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Steve & Ted
Monday, March 20th

Ted previews the new season of "Dancing With the Stars" on The Blur


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. Point until the morning Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward. Wichita police investigating two fatal shootings over the weekend police say an officer shot and killed a 25 year old man after that man shot and. The police dog and a big gun at officers. It happened Saturday night at a mobile home park on MacArthur road last night police found a seventeen year old male shooting victim. In north Wichita Alley. He died later at a hospital police have no suspects. No names have been released in either case. Now what's the forecast with K innocent stampede urologist and holidays your point and. Good morning spraying has officially arrived here in south central Kansas and more warm weather is expected today before cool front slides through this afternoon should be in the upper seventies that noontime 84 later on this afternoon and the wind becomes northeasterly overnight Tarlow 54 he will be windy cooler tomorrow with a high 63. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. I can then no mostly sunny and 54 degrees. Kansas lawmakers agreed unanimously on a bill giving a sales tax break to people rebuilding fences. On agricultural land after wildfires burned more than a thousand square miles of the state. Became the house voted to agree with the fitted amendments Friday they clarified the tax break goes to rebuilding thinks is not Snooki struck change. The bill goes to governor Sam Brownback. The bill gives a sales tax exemption on supply bought to rebuild or repair anything after the wild fire. Lawmakers passed a similar proposal after wildfires into county last year. Brownback declared a state of emergency march fit inside an executive order forty later to help bring relief supplies. On a Perry KN SS news. And you fired compact between Kansas and Oklahoma is making wildfires. Across the state line easier to fight. Kansas house majority leader Republican Don Heineman X. Last year when we had the fires in southern Kansas there was a problem with Oklahoma fire crews coming across the state border to help out and we passed a fire compact. Act that well he's there and load make it easier for them to come across the state line without liability issues. The Kansas and has not passed that measure yet. Kansas might charge its own legal path on abortion the State Supreme Court heard arguments this past week and a legal challenge to a 2050 law that bans a common second trimester procedure. The key issue is whether the Kansas constitution protects abortion rights independently of the US constitution. If the court says the state constitution does Kansas courts could strike down abortion restrictions that federal courts have or would uphold. The only certainty and such a case appears to be that Kansas courts would deal with additional legal disputes on abortion it's not clear when the court will rule. Rodney price Kahan SS news in a substantial news time 834. I'm BI director James coming due on Capitol Hill shortly for testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee is expected to publicly refute president trump claims that. President Obama had him wire tapped the hearing itself focusing on Russian interference in the election. President from tweeting that they Russians story was made up and pushed by the Democrats this morning as an excuse. For a bad campaign. Supreme Court nominee Neil gore it will be before the Senate Judiciary Committee today he is expected to be confirmed but maybe she Terry Moran says. They're all the opposition could ever. Grads will press him on flash point issues including president trusts own a tax on the judiciary. Judge court troops will be pressured by Democrats in public to renounce president Trump's attacks on the independent judiciary improve. That he judge course that can be an independent justice on the Supreme Court jury. Selection beginning today in the trial Penn State's former president on charges he put children at risk. By mishandling Jerry sandusky is abuse complaint Jerry Preston ABC news. How did in the morning on Kate in a sense time for entertainment news aboard was dead but bird this morning. But an update on the health of the big it's big music stuff then. Now sad note to begin with we talk about Glen Campbell. Whose wife says alzheimer's disease has robbed the eighty year old singer's ability to play guitar. He says that her husband occasionally breaks into solo air guitar routines which he says is kind of fun. When Campbell was diagnosed with a brain ravaging diseases six years ago went on a world tour after word of course Wichita was one of those stops he played at the orpheum. Known for so when he hits the rhinestone cowboy Wichita lineman southern nights. He was moved to a long term care facility three years ago. His wife says he's still saying still the words are gibberish and it's not a melody you recognize and she says he does still have a happy song in his heart. That brings her comfort. Sad to hear that blend handle it. Who is ravaged by alzheimer's disease. And he continues to fight that. Com in other entertainment news tonight begins this season 24 of Dancing With The Stars on ABC. And accorsi got the big cast varied cast gymnast Simone vials. Pro bull rider and of course you also got char oh are you a chance she says Charles is on the show. This out. Think god ED beyond. Any who have and it ended that they are not happy but that doesn't have the money to run Glavine back. That's what I do may leave lead they've got activity where you sit on your apology is due back at this out and then that then dumped it at. Well I'm Betty. What else. If she's elected in this country about 47 years and they least you think the accident might. As part of her day off so that's a little nuts