Wichita has lower than expected high temperature

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, September 13th

KSN Meteorologist Leon Smitherman says Irma's remnants moved far enough west to give Wichita cloud cover.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. We want you. News talk bad weather station depend on. 7 o'clock this is the K and us this morning news was even dead I Steve Macintosh. Man from Wichita and woman from when people killed in the crash. In southwest Kansas we've got the story which stalled school board reached the tentative contract agreement with service unions. I'm Dan O'Neill life after Irma in Miami Beach I'm ABC's Jim Ryan the stories coming up on KMS has meteorologist Dan Holliday. The high clouds have moved in overhead yesterday part of the remnants of Paramount are shifting on up to the northeast and we warm up this afternoon are complete forecast on the way. Two people from Wichita area were killed and two other people injured. He did to vehicle crash in foretell the future. Morning a US highway 54. About eight miles northeast of many old up. According to the Kansas Highway Patrol will pick up truck yes a semi struck just semi truck truck head on. Of the driver of the pick up 34 year old Andrew Manning of Wichita. And he's 27 year old passenger of a show and yeah Hollingsworth of Winfield balls died later at a hospital. The semi driver and the passenger suffered nonlife threatening injuries. Future plans for a century due were discussed at a public meeting Tuesday night in downtown Wichita. The gold of the meeting was to create a starting point for future meetings on what to do with the Wichita landmark. Manager of arts and cultural services John DeAngelo tells KS and use city leaders face a challenge no matter what decision is finally made. And what sort of challenges are going to be needed whether it's eight you know tax or some kind of private funding to support. That movement forward. A 300000 dollar study conducted earlier this year included recommendations for a modeling the building and it. An estimated cost of 272 million dollars. Or demolish and rebuild. An estimated cost of 492. Million. Tuesday's meeting was strictly informational public discussion is planned for the next step in the process deputy will likely come before the end of the year. The Wichita board of education and us the Service Employees International Union have reached a tentative agreement on the salary and benefits package. Ford Tony 172018. School year. The agreement also includes uniformed security officer is and security dispatchers. In a joint statement from USG 259 and SE IU the agreement includes a three and three quarter percent salary increase. An increase of one step on the salary schedule. On freezing on Germany pay for years of experience. Movement on the curb latter if employees are eligible and qualified. And no changes to the employee health plan. Union members will vote on the tentative agreement Wednesday September 20 if ratified the board of education will give final approval to the agreement on October 2. Dan O'Neill king and SS news. The damage assessment from hurricane Irma is only beginning in the Florida Keys and other parts of the sunshine state the cleanup is well under way. As electricity is restored to Miami Beach and narcotics South Beach. Businesses one by one or cleaning up the fallen palm fronds and display stand. And preparing to reopen. They have a clientele hungry for food and for a change of scenery. Many of the apartment dwellers around Miami Beach have been without power for days. Are simply ready for a hot meal at a chance to get out of their homes. That's ABC's Jim Bryant. President trump may continue publishing Democrats to get his agenda through congress this fall. He's inviting them to another bipartisan meeting at the White House today ABC sandy field reports from Washington. A democratic member of the house problem solvers caucuses the president invited him to the two party meeting at the White House New Jersey Democrat Josh got timer says the president wants both parties to buy into health care tax reform building roads and bridges president trump tells me also plans to talk about passing laws that would protect dreamer immigrant children mr. trump telling Democrats he won't work we both parties in order to get things done. Kansas governor Sam Brownback tells K Eunice is used he's looking forward to his new job. Ambassador at large at four international religious freedom. How many people persecuted around the world for. Gently want to practiced or state benefit and a lot of times in a job like this you can give a person in shock and jail all in a foreign country and many administration keep them alive. The senate must still approve brown backs nomination governor commented on Stevenson in the morning right here on K and assess. 705 now 5 minutes and 7 o'clock we Stephen Ted. Beat Kansas City Royals in action yesterday afternoon. And we'll talk about that also the upcoming American Association championship series. Can't talk about down sports affect bird. Is flogging London's sewers what's a fast burden of act story just ahead on McCain is as boring news was even dead. This is okay and is this morning news is Stephen Ted down 7099 minutes past 7 o'clock. Not much change in gas prices is actually good news for kansans this week Jennifer haunt Israel AAA Kansas. We're seeing some more stability had stayed in the crisis may be going down a few cents here and there even McCain that the average is down force sense and we are the numbers six states with the most Casper. Kansas averages two dollars and 45 cents a gallon in Wichita this morning prices averaging 237. A gallon. And agitated