out back and how to play Luke with a strikeout victim. Too in the first. Spencer Howard is permitted to base runners hit and a walk. But he's also struck out four and three innings. And Ritter pops one out right side it's gonna drift down one. One balls three strikes. You're golden boy here. 345 in the order. Last night it was bull Ritter and Boyer. 345 in the order of home as slow down in the cleanup spot and down goes straighter as he chases the slider. Annie is over to impair strikeout to tell he started his night last night but then. Reached three times in a row including a two run home run in the eight. Alec ball with a shocker don't again. He had a dull of the gap in right sinners first time up there. Spencer Howard. Has run up at least one strikeout and every inning. And he is victimized Ritter twice. Bone takes down and away one ball no strikes. Spitzer Howard. Sophomore. Into the wind in the one though tried the outside corner again in this stood out. They fell behind bomb to go in his first at bat then pumped through he strikes pass him and then Alec got Damon. Plug the gap in right center field. Takes a strike on the outer edge at times too at one. Alec bomb now second on the team in hits it. Nineteen. Hopped up right side foul ground over his skips the first baseman for a look. But it bounds out of play. Just beyond the barrier to a two. Shocker to wrap up the series tomorrow at 3 o'clock in the end. Finally wrap up that marathon. Away from home stand that was interrupted by only two midweek games against northern Colorado and go to war Roberts Tuesday. Hand breaking ball Kat jam demons in on him at home. Pulled the trigger and found that back to stay alive. Bonus now reached base safely in. Fourteen consecutive games. And takes upstairs three balls two strikes. Three balls two strikes one out nobody on shocker for. And time called at home plate. Ballmer started every game and now has started six at first base. The other twelve over there. 32 pitch. Outing swinging with a slider. Two strikeouts to start the fourth that is six strikeouts. Wars starters center Howard. Burton Group winner. Jordan Boyer. Went down on strikes his first time up there. What's that. Two big game is out of the way shocker to be at home for a good long time. Boyer takes a little bit low. So starting on the 22. It's Wednesday. Sacramento state in for a one on their way to their series. Against northern Colorado. Strike the boy your one on one and then Texas Tech comes to town 2425. And 46. Tuesday's game against Oklahoma State and seven in a row at home. On outside and the back into that seven includes southern Illinois start Missouri Valley Conference play. So by the time this rodeo is over it'll be eleven out of thirteen away from. Eck stadium. Popped up foul back and how to play by employers. So after the Oral Roberts game is finished up. It will be eleven out of twelve. In the friendly confines though. Wichita State is trying to make it through this trip. Outside of border three into. Six of the first seven away from home with the way the opposition only win. Was at Oklahoma that is as it turns out there's only been one of three. Oklahoma defeats popped up left side of the infield Mary cons makes the call. And make the catch. As a shocker to go very quickly and very quietly in the fourth but the bottom of the fourth still do nothing mustang. He gave us Davis is from policy. South Dakota bill we took Davis from Pollack to fish for Paul in Alaska sure did this in wild card Polycom McDonald's filet of fish sandwich there were folks that's waves and fish and some delicious flavors sandwich list so you can. Good save Davis is one Paul unlucky guy. Good morning thanks to us Davis isn't the only lucky one now filet of fish is on the make it two for five menu so you compare with ten piece nuggets quarter pounder with cheese or even another filet of fish I support this this may very limited time offers you store for details. Is they're cold they're making you shiver even indoors call the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up fueled furnace or install a new Linux system heat your home now and pay over time with six month financing. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate at 2657. 831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. Charter sports is brought to you by American family insurance seat agency Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week nights right here I'm KM SS. Nothing mustang. Bottom of the fourth period maggots stadium soccer and join that or not and I want to talk about their coaches showed they gave her. Alan thirteenth green which road broadcasting live on 97. And thirteen thirty in SS. Eight days worked at the Alley in new home that got Butler show every Monday night. My Italy and off the mustang capture. It will be Meyer bearing cons. Sanderson. Here's the bottom of the fourth inning. And Tyler delivers inside one ball in those strikes. Tyler gave up two in the first. Eerily similar to last night. And second and third fairly easy fourth innings when. Willie Schwab he ran into the trouble. And now Tyler's fall behind you know. Balls no strikes Myer where they safety squeeze RBIs first time up there. An out and catches the inside corner two and one. Nobody on nobody out Bob the fourth. Meyer. Freshman all American a year ago. To Lonnie shot on the ground in the second baseman raiders got a double clutches throws at play time and got. One out in the mustang four. Kyle Marron content. How Pauly. Share some similarities. But certainly not the good guys in their history of their university. Dating back to Wichita State's. Football program cal poly. Still has their football program there in the big skies and that's. First pitched merry con started to swing took lawn outside. Wanna know. Back in 1960. Following a loss to Bowling Green. And chartered plane carrying cal poly football team crashed on take off in Toledo. And 22 on board passed away. It's a strike. Including sixteen players. And almost ten years later. Course Wichita State's plane crash. On their way to Utah State left 31 dead zone. They are Brothers in now way. Fly ball to left field easy for to backer and it's two way. And about that time one of their most famous alumnus John match. It was a football player on the team. Whatever reason maybe that's it from that time until today was famously. Afraid to and averse to flying. That's. Where the Madden cruiser. Got its popularity because John Madden just simply did not wanna fly. Strike called in there to. Michael Sanderson the third baseman bases empty and two outs in the bottom of the fourteen nothing cal poly. Cody Tyler. Working at a pretty good group at the moment passed ball above the letters one on one. He runs four hits. For cal poly no runs one hit the shocker. But things committed three errors last night that's really been their Achilles heel they have not been a good defense team so far. Two balls and one strike they survived it last night none of the errors that they committed. He ended up costing him a direct run. Amazingly enough shocker went thirteen innings without an error. Or walk. And Tyler tried inside corner and missed 31. Tyler so far in three and two thirds has not permitted to walk. 31. Powell back and how to play and its preemptive. Anderson flied to right its first time up there that there are bases clearing. Away. Three balls two strikes. Kind of a bases empty. Not to deliver pay off to Sanderson here comes this down and in their first walk of the series. Anderson draw that two out base on balls. And Wally shoppers couldn't catch a break the last night couldn't cash in any opportunities it seemed like everything our program alcoholics. Had. Presented to them they took full advantage it was in the fourth inning. Where they had two outs nobody on in the next four guys reached at three and scored. And before Willie Sharkey knew what hit him for a long. You lies just yet states outside one ball no strikes. Cody Tyler got off to a rocky start. Dan has settled in. He is trying to keep it right where it is with the offense. Struggling the way it has been. Getting behind more than two runs. Will be a really big mountain to climb strike called one and one. Skipped struck out its first time up there. Left hander against left hander. Tyler brings him. And that's catches the needs. One and two. I just skips 6325. What to cypress college for a year like Arizona for years. This is for here in the program cal poly. He is a 240 hitter. Tyler won two. And foul tip barely stayed alive. Croft. Walking off