Textron hits another milestone

Steve & Ted
Thursday, October 12th

They have delivered the 100th version of their latest midsize business jet.


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I mean I love you and I begged me that's the everyday and I love you guys. One of the most intelligent middle Tom Brady yards short of the deal. You know 97 to thirteen thirty K and as three yard Steven 10 in the morning at 8:46 here on Thursday morning it. Three big things pretty Boy Scouts allow girls in cub scouts seeing emaciated to pit bull left in the north Wichita tally line rose hill woman and silver alert still listening. Three big things David dead on K in a sense. Many retailers here in which is on the gasoline prices diligent when he finally gallon. 222 draft record Jason's body that Kellogg and Tyler. And it underneath their west and telepresence and the windy spotted teams and there traffic updates from kids and as as radio I'm Janet king for us. Another nice forecast today Sony today with a high of eighty degrees a little bit more breeze than yesterday. When the high was 67. While. Mostly clear tonight the overnight low 61 Friday setting tomorrow's high 84. Now partly cloudy in southeast wind fourteen miles per hour 52 degrees that day in tennis this. 848 Steven kid in the morning and Alabama fight. Department is fighting a different kind of battle after two firefighters were bitten by poisonous spiders. Captain frank McKenzie of Huntsville fire and rescue. Since two firefighters working at the department station seventeen. Have been bitten by brown recluse spiders. Said the agency has moved fire crews are equipment and personal items to another station and the station was sprayed it. Or protests. The brown recluse and that's the one minute bite of the league the big hole in your. Your body. He get bit by one of those you better that's a very very very very end things pretty. Series. Wiley and that's what people always run into like when they're doing spring cleaning news. They you know I mean during our old closets are things better watch out of the brown recluse and sit in the narrow winner it's as you know like spider but does his record setting their. The direct for now he doesn't want to be disturbing nasty things they're human. All the votes are in and America has chosen lady's latest and had to chip labor is Krispy taco. Ellen said Arum of us San Antonio Texas. Came up with a winning flavor. Tacoma million dollars for her submission and ladies' US labor contest. Serves as she was inspired because talk those were the first thing she whipped up for her now. Beyoncé. A mile did not go over well as she missed crucial ingredients like cheese and it's also. But he came up to this flavor and see right there I guess that delays will come out with a with a crispy taco chip. Look for that your your favorite grocery. I did you know the head and I haven't had any of those weird flavored lays a pop the worth of wine -- really stood the our agreement giant news on talk about the weird players like will it. Like. Wants a one man article and they have the sausage gravy and biscuit ol' yeah I want and I just saw that in store. Like he is. Well as with most things on his one like cheesy Italian Darlene. And there's one it's like. Barbecue yep pull pulled pork Barbeque sandwich the tentative. Now it is in most things and the purest. The yellow bag with has traditionally been dated right now but they can't just do that they have to have these wacky. Now and my wife and I just haven't had any yet but I thought. Blew my mind my wife Maria she gets really wanna was a chicken and waffles op chicken and potato chips and I've got it Lincoln you know. It's like a 5% chance this is going to blow my mind to be the best thing ever had and it. Well. It was the 95% chance acts sucked lightly I don't wanna Biden potato chip and taste maples seer. Does not does not know. Yeah I like this is get to the potato flavor. And salt and on the I think I'm with you on that pretty simple about that now my wife well what should pick up these ripple strips down and I think that's just you are out a little too far out and the only ruffles at. I wrote crazy for bay. But I want to get crazy opened up by freed today. You like Frito I do that corn chips that. How did we get RT it is the publicity of a corn chip one of the things that it is very convenient for me and I don't mean this to be a commercial and anyway but. I like to go to the grocery store and it in brighter in the same parking lot I can get my gasoline. Know for a well known company here won't play well. Supermarket operator Kroger says it is considering selling its gas station convenience stores. Such is quick shop in another blow council opened jug Turkey hill minute markets. Careers as a business which has more than 780 stores and 111000 employees would be more viable outside the company. What does that mean what does that code for sale would leap over was about 2800 supermarkets. Maybe they need some cash I don't know they shouldn't. It comes to villains on keep in those people in business just about time to go past one of those little gas station there's about eighteen cars that it yeah 24 hours today. People out there use of their plus cards at a discount. So we'll keep an island what's going on with current court that impacts. Dylan's which motor boats right. 852 now Stephen Ted local executive has a new role. At Coke industries. Editor bill Roy that would stop business journal good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted yet chase Coke has a new job Coke industries has created a new division called Coke disruptive technologies. Chase Coke will lead that division. The division begins operation November 1 it will focus on creating and investing in new technologies. They say it will also create new business platforms for the company. Coke currently serves as executive vice president the Coke Akron comic services. Textron aviation system latitude is it a milestone the company says it's delivered a 100 version of the new midsize business jet. The aircraft entered service just two years ago number one hundreds being delivered in Wichita this week to net jets that company is a big customer Textron. They have an order for up to 200 latitudes. And cities across the United States been competing for Amazon distribution and fulfillment centers they want the jobs those facilities provide. But after six months of in depth reporting by the business journals we found that Amazon doesn't always live up to its promises. They've received more than one point two billion dollars in taxpayer subsidies and incentives. More details available in the stories on the business journal web site. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and what you top business kernel dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. A job description thank you bill that dubs of disruptive technologies. That ought that it would that pretty. Technologies that disruptive is computer that doesn't work now for I don't know. Well. Like an interesting job. Probably isn't an interesting job description going along with the there at oak industries that's above my pager and a we're disruptive but we don't do now exactly. Which I. I disrupted the work I like to do it face to face it you know. No lights in my boss walking on all Jackie wise and I'll say something. Weird to her justice she would kind of goofy reaction chill and I'm the complete opposite. Not unlike in some pull over over in the corner and throw on the big fire at a federal big firecracker but now not one not wanting anyone to nova got the technology no I'm not disruptive. And I tried to. You know I work with what we have hitters such as it is and it fed may work and I've very seldom. Truly and disruptive except you said. Sometimes I will say something bad do one of our employees behind their back and they have no knowledge that's that disrupted them right that's called gossip. Now yes. All right whatever say fifty poured out Stephen Jessie new operating meeting. The word disrupted comes. That the watches this coming up KS this view is that night evacuation is growing in California fires. Steve is dead on gay and assess.