man in La Puente, California near LA. Had been jumping from house to house the man was on top of groups for hours refusing comments from. Deputies in crisis negotiators to come down. That's been 83 year old homeowner Wilford Burgess. Borrowed his neighbors ladder climbed onto his roof and tossed a man or to the ground. So I need your long a lot of I'm gonna put a roof 'cause that's that's coming off well I used some choice words that come off. Suspect is OK he's in a hospital for a mental evaluation. A fact bird get. Is clogging London's sewers yes a fact Byrd guess. British engineers say they are at war against something clogging London's sewers slowdown in the most horrifying moment remembers ever conceived heads up that bird it's indescribable knowledge 250 yards long weighs as much as eleven double Decker buses made a concealed weapon wipes diapers fat and oil in this truck. Hopefully not Thames water officials are expected to take three weeks to dissolve using high powered jet poses. Before sucking it out and tankers for disposal the recycling site. Chuck Siebert said ABC news at Davis suffused I'm now 7-Eleven that truly is disgusting. A fat bird in the super. The island that sounds pretty gross iceberg release that a fact and yet the and a moon. Well out of traffic this morning. No fat no effort to get some problems in north Wichita right now on which our roadways. Looks like we got a traffic accident two vehicles involved in this one. Southbound I won 35 to 29 street north and that's two vehicle extent they're got a call about that went from traffic tracker Steve. And then a few minutes later Steve coldest MacKey saw another traffic at south. This one slowing things down eastbound K 96 the bridge there Ike to 35. So some problems up around the north junction area. Also the 18969035. Junction expect some slowdowns traffic update from K and SS radio on Jad chambers. And now the case and as this storm tracker three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist. Leon so president good morning really done. Airport indicted today there I'm not in a very good mode with you turn the temperature is busting up to almost eighty degrees. Oh no we have not crop forecast that day. It's going to be that that just read that now I don't. Yesterday we had. I I had 88 for the forecast yesterday we had 83 Irma is to blame. Now first. Yet what I'm looking noticed that it'll bicker or urban for a little bit further whether or not. All the government council 83 yesterday's sell out Herman's gonna we're back in ninth summer returns at. All right ended tomorrow what the wind and pick up a little bit right. It'll be a little bit of a southerly breeze we've got to go do you think you're cranky to date more which is going to be they'll be on hand in ninety report that report yet. To lock in Oakland picked up a little bit but he didn't he just never gets too bad so even the lower ninth. All the time. You just humidity in early rust that it does make it different is not that field at bat a little to eat that will have LaMont went returning by the. I was teasing I'm not really that cranky about the weather. In joining a lot. You don't see cranky you reduce boost it up to about a hundred now on to be old cranky and met you I think right you know whether he. I'm a reporter for the speed and you know we usually get this straight here it is in September that. What the late this summer has been on opener and it they're kind of gone so you know and it normally would be in the mid eighties and it app you can all of. Gap or are looking pretty good all right thank user that McCain is as storm tracker three forecast. With Kansas today meteorologist Leon Smith moment. Now partly cloudy coal and 55 degrees yesterday's high eighty threes he said normal like 84 for the date so not too bad now. This morning big big news items which does century to now a public meeting last evening. And the consultant's report on possible plants and city manager Robert Leighton made his own proposal which stock eagle reporting that Lleyton. Favors renovating the facility adding a 150000 square feet of convention space. And possibly adding some retail space. Layton also recommends that contract for private management leasing that facility to a third party long term. And forming a partnership with Cedric county for joint management of century too and interest banker reading in addition. Lleyton recommends forming a citizen committee to study possible work on century took so again. None of this we should say is that is a done deal century to. There's a lot more discussion that it can happen and you can be involved and SP listing for your opportunity we have more public meetings and discussions here in in the few days and weeks and as we try to figure out what exactly to do with. And but the thing that is really the center of our skyline. In downtown Wichita has some problems with acoustics and so forth I think they can probably be solved Turk and you know we. But it content conventions and act like the idea of putting it. Some sort of retail space around it maybe that would trash and up some people might think that I don't know we're gonna but this thing. And we'll see what happens next. As we move forward to. Tragic story about Virginia out of Virginia where man has been arrested. After looked after a two year old shot a four year old inside a car. News outlets reporting 26 year old Isaiah Marshall Davis and another adult allegedly left three children. Between ages of two and four at a truck stop in Opel Virginia. Police say the two year old boy found a gun shot the girl Friday night. And someone reported a man carrying a girl with blood on her clothes that night and this ugly story now. We share