Steve and Ted: A second night of severe weather in Kansas

Steve & Ted
Friday, May 19th

Tornadoes in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Did you watch this. It's dead. I think backe talked mostly cloudy now. And 61 degrees the National Weather Service says at least three tornadoes touched down briefly and mostly rural areas of Kansas. As a severe storm system stretch from Oklahoma in the south central Kansas. Tornadoes were reported in pardon barber and Ford. Counties Thursday afternoon with a possible rain wrapped twister near Salina. Strong wind it triggered one severe thunderstorm warning for Cedric county some tree damage is reported in the area. The National Weather Service reports overnight rainfall. In which you talked about a quarter of an edge no injuries are reported with the storms. A firefighter has died and two others were hurt battling a four alarm blaze in San Antonio overnight. Flames were shooting through the roof of a strip shopping center when the first fire trucks rolled up firefighters rushed inside the. The fire was so intense we started out destructive collapses. And we had to go defensive. San Antonio fire chief Charles would say it's three of his people were trapped two meted out one did not give us your prayers tonight. Overheard her six year firefighters got team was killed two of his colleagues are hospitalized. Jim Ryan ABC news Dallas as president from prepares for his first official foreign trip he is dogged by investigations of. All the president is sticking to his guns insisting the FBI's investigation is nothing more than a witch hunt the entire thing has been a witch hunt and there is no collusion between. Certainly myself and my campaign. But I can always speak for myself and the Russians zero what he's entitled to his opinion I would suggest that to the president that one has been appointed honor that decision cooperate or is appropriate. Even as members of his own party like senators Lindsey Graham Bob Corcoran Jeff flake. Are sticking with him to name Norman ABC news Washington. Kansas secretary of state Chris cope bock is preparing to help lead a new presidential commission on election fraud Mohawk was the first state elections chief do gain a prosecutors' powers. He says he's not pre judging what might be happening in other states before the commission appointed by president trump begins compiling hard data. In Kansas he has described the dozens of non citizens on board rules and mine successful prosecutions. As evidence of a significant problem. Voting rights advocates though have criticized the commission and called box appointment. He is the new commissioners vice chairman with vice president Mike Pence sans the chairman Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. Today in downtown Wichita a law enforcement memorial service will be held at City Hall. Each year during the week of may fourteenth law enforcement agencies across America remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. To keep peace in their communities. Through taking 71. Point nine law enforcement officers and certain accounting now fallen in line of duty. Which of a police officer Charlie Davidson says that includes nineteen Wichita police officers ate Sedgwick county sheriff's deputies one officer from derby and one from Clearwater. That memorial services at noon today in City Council chambers at Wichita City Hall. The chair of the house oversight committee is leaving congress Republican Jason chase that says it's to move on says he's been sleeping on a cot in his congressional office holding only a bike in Washington DC congressman Jason chase it says he's gone living that way in ones to go home to you to off this is. Not some spontaneous decision that happened last little while we. And we had a pretty good sense to this end of march. Javed says congress doesn't pay enough on its own at a comfortable life in Washington and in Utah Alex Downey ABC news heinous as used on now 6044 minutes past 6 o'clock. 9713. Thirty KMS and Steven and Ted in the morning on a Friday morning house extend the. 10 minutes spent 6 o'clock. So the roadways here in Wichita are drying out after all that rain we got yesterday in fact the conditions look pretty good it out there at this time not seeing any big. Traffic backups or slowdowns thought he gasoline prices. 214 gallons here in Wichita ice sounds better. Sought to 1155 street south and probably. Traffic update on Kate in as as radio lunge at chambers and now the forecast as we head into the weekend with Kahan is a stampede you don't just. Dan politics in Washington for good morning an area of low pressure is moving from the Rockies in the plains and that will bring in more moisture and the chance of showers and thunderstorms especially this afternoon. Some of those may produce some heavier rainfall through flash flood watches in effect. The high today in the mid seventies green off and on tonight the other fifty was clearing tomorrow and 65. I'm KM FS meteorologist Dan holidays thank you Daniel mostly cloudy and 62 degrees we have an east wind at eight miles per hour. And it 11 minutes spent 6 o'clock taking look at the case and assist weather center radar for you this morning a large area of showers. Way down to east of show nude in southeast Kansas. And a little bit of the arena east of our Kansas City few miles at all heading to the east and out of the area. There's a small area of showers right now just south east of Dodge City. And showers just moved through Manhattan up there. Watering down the K state campus of the the that things are pretty well clear. Around the area as far as rain is concerned there's some cloud cover. But as far as rainfall is concerned after a busy evening. Not much going on here this morning win a windy Thursday in south central Kansas which draws high temperature yesterday. 