Steve and Ted: Steve remembers his pet duck

Steve & Ted
Monday, March 20th

"Biddy" the duck followed young Steve and his family around like a family pet.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk and weather station depend on. Point 630 Steven Pitt in the morning he's back in time Ted Woodward. Which the police investigating two fatal shootings over the weekend police say an officer shot and killed 25 year old man. After the man shot and killed a police dog in the NC begun at the officers. And happened Saturday night to the mobile home park on. MacArthur road last night police found a seventeen year old male shooting victim in a north Wichita Alley. He died later at a hospital police have no suspects there are no names have been released in either case. Now look at the forecast with king and his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday in born and. With a few clouds this morning we expect sunshine and more warm weather again today maybe not quite as warm as what we were on Sunday still getting to 84 for the high this afternoon. A cold front moves through later today we become partly cloudy overnight Harlow 54. Windy tomorrow with a high 63. And it finally looks like we have at least a few chances of rain throughout the rest of this week. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holiday thanks in L mostly clear skies 62 degrees southeast wind three miles per hour. Kansas lawmakers agreed unanimously on a bill giving sales tax break to people rebuilding fences on agricultural land. After wildfires burned more than a thousand square miles of the state. The Kansas house voted to agree with the city it's amendment Friday they clarified the tax break goes to rebuilding thinks is knots new construction and the bill goes to governor Sam Brownback. The bill gives the sales tax exemption on the plight bought to rebuild or repair anything after the wild fire. Lawmakers passed a similar proposal after wildfires into county last year. Brad back declared a state of emergency march fit inside an executive order forty later to help bring relief supplies. On a contrary KN SS news. A new fire compact between Kansas and Oklahoma is making wild fighters across the state line easier to fight. Kansas house majority leader a Republican Don Heineman X. Last year when we had the fires in southern Kansas there was a problem with Oklahoma fire crews coming across the state border to help out and we passed a fire compact. Act that will ease their load make it easier for them to come across the state line without liability issues. The Kansas and has not passed the measure yet Kansas might chart its own legal path on abortion. The State Supreme Court heard arguments this past week and a legal challenge to the 2050 law that bans a common second trimester procedure. The key issue is whether the Kansas constitution protects abortion rights independently of the US constitution. If the court says the state constitution does Kansas courts could strike down abortion restrictions that federal courts have or would a poll. The only certainty and such a case appears to be that Kansas courts would deal with additional legal disputes on abortion it's not clear when the court will rule. Ronnie Price Kahan SS news. JC Penney retail stores have announced at five stores in Kansas will be shut down. There 138 total stores closing nationwide over the next several months stores are closing it should Newt's great bend Hutchinson. Lawrence and Winfield company says it will initiate a voluntary early retirement program for about 6000 eligible employees. In SS national news time 633. BI director James Connolly on Capitol Hill for hearings on alleged Russian meddling in the 20s16 election he is expected to say publicly that the Obama ordered. That situation is now under control. But we also encountered parking power. Addressing issues they. They search team did enter the structure. No other thing. The Purdue boilermakers squad that boasts an ace this trophy but. West of Boulder, Colorado had been contained. Hundreds of people are still out of their homes cherry Preston ABC news. Good morning you can get the morning six there. 34 down 97 and thirteen thirty CNN day. Does it feel like spring and it Beckett felt like summer yesterday. Spring arrived at 529. When which start time so we are officially. In spring time. Yesterday we got home from church my wife had been to cover off the air conditioning unit ticker today we never did turn it on. But it got a little does he did it and I did turn my teacher on the last night and it was just very stuffy in Moscow not count idle idle even on very long just five to ten minutes but. I mean it was hot and we had that little ceiling fan on. It's now I'd turn on the ceiling and the burden on long no long time. Waiter was fired from a Southern California restaurant. After asking customers to prove they had legal residency before it's Irving and the Los Angeles Times reports 23 year old Brendan Carey so. Says she and a friend got the question at saint Marc in Huntington Beach guerrillas says the waiter later asked her sister and another friend to see. Their proof of residency. Says the women complained the manager and left. One later posted an account of the incident on line the restaurants and and an on line post at the waiter was fired. They didn't mess around. Can't beard and senior director of operations at saint mark. Says array struggled donate 10% of the weekend sales to a nonprofit chosen by the women so it's a nice gesture. SS over to put up that they. We have more more stories about this people who are in public you know serving the public and making their feelings political feelings or whatever known. And by its findings might not be employed yet again the EU paid the price there's certain things you do it we know the tune into workplace are things you can do that you can't do and just. Now learn so early we just you know we're a little youngsters teenagers to unite. Started working careers and we are there were certain things we couldn't have. Wilshire then there are rules and you have to going to be employed that's that's partly working life. Anyway that's what happened at in California where somebody got a little bit too pushy on their feelings about politics and yes. A girl in Maine has gone to sleep overs and trick or