this little bit unaware that outing but the ball ended up out front home plate. Where the grass meets the dirt in the circle. Still wanted to do Elijah skips. Take a look at they scoreboard the next half inning. Pretty much all the gains that shoppers will play. Previously or upcoming -- handed him grounded foul by skips we'll have plenty of finals for your home from around the Missouri Valley Conference. And future and path shocker opponents. It's up to date on it. NCAA tournament finals in winners. Coming up the top of the fifth. One ball and threw strikes delighted skips. Any swings in thousand off of croft again not he's mascot on and two. Her her bra and where you're. Do nothing mustang through the bottom of the fourth. As a runner first person. Michael Sanderson. They're trying to put away skips an import. And instead of throw to first checking on Sanderson whose. Not attempted to steal yet this year. Sanderson won the you seniors on the team. The end well last night pictures later lead. A senior. All right side fielded by ball and he'll take it himself three unassisted and that's that so Wichita State. Avoids two out disaster in the word in the fort. Fourth inning there were unable to avoid out last night and Cody Tyler's kept him in the game we'll go to the fifth still do nothing count car. 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On the stock 9430 cool this is Michael's. Join me weak side today doctor okay. Soccer stuff about the top of the death you're trailing two to nothing. Will be good when croft in the backer. You look foolish doctors. Cleared out there and runs four hits no wires for cal poly hole wanna know for the shoppers. Soccer's last night in thirteen innings had ten hits and for a took a little while to get going last night as well. Good ones swings and misses of the first pitch he sees he went down on three pitches. Whether on second. And one out in the third. Spencer Howard brings in the alarm. And it was a little bit hot. One ball one strike two Sam Goodwin. Goodman into the wind and 11. Allow outside. Scoreboard update is brought to you by being here trooping instruction we residential commercial roofing inspection repair replacement needs call 31620. Cute 2066. For free roofing inspections. That's outside three wanna go to. He also go to they're stripping dot com for more information home team grow. Finals from the Missouri Valley Conference in future. Pat shocker opponents today and good 1000 back to screen experiences. Memphis beat. Missouri State six to far from that series tied one game apiece rubber match tomorrow. Missouri State now fourteen and five on the year. Southern Illinois split two games today they lost to Toledo then beat Illinois. They are not Canon nine. Western Michigan in Evansville split a doubleheader Broncos winning eleven it two aces walked off the second game six to five. Evansville now seven and ten. Three into the counts and good luck. Annie swings and misses in Downey got. At least one strikeout and everything or Spencer how hard. He's gotten greater and Goodwin points. And he has been going fastball that consistently right on by a shocker here. Now there's no outcrop cute girl walked his first time up there. First pitch to him. In the air deep to right center field McKinnell on his horse still on the run he makes the call him before he runs into the right field a bear makes the catch croft. Made a bid to the gap in right center but he is outnumbered two. Took two quick outs in the shocker fifth and and bring up Josh to backer. Lipscomb wanna double header from Illinois State today ten day three we're not there. So red birds are now five and eleven. North Florida don't Bradley nine to five that taken first two games down in Florida Bradley has not played a home game. Shocker softball swept Drake today 5000065. The backer takes a strike. The softball team now fourteen and ten. And go for the sweep tomorrow at 11 AM Wilkens state. The backers swings and misses of the pitch out away from him it's thought to. In the big twelve K state came back beat Iowa five to four they're now fourteen and five. TCU beat Kansas 501 K is now feeding him. TCU won the first two games that theories. But backers slaps one pound it it's not your left side. Oklahoma State the tour is over Northwestern State seven to do. Texas Tech now sixteen and four they beat Texas to one. They'll come in next week in Sacramento state comes in Wednesday in Minnesota via the day five here you. Actually now have made on the year. And back their swings and misses strikes out. And a 123 inning turn again. By Spencer Howard and he is now quietly retired and an hour about halfway through it's still another alcoholic. I want your channels can make all kinds of things disappear do that began making ATM fees. Or gambit and equity bank debit card and make every eight GMT at every ATM vanished go ahead. Agreed to let me. The magic potions inside your equity bank debit card prevents the feet from ever during your account abracadabra. And equity backed up card and perform your own bit of magic on any ATM it wanted top hat not require equity bank memory. Yes. 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Soccer's heard I only have one hit through the first five innings. And they're leaning on Cody Tyler and to keep it kidnapping game that we're. We'll be barely get off the right fielder 89 and one of the order. Or cal poly. I was really good job didn't handcuff them since the first. His first pitch bins in there for a called strike. Wrap up the diggers scoreboard. Weird about them fit them feature shocker opponents still on the docket. Outside one on one. Creighton swept the double header from Utah valley 32 and 65. That Creighton is now three and eleven Utah valley falls to four. And fourteen. Shows what it takes strike. And it's now one and two bear. Oklahoma defeated Kennesaw State today they win that series two games that that will go for the sweep tomorrow. No use now 23. Breaking ball hangar lying in the center field can settle in front of him for him. Mistake by Cody Tyler. Barrick hammered in his center field early off single. Now Scott Pilgrim. The DH flied to center experts now. Let me stop and. Oklahoma. But that 23 record with losses to long beach state. Georgia Tech Wichita State and this. Her first and nobody out in the fifth. Tyler comes down. And throw to first. Shocker not exactly sure over and get a bunt but he is the ninth hole hitter. With that. Jordan Boyer. Creeping in on the grass. Other pick the first. Over and won't give it away weather's bunny or not. Mentioned earlier John Madden perhaps as one of the if not the most famous. Cal poly alone. In baseball to really recognizable man. Poker and is Bunning and take since I don't hit it good job by crop to corral Allen wanted to. There are four retired numbers. Here actually for players and three numbers the number nine. Was worn by two guys and basically they share. Having that number retired John Horton former catcher and money Waltz both wore number nine. And a little bit low. You know as a program showing bunt again. And then you got. My crew go. Former pitcher has his number 21 retired. And the wizard Ozzie Smith wore number three year. All those numbers now below the 385 sign in left center. Over and takes a strike. Waiting for. Cody Tyler deployment strike against because that right government. Good on the counter programs squares around way early and Tyler throws to first almost threw wildly. My crew go played here from 1971. In 1973. Had the lowest era in school history 194. And among the leaders in virtually every pitching category went on to long big league career. Oakland wants back to the mound Tyler's got to watch the throw to second hand in the router bit caught by. Vickers out at second base where risky play. And throat tail riding into the runner. Bickered dug it out of the back of Barrick. And over and reaches on a fielder's choice but Erica on second base. The one on one out for Alex McKenna who's singled twice. Anyway my crew go. Back in 1986 when he was with the giants. 