the story because they're disturbing I understand we share them because if you kind of illustrates. How irresponsible people can beat ya with children I mean holy mackerel c'mon guys. The proposal toddlers in a car with a gun right. A formula for disaster be careful be careful. Cleveland police are investigating a reported break in effort couples said someone entered their whole install their fifteen pound eight. Named spam. Spam a spam in the pit jewelry TVs and the camera. The owners say they suspected thief is planning to sell the miniature pig which they say could be valued at as much as 1000 dollars. Eight there's money in port. Calorie count posted about the missing pig on FaceBook. Says she hopes her public plea he will lead the thief to return spam. Cleveland police say detective will be assigned to the case they are taking spam sort of that's. And again it does seriously the theft of spam that to space there. The way it's worth it that way under 500 dollars you have something in a great coming up. Friday. Here in the Wichita area and it is. It's called. Kansas City Chiefs red Friday. The right back red Friday last year 25000 dollars was raised to support Boys and Girls Club members is very easy. To help out. On chief kingdom's red Friday because chief kingdom a kingdom Brent Friday flags will be sold for five dollars Friday this Friday. At area quick shops there ego yeah. Easy east the easier duke. Andy could put them around a finder a fight yeah yeah right show your support for our. Kansas City Chiefs by the way who are now. Radio home for the chief right here at 98713. Thirty K units as and it. Here's your chance to help out that would boys and girls clubs. Red Friday. Is this Friday and you'd buy these chief flags. And very quick shop store for five dollars and support boys and girls strip clubs would be better than that yeah 718 now with Steve and Ted here on. Knee Wednesday morning indigent chambers on the sport's best of sporting. And yet we've got while we got the wing that's going into the the playoffs tonight at that we do now the American Association championship series starts tonight starts right here in which top. At Lawrence Dumont stadium. Course last year the which don't win nets lost in the championship series to the Winnipeg gold eyes. Well they get a chance at the gold eyes for the championship again this year. The gold guys have it's their tenth appearance in league championship series at franchise history. The wing nuts are back in for the fifth time in six seasons. When nets and gold eyes for the championship that. Best of five series starts tonight at Lawrence Dumont first pitch at 705. Speaking of Kansas City Chiefs just a little bit ago with red Friday. Their season opening 42 to 27 win on the road against the defending champion New England Patriots has been getting attention. The latest power rankings up from number seven a week ago. This is the nfl.com. Power rankings just kind of for funding the NFL does there and attitudes are now number two. Her up from number seven espn.com. Has a similar ranking system they have the chiefs at number three. And that's up from number eight last week so. Those numbers even though they don't really mean anything specifically there and indicated people are taking notice of a very impressive win. The chiefs quarterback Alex Smith spoke on the chiefs kingdom show and you heard that lasts last night right here on K and as asked. Smith said Thursday was a great win but they had to get ready for Philadelphia. It's such a game of emotion. Pope all right that's why we love it but replaced by the watching. Yet you have your emotions and opening days are always huge and there it is right now and it went in numbers awesome. And and and Thursday it was his Biggs gets for openers. Yes since I gotta get that down to earth. And you've actually got cheated details the minutia of it in right have a sense of urgency so going to be he's got a good religion. But it's going to be opening its gonna be opening day at arrowhead so I can't wait I mean. Jason the Eagles Sunday pregame start right here on K in SS. 11 o'clock. And at an afternoon game yesterday for the Kansas City Royals against the Chicago White Sox the royals got the offense going early. They loaded the bases for Brandon Moss in the first inning. Murder or yesterday over on K if H 12:40 AM 975 FM Denny Matthews with the call. And she is loaded one away in the church. It's. Well. Early batting. Kind of sounded like in no doubt heard Susan let the bad it was just obvious that night on. But but but that was a good thing it was a Grand Slam that was the last those were the last runs this the royals man that was sort of the data that was it for the day but it was enough. Well again Casey beat the White Sox four to three. Royals and White Sox again this afternoon at Kauffman Stadium royals on the radio over on KFH. Pregame start. At 1230. And Steve a pair of shocker golfers doing well this week. A shocker meant finished tied for seventh after rain halted the third and final round at B Joseph begins at Marshall invitational in. Huntington, West Virginia. Finishing in second place shocker and Goodman native great earache. And in women's golf. And it's here importers and earned her sixteenth career top ten finish to get second place at the MSU Payne Stewart memorial in Springfield. The shocker finished in fourth place at the two day event there chalker golfers doing well yeah well after the so it always good to hear that you bet. And that is sports on Stephen tonight 71 he chewed out given your Rush Limbaugh morning update Kmart is making an inclusive policy decision or. Bobby positivity. That's coming up statement at the bowling on Kerry and assess.