treating with her pet Dak. Now they're going and national TV program together tightly brown that are pet duck snowflake. Took the Internet by storm. Last year with a video of them featured was featured on TV. Sunday six year old Kylie and still play for appearing on TV again courtesy of Steve Harvey's little big shots shall and NBC. Program showcases talented kids from around the world. And of course their pet. For its. Is that time of the year. We're going to be Easter taught spectators each chicks and eastern time that. Yeah that chicks it didn't. A word that comprise. Amber or I was kid people wait here's appears it'll be picked for you really at Easter time is very popular now what happened then. Who knows that they grow up to be you know. Roosters are I don't know but it was kind of popular yet and also of course whenever I talk about it directly at you about my debt direct our product. My Brothers and I had been that we lived on spruce mean liberal spruce and seven Republicans Peru's right itself is not. What may be three blocks from of that house fires spore where's it pop poplar. Yet cell poplar pretty close to George Bush and bring our fire in the united beat people we're driving by a syndicate see it from Kellogg easily pretty close to the older. Wasn't feeling was he old Sears building you know that is. And the just up the street from the real theater there. Boulevard yup we lived there on spruce in and I was about 45 years we got to pay it back in bitty ball is relatively little dog. At that and let us know about Hitler happens that the neighbor lady. Plane that bitty had been well rooting around in her flowers. And demanded that. We find other lodgings. For it. I guess the dead. The minister of the country or something you can't. Factory price drove eight miles an attempt true revenue shares of the Barack. There is that that players sad day for the kids later we got a dog so. Everything is okay during the school. Not a big tragedy in our lives okay at 638 Stephen dead it's time for our commodities update with mr. Tom Loeffler of left where the money's going to come. Well good morning Steve. I need to get accomplished yet another extension of new highs for the current move up an awful close positive. Few silver gained better than live cattle on Friday unless we can scale interest context and beef prices all continue to attract higher. You know extreme close maybe Friday but stayed above the logo of the week on the close by the people like cattle twelve cent higher at 11932. April feeder cattle dog or seven iron 13162. In April only about 1085 cents at 6905. Jordans mixed Friday for the grain and soybean complex of but politically important milky or something negative early last week new lows for the current slide to the downside were made by the growing employee complex and last week's market moving news will do fairly quiet. Overnight we continue to be quite as far as news but great have been higher in moderate volume. At the moment they keep kiwi have been hired for 54 and if they quarantined them fired 369 they have they've only been Pepsi accent that you know six. Current global warning if he can send forward 4879. People called the Bakken empire 123170. June S&P two and three quarter points over 2372. And a quarter. Do you dollar index seventy cents or 100 dollars 4% in June that was featured eight point forward. 20008. PD five a commodity trading like marketing advisory contact with the commodities on the phone or on the lip but using 866. Due to. On what he earned from our farmers ranchers out the western part of the states. After the wildfires you hear much from your clients and people I you know. All kinds of things. Well worse situations is cleaning up after word volleys you know firm the carcasses that are scattered among you know the dead. Cattle so forth. Let all the rebuilding offensive but mean debt is of very time consuming and expensive process. There's going to be some federal funds available to but they actually have to put defensive before they qualify for the fellow. Well not here 101000 dollars of miles of fencing. What I hope portals and all their duty at the post right and ended in what three strands of barbed wires at about it. Size strength of my license has to keep in mind yeah it's just like everything else Steve labor commenced a large part of that costs to run. It did take somebody about their and and to dig holes and me and replace the post and all that. Yeah and some familiar they're easier for the fans that you know if you don't have to go cause ago les yeah. I've been bad here Goldman's stuff like that noted the straight line stance of black I have a lot easier than some other areas of a lot of those areas are not step. Right right M it's just think about the cattle now they would behavior in the face of fire in name guard I've I don't know what it is obviously. Probably try to out run in some cases but maybe burst blackened by fences and things like that and so the biggest they were burned up right. That's exactly right. But I guess that's all video are lying there was a part that the employee yesterday afternoon. And it showed a lot of deuce it is keeping the fire they were running away. And a well. It's a sad deal and it's going to be very costly for those western Kansas farmers times that city's legislature leases. A state legislature trying to help a little bit on on sales tax and some of the fencing materials right. And is pretty amazing what we have to disaster like this back to back one year after another. As far as the players are concerned yeah after. Riots and that's right so well. Devastated old. And a well. All are best used to all our friends on the farm because you know you know we we rely on them for a lot of good stuff. There you go up pretty good articles morning in the New York Times if you go on Twitter you'll find it on the air. Talk about the edge column area and disaster out there. Well listen thank you for your times or if we appreciated it says 642 that seeking answers about the place. With mr. time left but left of commodities either from Don wrenching in beat the money tracker can I retire happily on less than a million dollars. Not about me. I'd like to have 101000 canyon left. Guess we're gonna find out and we've got traffic weather coming obscene content in the morning on KE NN cents.