120 games and finished third in the Cy Young vote he can still hear and see him. On radio and TV during San Francisco Giants games crew go very very good big league broadcast. And then. Of course the wizard Ozzie Smith. Maybe no peer at all in the history of baseball at shortstop. And in one ball no strikes. To Alex McKenna she did nothing cal poly where in the bottom of the fifth one on and one out. Croft is gonna go to them out. Ozzie Smith story it actually might steal gonna go to the mountains well. Ozzie Smith story an interesting one who walked on. At cal poly was here from 74 to 78. And went to school on a partial scholarship. And the rest is history Mike Steele is gonna go to the bullpen. And may and had a bit of a sarcastic. Or. Irritating way. Signaled to the bullpen and maybe have a little fun with Keith Jones at third base umpire last night in the thirteenth inning. Been hacked came into the game. To relieve can't understand burn the apparently did not. Caller's gonna take over for. Cody Tyler but anyway last night Chandler's Chandler was. Kind of cruising although he's probably gonna panic gas. He had pitched three and two thirds innings of relief and gave up a two out single to nick Myers. And has historically. Been hacked was told that it. Can't currently owns any base runners in the thirteen. Will go to you mean Dan had. Been was warming up shocker bull pen and after that. Two out single Mike's deal goes to mount starts visiting. With the entire field in CN burned. With his mind not totally made up. And loan won't hold it had come out of the bullpen. And Steele could see all the eyes of the infielders being diverted scene in has walked up behind him. Did not have any words. Steel turnaround we'll have you gone out here because he had made a motion to the bullpen. Will happen this. That since there was traffic is bad it was his time and he came into the game out a signal being made. And once you cross the lines. As relief pitcher. You're got to stay in those days the rules or anyway to explain Mike Steele. And Chandler Stanford had to be then and there was none too pleased about that necessarily. Blaming. It has but he wanted to come out in error but he did have threw one pitch. It was so. So here in the fifth inning today might steal. Hey over exaggerated according. To the shocker bullpen making clear that. This time he really did one make the change though Cody Tyler. Pretty much doomed in the second third and born. But he will exit after for the third. Has one on and one out in the fifth inning. And width McKenna. Beasley. Both being right handed I suppose. Making up my steals mine to go to Keller. So Keller is ready. Adam. In 82 thirds is only given up one run. And after all that he can't get together with no crop they called him up to the map. I learned that going for the third. He permits five hits. Two runs walked. A couple of strikeouts. That runner over vs his responsibility and Keller. Kinda leading there won an old account. Killer's first pitch about to be thrown. And instead over to first. And talk about Ozzie Smith he. Led cal Polly in 1977. To 41 victories. And 2003. Ozzie Smith plaza was dedicated. Just behind us. Lawn outside two balls no strikes to McKenna. And then. In 1997. Ozzie Smith donate a million dollars to cal poly to help construct the athletic complex including baseball stadium. In addition. They constructed seven multi purpose athletic and recreational fields for joint use between the campus in the community. Ozzie Smith certainly gave back to his alma mater cal poly. Keller mrs. blown away that's Reno. McKinnon single that scored in the first single analyst he raced as part of a double play. In the third. Dollar's fall behind him three enough. Oh Brenda the DH over their first base. But it into a fielder's choice. That one's catches the inside corner. Keller so far this year's only walked two and eight and two thirds struck out nine. So a little bit of a surprise that. Cody Tyler replaced here in the fifth inning. Three in one account to McKenna. Get to the outside corner three into. Back on the fifteenth of mid week against northern Colorado Keller inning and a third one here at one run one walk. And three strikeouts. Adam Keller. And a Broken Arrow, Oklahoma my way of West Virginia. And Stewart county. Two to nothing cal poly both of the runs scoring in the first. 32 pitch upcoming Q McKenna. Over and goes it first swing and a miss crossroad town not nearly time and now they're gonna call interference on McKenna. And finally a break for Wichita State though. Now BA strike them out to roll out. Double play as mechanic goes down on strikes. And he was guilty of interference. Two in the fifth so indeed. In a roundabout way. Adam Keller does god strand that runner. 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It helps members of Hutus who fired them and more when I just moved back and smelled you mean as in any case. Shelter insurance where your shield your shelter or renters insurance and taylors again and mull things Kenneth Putin Belle plain old rookie Casey in Wichita. This is Stephen can join this morning right here on cape end as well. Travis don't believe doctor Sean here's. As we go to the top of the sixth inning. Wichita State with just one hit in the first five as a lead off double by Alec home. In the second. Spencer Howard one hit one walk eight strikeouts through five. And he needles the outside corner route throughout his young it's nothing at one. 25 and over. The mustangs. Poll wanna know for the shock yours. Young thought about swinging took a little bit low. One ball one strike. Spencer Howard spinning it can't. But the shocker right there that whistled fouled on the left field side. And young was on time without one but couldn't keep it fair. Young Jonathan Becker here in the sixth. Wing continues to drift out to left but not very much. It's barely move in the flag and right center field. Yes missed outside young. Leaning out over the plate they got an extra long look. That he would have been a reprieve and catalyst live to see another pitch to unfit. Hand swing and a miss to the dirt and young wanna that. Be thrown out by catcher and he is nine strikeouts now for Howard that's at least one in every inning answering continues. Eleven in a row sit down by Spencer Howard a treatment that. Shoppers have had to base runners they both came in the same inning so. Howard is work 123 innings in the first third fourth and fifth. Here's Grayson Jana studies over to third time through the order for the shoppers. Any now one in right center field for a base hit heading over to cut it off as Barrick. Any old Janice 21 out singles there's a shocker here. And that'll bring up trade knickers. Are open record. Vickers is twice grounded out with the short once the third. Trade Vickers closing in on our. Couple of milestones as it word wants one for small ball one for swinging away. First pitch to him is well outside one ball no strikes. Howard working out of the stretch for the first time while. Very Vickers. Now for sacrifice spots away from moving into the top ten in the shocker of all time list pals back 11. But he's also. Only five hits away. From 100. In his career. Nothing cal poly one won the count. To trade Vickers. High snap third on the first diving back to Dennis. So two balls the strike the trade Vickers. Soccer's. Desperately trying to hang in this one. A bit blown inside three in Los. Todd Butler wanted this shocker to get on the board first I want to. Not Spencer Howard out of the game and get to that bullpen so far have been able to do either. Just the two runs and scored in the first. I fly ball fouled out of play shocker just have not been able to deliver. With runners on base certainly in scoring position Ritter. Not in. Alec ball last night in the eighth with a two run home run but once a shocker has gotten either second or third nobody's been able to. Deliver clutch hit. Three into the Vickers runner not going and pitches stroke in right field pretty well hit the Barrick is right there and makes the catch. Phil Vickers and now all for three. And there are two out in the inning. For Luke Renner Ritter's struck out twice. Thank you know the movement here. One denying extra two of the nine strikeouts. By Spencer power. Last night starter. Eric Allman struck out a career high tying can't. In his seven plus innings. Here's a stretch by Howard. Pitch in on the ground left side ranging far to his right to shortstop he's got a he's got no play it'll be an infield single. Bearing content a long way to go to his right. And Ritter reaches on an infield single that'll keep the inning going for Alec bomb. Although one of the few shocker hits. A leadoff double in the second. And he's also. Been a strikeout victim so he represented the go ahead run. He has. Not enough to reach base safely. As I mentioned in the last time they came up there got that on base streak going. It's at fourteen. He takes low one ball no strikes but. He's had a little bit of a power drought is only homered in one game. He hit two and one game against green canyon but has mailed elevated anything to me a lot of ground balls. 