part of that's part of her schtick yes. Yeah idea's that it R&B if she talked what you and me being woodlands are still relevant bit of one Charleston monthly security. Another one of the cast members Olympian Nancy Kerrigan. I'm excited that they're definitely pressures skaters have won in the past and Jim is it one and that's now what I think is percent skater and Janice so. This would be interesting and other athletes to move not a B coast as well but. I think that's fun I mean I am excited to learn something new and hopefully be here again. Also among the cast this year on Dancing With The Stars you've got mr. teeth with a clear to these males and the that this is the exit. Because this it's. Well not about comfort zone you know until the end of the bill that it is but I'm a trial with the lobbyists you know this is. Guilty is succeed. Mr. T Charl years this and nine. They got that Mott dancing with the so he ought to know I'm guys out dancing with this time. I'm guessing yes that would be Mr. T V didn't write. Dancing With The Stars. Ticking off it's a 24 season tonight on ABC is red buttons going to be on the late red button is I would guess will not late night hearing on dancing with the stars and he did it BA in bigs are very interesting. Be got a development. Over the years a Sesame Street has tried to make everyone feel accepted and now there's a new example of this. I'm mill mob that was blazing red hair and bright green eyes will represent the full range of children on an autism spectrum. Yeah but character Julia lawmakers Sesame Street television debut in April on HBO and PBS developing Julio and all the other components of restoring law and required years of consultation. With organizations experts and families within the autism community. Date Schreiber ABC news New York. Well he goes on a streak of concern an amendment to answer apparently got a couple of birthdays today. How about dame zero lead in is 100. Years old today. Famous British singer. The president during World War II white cliffs of Dover and of course it's her version of will meet again. Of that they're raised at the end of doctors are Israel Gaza Strip Hagan is right now at a missile. Down out of that airplane will lead again sung by no marital home land virulent and she is 100 years old today and Great Britain. I'm so happy birthday and her. Happy birthday here in the states two funny man Carl Reiner who all right 985. Today. Really Carl Reiner. Nine time Emmy winner. The first of which goes back to his appearances on caesar's hour with Sid Caesar are back in the 1950s. Or season one of my favorite movies to mad mad mad mad world he's one of the few surviving members of that movie. He was I loved him in the Russians are coming to the Russians are coming very day president as soon as it daddy's taking his family and a little weekend vacation and the right or the rush and showing up a submarine. Carl Reiner who spends all blue we just back. Now was he where he and Mel Brooks could they do the they do the old all the to tell the world man via. That is where where you see this great man Mel Brooks would be via 2000 year old man is on the merry there than not the Dick van dykes and dyke show of course he was in the jerk. Yeah yeah I loved him in the Steve Martin movie dead men don't Wear plaid in which he played field masa Mon August. Terrific happy birthday Carl Reiner is 95. Today and it was a big weekend at the movies and we sick but Chuck Berry. She is who are going to bring this. Beauty and the Beast certainly casts a spell at the box office the live action update of the Disney animated classic exceeded expectations have posted a record setting estimated 170 million dollar opening. That's the biggest march opening ever in the seventh largest domestic opening of all time. Disney's the parent company of ABC news it was a great box office weekend period over 249. Million dollars in ticket sales for help from Logan get out. Com Skull Island. Later the accolades keep coming from legendary rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry far too many to list here Bruce Springsteen told him quote rock's greatest practitioner guitarist in the greatest pure rock and roll right whoever lived Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards whose love hate relationship clearly was well known tweeted quote one of my big lights has gone out Barack Obama Ringo Starr Brian Wilson and many others pay tribute as well Barry died Saturday at H ninety I'm Christopher Watson. Idea of hanging out yesterday. Soccer game which Jack Oliver anyways right as a Jackie Kennedy took very stories farm injury you know he cherry came through says you know when chuck. It was a tour and he would. You would get even do a gig in any town and get paid anywhere from 25000 dollars to 75000 dollars whatever the as you always insisted the fee would be paid in cash. Being a suitcase. This is before so it would do is dig David give him the cash in the suitcase. Come out on stage we put the suitcase right in front of the drummer. And I did he do the whole show all right there Suzy does saying his final note Clinton picked up the suitcase unlocked. Preacher and a suitcase bullet stats I thought very. Allied me unpaid days as that's that's how I wanted to be fail and that's that was that was the digger is there are ego is our rest in peace chuck Berry's vastly the age of 95 rock and roll lives in the hey. Open Monday through Saturday they're beginning a new week of serving up tasty pizza or write down their pizza Johns in their debut sponsors the blur every day nets right there on page fifteen it 208 south Baltimore get on now I was there last week for tasting pizza. You need to go to Johns in derby me 43 now Stevens in the. Morning on CNN assess. And coming up. We have improvements coming for a local markets editor bill Roy that would stop business journal on the way it was Stephen death on K and assess.