10. Catches the outside corner. And it's one want to. Janice sits second. Luke Ritter first. One and one out but all bitch. Q off the end of that the first baseman he he play first gifts. And that's that those doctors. Plan to. And we'll go to the bottom of the sixth score reliance cal poly I do wish you constantly. There. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament against 42 kids all chasing one ball and arrested overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor in hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com United Healthcare. Service is not available for open. Need a place to watch the big game. That places jerseys guerrilla war in Wichita with dirty television is no matter where you sit. Did you have the best seat in the house located off highway K 96 and Webb road jerseys offers daily specials and a dozen Beers contact enemy featuring everything from pizza to prime rib jerseys is proud to be an official sponsor of the Wichita State shoppers and no matter where they shot his way home or away you can watch them in Jersey's grill and our jerseys grill bar off highway K 96 and Webb wrote in Wichita. I Glenn Beck joining begin mourning tonight right here on. Adam Keller. Back out there for the bottom of the sixth. Keller got credit for two thirds of an inning in the fifth communities can do nothing cal poly. He must things got both runs in the first but first you guys to reach an actors' strike out there is a safety squeeze that trigger that has been hit. He came out they help Paula. And Adam Keller. After. Cody Tyler went four and a third and most of the applaud him. Into going. Into the fifth gave up five hits two runs. A Walken can strikeouts. I don't know about that. Bradley easily deleted off here in the bottom of the sixth. Gosh George and nick Meyer after him. Series wraps up tomorrow at 3 o'clock central time Jack Lewis who pitched for Wichita State against a pitcher to be determined. For the most act. Adam Keller pitching from the stretch that nobody on. You'll have to swing foul ball back of the net. Balls and one strike to Beasley won out feelings toward one of the few runs. Keller looking in for the sign. Croft flashing a series warrior not even with a bag at third. 01 breaking ball park few months guy on the back. Part of the infield Vickers is under it makes the catch. The one away floor jockey Jorge. George over to. Attention shocker fan what the biggest and best everyday during a collection of shocker merchandise. It's at the official store Wichita state university for Laura Dickinson thinner WQ campus or if you liking it shop online 24/7. The audio issue books dot com. Keller to George with one out nobody on. In the mustang six. And delivers down and end. Why are there any need for every generation of shocker nation. Join shocker rewards program for 5% back on future purchases. University bookstore place to shop. Wanna know Lee County judge George. Killers pitch to him. In the air for a called strike one and one. Georgia now over seven in this series. Came at a fairly hot hitter even with. Hey hitless effort last night at five trips the last 384 batting average coming into the game today. The ball one strike. And down you're gonna. Fouled it back to the net. Bolted strikes one out nobody on the bottom of the sixth. Cal poly a year ago mentioned twelve and twelve of the big last. 32 and 25 overall. They had 45 freshmen or sophomores on the roster last year. He returned. Eight position players eleven pitchers last year. How down the left field side it's gonna drift over towards the barrier hand how to play. Now holding a one volunteer strikes him. Real thing after the game for the colored people post game show him. We will have our game recap. And star of the team I get a fire play the game. That final look at the out of town scoreboard all that coming up directly after the game money promote people post game show. On and Judy George. Lone inside crop got to give their money through a duke. Nobody on one out. Home half of the six. Soccer's have been quiet offensively. Only two base hit one by the home one by pianist. Actually three of beg your pardon Ritter was an infield single as well. And that's inside from Keller it's preemptive. So for the second straight day. Today. Mustang starting pitchers gonna pitched into the seventh. Oldman last night went. Seven plus. And it's looking like. There's no reason why Spencer how hard won't come out start the seventh inning. Chopping grumbled the second. And the throw to first just gets the hustling. Josh George. It was that kind of money play that high bouncer that the second baseman creator had measured but. Because Alec Baldwin played a whole bunch of birthday. Yeah toward the ball before he slammed on the brakes and retreated need barely beat George back. So it turned out be a much closer plays that should. Here's nick Meyer Meyer a safety squeeze four RBIs. And a ground ball to second. Tune nothing cal poly. Keller into the stretch. Any threat of bodies laying on of bonded through one. Nothing in one. Shocker in the seventh we'll have Boyer good morning croft. I think in London nick Meyer Meyer ended up. Scoring game winner last night the thirteenth. Isn't first extra inning game of the year Wichita State. Tellers no one. When it barely missed outside it looked like he seemingly came back caught the end. And home plate umpire. Bryant black bird. Looks into the shocker guy got have to make an explanation. Soccer coaching staff went nowhere that was. So one ball one strike. Adam Keller. Trying to negotiate the sixth inning there again make up call it's strike called outside on the outside edge to. Nick Meyer who has a catcher. Probably realize what just happened to him Maloney that making feeling better. Moaning a little bit about that call. One ball in two strikes right hander gets right hander Adam Keller. Looking in for the sign. 12. Went out there again with them. Low and outside overthrew one cue balls and two strikes. Heller looking in for the sign. Now he's got the sign he wants. Here comes the 22 pitch. Outside. Preemptive. Rockers with only one walk. In the first game and a half. Tyler walked a man with two outs in the fourth inning. That's been it. Last night seven shocker hours combined. Or no walks in thirteen innings. He struck out eight. And the bullpen went eight and two thirds last night. Hi fly ball in the center field young started back now comes in still coming in and makes a running catch. He retired the side. So Adam Keller sets them up then knocked him down in the sixth inning and not go to the top of the seventh it's still cal poly to New Yorkers nothing. The most dangerous thing in Kansas comes out. It has no regard for human life getting tax at all. Shoes are. Sometimes you. Almost can. Concerns. Drinks the next time we always talk. Your busy meeting deadlines parents' car pools sabres beat it to death round of the thank you completely forgot to our camp is thinking different believes that he can you promise better. It stops you can't be everywhere but we can't. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's gotta dance blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Shocker stork has brought do you buy American family insurance CE agent and G Valentine Ryan woods dusty selves for involving Asian Kirk harbor this is Leo before he tech guy don't forget to join me Saturday and Sunday afternoon just to find KLSX. It played for the shock yours go to the seventh they're only down to south. They're nothing scores been that way since the very first inning. Jordan Boyer related off. And good morning croft. The mountaineers are seven. Your runner Spencer Howard has permitted just three hits and one walk while striking out nine in six innings. He's had at least one strikeout and everything. Boyer has been one of them and it takes a little low and here we go in the stuff. Boyer has struck out pop to short. Spencer Howard. Brings an and it splits the plate one and one although this situation certainly. Not one of lawyers strong suits because he's a clutch two out hater and throughout. Run producer he's been exceptional this year in those situations that went upstairs. To launch lawyer barely played a year ago. But this year is hitting 400. With two outs in an inning. And is driven in fourteen of the seventeen. With two outs swings and misses little party on a fastball didn't do. What Spitzer how hard is that plotting a hop on that fastball he's got a lot of swings and misses. On a fastball. And a fair amount of swings and misses and fastball counts 12021. For the kids suitable lawyer. Started to swing and out and crowded in three and two. No croft do drew a two out walk in the second inning that's been the only base on balls issued. My Howard here tonight. Strike three called on the outside corner. Back to back starters for cal poly have struck out again in this series. So borders been victimized twice. And Jacob Capps he's gonna get good morning. That. That's a line the only pitch that he saw last night in right field for its single. Cats B is two out of seven. Swings and misses the pitch down so. Michelle workers in thirteen innings last night he struck out nineteen times. Second most in program history and they have gone down on strikes hit more times tonight. It is upstairs won one yet for all that they were one swing of the bat away from winning last night. An early down two to nothing tonight they can just find a way to put balls in play. Outside cats speak to unload. Not too many have been immune to the strikeout. Last couple nights. At these swings and misses two and two. Vickers has avoided the strikeout tonight. Along with the young in croft everyone else come on down strikes at least wants. That's B stays alive 1000 back from the screen. Two goals and two strikes. So Spencer Howard's next pitch will be number 100 here comes and it's now back to the screen to Kathy. Appears at least that fastball measured. After swing and a miss earlier in the count. At CNN croft. Wichita State. Trying to hang in this would create some offense somehow and strike three called down goes catch him. Eleven strikeouts. Per hour. Spencer how hard it struck out fifteen and fourteen in the third inning of a man he has the eleven tonight. And here's croft. Croft is walked. And flied to right. Right down around an eagle on one. It's been through Howard it's. Been an cruise control all night he has. 4123. Innings working on its fifth. Graf started swing this held out to them. One on one I guess. One on one account. Here's the 11 pitch to trough sliced right but it. Barracks right there. Shock could have gone down a quarter. Yet again so shocker they're now down to the finals six out thousands of the open and keep the right word and we are going. The bottom of the seventh stretch time here that stadium I don't do nothing. Alcohol is when it sounds like when truck shop and other dealerships of our great war. We have though white one why and a while and this is what it sounds like when truck I shot but it should be dealership Chevy offers ten Silverado special editions more choices than ever before while I'll take the rally due to a racing start warming in the camouflage real tradition. More than collect a midnight addition here's the difference in Georgia beating. And it's rough month so make a strong decision as fun Silverado that's right for you see your hometown soon. Hey we don't come to big bucks I'm looking for new LG LED and a real wood TV stand and I mean. This TDs are back there in the stands at over there understands real wouldn't threaten me here what does that mean well that the plastic look like woods and especially these twins. I'm sure you're gonna have sooners ahead. Hefner TV we not only sell the highest quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest selections of real would entertain furniture in the city after TV we've got our roots in which talk not just our branches. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every week they had to default half. Happening right here on KM SS. I know the bottom of the seventh inning. It is an update cal poly is it that way that's the first inning. McKinnon single Beasley singled. Meyer or this safety squeeze them and Merrick consulate and RBIs triple. Adam Keller and let the previous. One and two thirds inning. He's out there with a seventh based parent comes to start things here in the bottom of the seventh. So it'll be very content Sanderson it skips. Mention that the shocker offense has been quiet the have gone in order. Five times tonight and besides the first inning for cal poly. They haven't. Sent more than three of the play but one time. So they're been some very short innings. On both sides. Eric odds with a big hit the first inning that. RB I triple of the gap in right center field and that. Changeup catches the outside edge from Keller. Cal Polly went down in order in the second. Got a leadoff single and only set the minimum to the plate in the third. Sent or to the plate in the fourth. The minimum went to the back in the fifth and they went down and ordered the sixth. On an end so to this point I think it's fair to say that Tyler and Keller pitched well enough. For the shoppers to be ahead but the offense just hasn't been there. Howard is struck out eleven tonight in seven innings after Coleman struck out ten. And seven last night. 11 swung right through it parent compound of the count one and two. On Maltese strikes nobody on nobody out bottom of the seventh. Keller taking his time between pitches now come set in the one to America on its crowded name. And it's 22. Two runs five hits for cal Polly no runs three hits Wichita State. Keller. Staring in for the sign and now he's gotten together with croft. Could you pitch. Now back. Parent constantly to forty to their permanent. He has ten runs batted around one out to officially denied after that triple the first he's flied to left and came for. How much offense here tonight. As far as that goes not much offense for thirteen innings last night. Breaking ball boy at split the play and that fooled two out of three behind home plate prof. Jumped out of his crouch ready to throw around the horn. And caller's gonna have to throw another pitch. That kind of series for Wichita State that may matter that may not but not many things and on the way of the yellow and black. Swing and ask got him anyway. So maybe poetic justice right there is merit content goes down on strikes Keller. How has two full innings in relief. Okay trailer collided but. And Michael Sanderson. The third baseman though for wanna walk. Shocker in game one against Alex Lange and LSU. Only mustered four hits now that's their season lows so far. Swing and as bystanders. They have three at the moment. And Wichita State twice in that LAQ series took until the ninth inning to score. And so they keep their streak intact of not being shot out. And also is in jeopardy here tonight to nothing cal poly bottom of the seventh. Caller's no wonder Sanderson. It in the air to center field what are your room out there are young roams back makes the catch. Yeah. Cleaners and lucrative. Overall good hated the ball here at ninth here especially tonight. The air is quite a bit heavier than it was last night. There's a cloud low cloud cover around mountains here. And the balls just. Once the sun goes completely down if they didn't go anywhere year's Evian where. Not that that one. Would threaten offense and the other day but especially with it being 405 center field fly balls in the middle of the diamond are gonna go very far. Keller delivers outside. Delighted skips. Skips over to tonight. Nearly one for seven in the series. Adam caller's. Turned in a beauty out of the bullpen. Came with him on a one on and one out in the fifth. And has allowed base runner. Could pitch on the inside corner called strike 11. In the shocker eight. We'll be 89 and one in the order. Gonna need at least two. Caller's 11 pitch here is. It on the ground ruled foul. And it's. One ball and two strikes. Shocker pitching. Is now working on. Nineteen and two thirds innings. Of. Eighteen hits in just one walk. So basically base runner and an. And the shocker is by the way have also played. Girls ball in the first inning in her game and keep their homes found backed by skips. So two of the three facets have shown up here in California one. A little late to the party. Wichita State can have some late inning magic like it did last night. You business they got one in the seventh at two in the eighth last night kinda game at war. Keller one cues Gibson Matt hit it. Came down and hand and it gets kicked in the legs. That's the first days. Underlined by Adam Keller. And now right fielder. Colby Derek. Families of this though not all that far from Santa Barbara about a hundred miles out of here. And want a lot. And NBC baseball fans back in Wichita will. Know and appreciate this at Santa Barbara forresters. We'll have a couple of mustangs on their summer team this year this guy's one of Colby Barrick the right feelings one out too. Santa Barbara winning the national baseball congress World Series last summer. Built in card that. Ball club's manager in attendance tonight there's a strike in there it's nothing in one. Colby Barrick. And Bradley Beasley will be forresters. This summer. Writer first two outs bottom of the seventh. Keller trying to keep the game it shouldn't two to nothing. I wonder there. Hit hard into right field for a base hit bearcats to hits tonight big turn at second but skipped hangs on there. So to not rally. For the mustangs. And now have been nine hole here she's got no room. Over NBA. It is over six in the series. Shocker with one more to give it away and wouldn't Iran might help volley team every few if they get this problem learn. Mike Steele is gonna come out of the shocker first base dugout he's gonna make a move. To the bullpen so Adam Keller will exit. And I remember to wrap up where. He not only on June 3 do whatever I hope it ends up and get I'll get them. No walks and raji strikeouts didn't hit it. And don't mean. Plate mcginnis will come on. Or Wichita State and he has turned out to be. And pretty much all the one of his outings 81 or two batters kinda guy integrated specialist. Last night. Maginnis let one full inning with a a scoreless. Seventh striking out one. On the season. Maginnis has made eight appearances covering this four and two thirds innings. The very rarely I think only want to actually innings eight appearances has it gone one letting him now. You know last night the ledger. But he has not walked a mile in four Q third hour. Profit from reporting. So mcinnis and a program. Here. In nail biting time. Which does state fan to want two out bottom of the seventh. Shocker you know she didn't know. Clayton against a sophomore from amazonian Missouri. I pitched the opening week getting his Utah valley his debut this year was one inning. The next six outings after that. He got either one K and last night. You negotiate that scoreless seventh inning. You'll be asked to get one out here. And he would like for it to be Scott over. Tyler Keller now Maginnis. Shocker pitching hands. Permitted. Five singles and a triple. Cal poly hidden. Doctors have had the three gets doubled my goal. That he singled hi Jonas. And we'll see if Spencer Howard. Gets to go back out for the eighth inning is over a hundred pitches. But he is rarely been threatened tonight. But it's mcginnis and program here in the bottom of the seventh could be a ball game. Right hander gets right hander oak room without batting gloves. Takes a slider low and away. Promptly to both knees. Just be safe when all of those strikes Alex McKinnell leadoff man due up next. Soccer's in the eighth. Have to back her young injustice schedule. Mcinnis to the bell. The plight. Strike on the outside corner at the unhittable pitch down and away. Holdren wise to let it go wouldn't want. Skips at second base. Bear it first bearcats. To this six hits now while. Outfield shaded around toward right against Scott Pilgrim in the final winner India. 11 bounce on the ground Vickers he's gonna go to the short way just in time. Out at second base mcginnis does its job he keeps the game at two to nothing no runs one hit. And human left on base will go to the eight killed mustang coup that shocker nothing. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all Jason one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Service is not available for Oakland. Hi this is just in Baxter Baxter & Associates in our forty years of business Don Baxter and our whole team has seen challenging Financial Times and we're up for that challenge we understand you're depending on your serious money now and in the future so please give us a call at 3166520101. Baxter & Associates time well spent money well invested. Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor Baxter and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated companies. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance C agent John grain bread woody or in valley center agent ten day. Mark living join me. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as bad. Well they. Get Spencer Howard out of the game shocker did. Not much through their own doing he was over a hundred pitches and working on a three hit shut down. He struck out eleven walked one and he'll turn it over to Trent Shelton. Gjelten pitched an inning and two thirds last night struck out three of the five men that he thinks so not much of a bargain. In getting. Power out of the game. And Shelton in doing. Jones appearing for the tenth time. In twelve innings no walks while striking out he has given up six runs. Please go to any area for fifty but he was good against a shocker last night he struck out three of the nineteen. My mustang pitchers last night. And so Wichita State we'll now go to have been hidden remember I had the actor. Will be replaced Mike Dayton dugout. The bat girl for two and social workers. Loosened up right handed hitter did got to face the lefty Shelton. Swings in foul tips on a pitch got away from him its own one. Do gunning to 46. Last night he went one for five. Swings and misses. Do guys. Struggled to make consistent contact this year. When he Evan strikeouts in 65 at bats he takes upstairs wanted to. Last night and find it that struck out twice. He's hardly the only ones but. Strike three called on the outside corner. The last three shocker to go down going down looking. So duke got out of the pinch here. Strikes out looking. And the crowd let him have it. That was Sinatra this young he's over to the striking out. Two nothing cal poly top of the eight. Offense scuffling in the series. Bought up along first it's gonna trickle out. Young. Does that at least once a game. And keep the corner infielders on earth especially the third baseman Sanderson had done try to push it toward first base and when a foot race with gifts that ball. Just trickled across that Sharpton and now ground. Young only one for his last seventeen. That one came last night. Travis is one out of six. He struck out three times last night. Shelton delivers blown away wanted to one. Janice still on deck. He's one out of three. Trent Shelton 64 left hander. When out of the full wind up 11. Swing and in this. One and two. Only nine total hits in the game both runs. Came in the first. Into the dirt. Do unto itself. As of right now that little hiccup by Cody Tyler to start the game. May cost him. Don't institute a young. Popping up the middle of the diamond second baseman. Beasley circles around and finally staggers to make the catch. For the second out. The analogy Aniston. There have only been two innings so far that that your doctors haven't. Gone in order. In the second in the sixth. They had to base runners in those innings that number could have been up and down there. Every other inning first third fourth fifth seventh. And just to trying to spoil that here in the eighth and Shelton bangs on the dirt one ball no strikes. General stay sharp one out single to right field in the six. He's also grounded to first and struck out swinging. And he takes a called strike. One and one. Shelton with the pitch. Little bit low. To want. Dockers now down to the final four rounds. Needing to do time. Popped up by Afghanistan shallow center field everybody chasing because of the shift and the left fielder finally after a long run. George makes the catch. And the shoppers. Go down in order. For the sixth time tonight but the bottom they don't do nothing else. 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Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Jason hey join us for become reality radio week nights at eleven I'm okay. Well again if David shocker bacon in the seventh he'll turn it over it could be Hoyer. Here in the eighth two to nothing cal poly it's been that way since the first. Two runs six hits no errors for the mustangs. Both three you know for the doctors. Cody Sawyer. Appearing for the seventh time this year. In eleven innings. He is wanna know that he aria six point 55. Got roughed up against northern Colorado a little bit two thirds innings. Three run. His last two outings covering wanted to thirteen to give up five earned run snow. Is your name and going in the wrong direction memories last couple of outings. Face the top of the order. Apparently cal poly eight. Alex McKinnon deleted off. The kid beat George made an impact that. Cody Tyler Adam Keller played Maginnis. As. Gotten Wichita State through seven. Again that. Shoppers had turned the ball ten or 26 outs last night in that marathon. Boy here. Nips off the edge for a called strike. They're gonna look for at least eleven outside the bullpen here tonight. McKenna fouls at that gets nothing in two. McKenna has been a hot hitter he stayed so tonight he's two out of three. Keller gunning to strike out two in the fifth as part of a strike him out thrown out. Batter interference double play. Lawyers OT to McKenna. Hard but high of one and two. Hoyer with nobody on and nobody out in the eighth. It's now the wind up big deep breath here's a pitch that shot foul late swing. Well ahead in the count. Cody lawyer not put away McKenna. Right hander against right hander or your deals. That's chopped off the plate going to be tough charging his. Ridder the lawyers the sort of person wild. And say that first. And be a scratch single by in the Canon lawyer. Came charging tried to bear hitter thrown by the past and it won't hurt. Alex you know has a three hit game. There. The leadoff man on there and god. McKenna. Has turned the trick three times now and start of the game with a single. Started the third. With a single. And now the eight these led off with a single. They've done an excellent job statistically speaking of reaching. The lead off innings but shocker of. Only been bitten once that was in the first here's Beasley if he's Bunning. Boy you're gonna check on McCain over her don't necessarily have to sacrifice bunt here because mechanic and run is. Based base stealing threat finalists up. You hanging in the balance now bottom of the eighth shocker down to. To keep it that way Moyer delivers not wanting a slice or ride just going over toward the line makes the catch just in foul ground. And McKenna scrambled back to first. The one on one count for Josh George. Josh George is old for three isn't tough series. Yeah I've got both. Georgia's struck out grounded out twice. So McKenna at first. With one away. Stands looking for some insurance. On a chilly damp evening here in Saint Louis to this well. The first warrior forces from the Kennedy died back. Charters in the ninth glad Vickers Ridder involved do up. First pitch coming days Josh George here comes to the pitch out and nothing doing. So shocker coaching staff directed. Yes right. Cheek to get McKenna that he wouldn't go anywhere. When balls no strikes the count. The Josh Jordan. Lawyer. To the bell. The first base. How big group the students down at third base side all standing in. Their own. Selected area above that cal poly dugout. It's been giving it to the shocker all weekend runner goes pitches all the way back to the screen. And I don't second pick and it's not gonna stop there is gonna make it the third. So McKenna. Steal second goes to third on the same wild pitch no shocker is gonna have to bring me wielding. Employer. Who's got up there and we'll cross coming out of his crouch. No shots the flag. And now the infield comes in with one out and McKenna at third base. Employers. Go for the full windup now time called my croft. He's gonna talk him out. Do you go to George. Doctors. Need a prayer answered here. This stretch by a warrior. To go to George. How bad is one strike. George wit one strikeouts tonight he'd. Did not strike out last night. As I think commits an earlier in the game he's not a big strikeout. Guy on the season anyway. Less than one timing game and he's already struck out once here tonight. Do you want. Lawyers pitch. Steve side. Three and one. A walk is not the worst thing in the world been put some pressure on the shocker infielders turned a double play. With the Meyer up there. Three wanted George. Team's third leading hitter. In fielding on the grass it's doing here in the air to center field this will be good enough. You know the under it makes the catch. And we did nothing mustang. There have not had many opportunities to score by either we'll. Cal poly has taken advantage. And two of their innings. And it looks like a few drugs now three enough. Now this doctors as I mentioned will be resigned as soon as crew last weekend. Scoring Iran to prevent the shut out in both of those situations though the Shia workers were simply looking for cosmetic runs they were way behind. Against. LSU. But tonight there are only down 303. In the ninth is. More than a little something but. At least they've got the target their sites. For your. Needs to get. Nick Meyer. Finish off the eighth inning. So leadoff single stolen base while it and it's not fly. Doctors. Gave the things little bit to help one ball no strikes. Myers over to officially. Credited. With a RBI on me. Safety squeeze bunt. Corners in close. Lawyer who brings an end. And it's a little bit inside you know. That Cody has now been scored upon in. Three straight outings out of the bullpen. Right hander in the line of the if you go. Into the gap in right center field Yung money tour still going he's gonna get there right down. So the inning is over. But cal poly ads in this big insurance run leadoff single. And McKenna. Comes around to score on sacrifice locker room. My last chance the shocker Lugar the top of the kind if cal poly three shocker not a. It's beat the Kansas lottery welcomes you aboard the powerball markers this Royal Caribbean ship is about sets sail. You had to guess we'll spend the next five days worrying about nothing but re apply menace the jets have the triple A lifetime I. That's the private concerts from the underdogs forced to move. Oh come on board were ready to hit a high seas when you are. Your dreams are waiting so download the collection went after an injury your powerball tickets for a chance to join us on the power ball power grooves TTS lottery got comforting to us. We are those hospital rehabilitation. Acxiom healthcare services provides three unique still nursing facilities to get you back on your feet and bacterial life. Family health and rehab it Leslie stuck dirty up every had a derby and read skilled health and rehab and he switched I'll relocation of the safety or they're the equipment and highly skilled in carrying stats they give the patients the best opportunity to function as. The highest level when they return home court back to their family when he needs physical occupational or speech therapy we are here for year. Shocker swords is brought to you by American family insurance seat agency Jared Crawford had shown Chapman Mike Rogers or in his bill agent forest pummel. George story from coast to coast AM join me weeknight right here I'm KM SS. I can't for the shocker because of the night thing. And last night's winning pitcher. Michael Clark will take over. Certain room. Mark birthdays scoreless thirteenth last night. And into the bottom of the inning. Cal poly got to run making him to go on the season. And Clark. Two little ones say at. Fourteen strikeouts and all of the third innings but. He made perfect thirteenth with a strikeout. Last night. So they shot curse staring down the barrel of their lowest output of the year. And the first shot out of the year. Hopefully on the line to try to avoid. Here in the ninth inning. Vickers greater goal he loved. Doctor. Vickers only one of two shocker tonight not to strike out please put the ball in play all three times but he hitless in three trips. Clark. Six feet 170 a right hander delivers a strike. Don't want. Three to nothing cal poly and it. Two in the first one in the eight. Sliced into the gap in right center field on his horse comes the right fielder Barry. And makes the catch it's twice now that Vickers it's like all right let's hear it okay the last couple of times to bear. Barack has run on both now. One big out for cal poly right now Lou greater and greater. Ritter an infield single and a pair of strikeouts. They put a huge shift on Ritter and there's a strike at the needs. Second baseman Beasley is about three steps. Over toward the left field side at second base back on the back of the dirt. And reared checked his swing and went around the slider in the house. Two feet outside. We'll continue to count. And a fastball to showcase outside wanting to. Stretch by Michael Clark. You know when barely missed outside. Good to. Soccer team leads to base runners. Bring time around the place. He tutoring her. Line in the center fielder Juan base hit by Luke and he is now Q out of four. The shocker still breathing as Ridder lined one into center field for him. Certainly. Not how bull bull with. One of the shocker hits. Early that the biggest threat that Schumacher's head. Leadoff double in the second. But he was left right there shocker he would get. To launch with two out in the sixth. And now at home who's up there now. The longer blurred a first. So they'll not a whole moderator first base. And the best ball can do is get to shocker within one that's down low one ball no strike. On the year Michael Clark. Has now given up sixteen singles so. At least to this point. Shocker you're gonna have to play station to station currently has given up an extra base hit all year. And strike called. In the irritable wanna want. One on one now the shocker night. They have now he cooled. That Friday game against LSU with a four hits. Catches the outside corner bombs down in the count 12. One ball two strike one out Ridder. Safely to first in case. Skips and jumps in behind him. Bald tire waiting. And Clark steps off. Now they're both ready. Mark pitch. Outside to into. Yorkers have been tantalizingly close in both of these games let. Cannot come up with a base hit with guys on jocular Bonser honors last night hadn't been that way tonight fewer and further between. And Allen fouled back and hanging breaking ball right side twisting. Out of play. Yonkers with base runners in the second. Six. Now the ninth. That there are opportunities. Have been slant. Good to go out Bill Ritter first one away. Doctors down their final two out. Double play within. And I swing and a miss him. Pulled down on strikes. Thirteen more strikeouts for a mustang pitching tonight. Now the shocker here down their final hope you're more here. Or zero for three in his blog owner popped to short. And now they will play all the way behind rigor with two outs. Skips the first baseman nowhere near. Not a group of fans down the left field line serenading the shocker players. And one out away from the shutout. Streak isn't there. You're really. No balls and one strike. This would be the first shot out. War cal poly pitching. And it's a little outside what I want. Boy or one of the tougher shocker players he'd lose. Spiked pretty good play at second base and LHU series and still. Feeling the effects and it's still ugly above one of his feet spike marks and abrasions with. He admits to be. But he takes it strike finale shocker to one strike away from their first shot out of the year. Little surprise Ritter hadn't. Taken second base either. Be awarded second base without play these captains. Lead over first. And swing and is flying Jordan boy here. Joggers hit shutout. So Clark strikes up to in the inning. I have fourteen strikeouts and again tonight our truckers who hurtful greeted nothing don't you get killed him. It's OK Ellie thirteenth and green which road and widgets on your new home for shocker coaches shows be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today dining only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right eco cars take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the outcome of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations and widgets on one and Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletics. As a child you played follow the leader. Young adults you follow your heart. Goal. You're head on straight and have an awareness of the world around you you're invited to follow us on Twitter instant news and updates twice before. Just get updates it's going to. I know things really get inside scoop. SS radio dot com. Shocker stork has brought do you buy American family insurance CIA agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post story and and over agent west Sawyer this is Michael Savage joy you. We night's debate on gay and. What that's tough pill that shocker offense. Here on the left can't get us back here excited stadium on the campus of cal poly. Feel part of back which does studios dockers. And dropped the first two games of the series with the count falling out things. Five before and thirteenth last night and three to nothing. This war hits. Here tonight ultimately promote people post game show. What he'd like nobody vote your whole service partners branding and promotional products. Call problem he'd go and 316784500. Revisited on line. At the number of war my problem dot com WWW. Done the number of my normal. Dot com. Well cal poly scored early they scored late there wasn't much offense blood much really. Actually the they've passed for either team but this Danks had all the action. In the very first inning Alex McKinnon led off with a single against Cody Tyler and easily singled in the third base. After striking out nick Meyer laid down at safety squeeze groaning want to marry concert shortstop tripled and the other. And executed nothing after one inning and volunteered to purposes that was the only if they did dad and one more in the eighth inning. On a sacrifice fly by Josh Horton Wichita State held through a season tying. Low for hits. That was because they can shut out. Well the first time it's here account volleys take it for two games of this series. Spitzer Howard Trent Shelton and Michael Clark combine it before it shut out. Striking out fourteen shocker this game recap lucky guy. Villa Rica coming it's coming to coming here criminal defense in the UI law firm that's off. Get called Q 641540. Points at Emory if on average me. Criminal defense attorney here you why law firm. Ability coming and we need him to six for 1548. 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Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the current him group that JPY again incentives for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us let our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. That's a child you play follow the leader. Young adults you followed your heart. Goal. You're head on straight and have an awareness of the world around you you're invited to follow us on Twitter instant news and updates twenty. Just get updates it's going to. I'm really is really get inside scoop. Especially. Shocker stork has brought do you buy American family insurance CE agents and G Valentine Ryan woods does these cells foreign mall vein agent Kirk Farber. On the other great Americans join me so. Did shocker explain it 50% off your online. In the Chicago area Papa John's blog on the topic John dot com he's probably a good shot at fifteenth pitcher shot against him. We don't think the final which does state shut out the first time you're out policy for keeping them theories trying to name our society it's like the Kansas lottery. Get your kids lottery Mega Millions ticket today for kids to become a millionaire and kids lottery got a problem most current jackpot now. Kansas lottery dream bigger. Adam Keller is our. Kansas lottery star of the game he went to a third scoreless innings in relief of Cody Tyler. Help the farm kept where was it just do nothing when he Keenan. And did nothing when he handed over to click yes in the seventh Kansas lottery player of the Eamon. No put it to be briefed waiting game tonight only it's presented by. It compliance. All court lucky by bigger trophy need distraction whether kitchens bathrooms basements or outdoor living what your home again go to Or call 316202. Point six he thinks they're looking construction. Your home team grow. In the desert our conference today that could be met I beat the Missouri State six divide even that series one game apiece. Sie split two games they lost to Toledo indicating they beat Illinois eight to five. Illinois State was swept by lipscomb and eight and 31 Indian state beat Oakland nine to five. Dallas Baptist. Beat Grambling seven to six and north Florida beat Bradley 95 softball shocker softball team swept Drake five to nothing at 65. And of course in basketball tomorrow. It'll be Wichita State and Kentucky at 1:40 central time. Or thereabouts. The final totals. Cal poly victorious three runs seven hits no lawyers. And four left on base no runs four hits no lawyers for the shoppers. Five left on base winning pitcher is Spencer Howard he's wanna know lost Cody Tyler Hewlett three Michael Clark it's his second state. No home runs in the ball game it took two hours and thirty minutes to play 1441. Sought. Here at bag stadium in San Luis Obispo. Now falling off 7-Eleven on the season Wichita State falls to 108. Wrap up the series. Tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock central time the pregame. Goes on at 2:30 central time. Right here on in assets so my thanks to Jason Alderman Joseph Hart Rebecca studio chain Dennis saying thanks for listening once again the final score. Cal poly three Wichita State nothing. So long and have a good evening from San Luis Obispo California.