84 degrees it was muggy. Wind speeds top thirty miles per hour just about all day with 11 gusts clocked at 45. Miles per hour. Overnight rainfall about a quarter of an inch that comes by the way from the National Weather Service we checked with them up early this morning. And about a quarter of an ancient you know at times in Riverside especially. It rained hard. But apparently Buena didn't sustain it to him beyond just a few minutes the gap but that's kinda how I went to south Wichita to ring very hard for. Just few minutes and quarter really doesn't sound like much but that is when the rain in a very short period of time actually. Today is may twelfth may twelfth is not may twelfth was the nineteenth. May nineteenth when he seventeen in day it was on the stage eight this date. In 1994. That former. First Lady. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis died in New York she was only 64 years old. But you know she's had quite a bit of tragedy in her life Aaliyah and but if Clinton challenges she still. As far as the life is concerned the First Lady feast for his Phillies absolute favorite course when you. You're grown up he's somebody that glamorous good looking in the White House and you're young men are what many thinking. That's a nice looking First Lady. And on this date in 1987. The movie Ishtar starring Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty made its premiere in bond at the box office star talk about this week just today or two ago. And I were talking about that me and you know. Angle on what context it was. I believe the context was the anniversary the release of it there. Might have been one of those things where there was more than one release Stater does a premiere on one date a wide release and other than we were talking about it charges today today is young David made it's premier. And he may have been doing a list of all the worst movies ever made and if stars certainly gets into beyond that religion on at least a few times. As far as the whether last night. But you got doubled back and forth here a little bit but it we got in Riverside weathered an issue or heavy rain and there is fertile there was a there was a severe thunderstorm warning for Sedgwick county. They had some high wind down and boldly in Roseville around that area high wind triggered that one hail. And I went up for a little bit over around and when that was over that it was over in her. But does not not much going on there yeah I did the same thing in and it drove around my neighborhood a little bit but didn't. And in seem much in into. Which are right in the middle of things and now today we have an elevated risk and we are now instead of being on the east edge of it today were on the west edge of a deterrent. And I can see the big Polly gun right now on channel three in front of a cent and Leon's but with Paula gone in and there's a a threat today but again which I was right on the edge again. Does this threat is high like it was yesterday they're saying elevated and nobody's predicting Armageddon today it. Actually one of the one of the predictions I sub eight. They had eight. The forecast looker with a look ahead at what the radar might look like and things started up around here and then kind of intensified after they'd moved past status. What it said may have happened in Al. We'll keep you posted I did not give my lawn mowed did you get you on mode I did not object I wanted us to be. Well rested in case we had. Severe weather coverage so instead of mowing my lawn I went to sleep may be next week. Now although if you you know those Saturday and Sunday may be it'll dry out enough. Maybe or out there. I hope so part of China to during the the rainy season yes it is in a yellow things in Wal-Mart but customers were surprised by what they saw and one of the stores in. One Dina Minnesota. Seems no white tailed deer got confused wandered into the store and ran into a startled customer. Who then tackled it to the ground. Shoppers figure the young animal was searching for a snack Tuesday when it came into the guard the guard considered doors. Tom Grassley who happens to live in deer creek. Says he don't like someone had slugged him with a deer slammed into him. Resnick says his first instinct was to tackle the animal bringing it down on a Pallet of dog food. That must've been a very big deer. Accused of when their big I don't think he gagged and Russell and down. Maybe you know maybe rest recover the dieters eyes on the down. And he and others took the animal outside and set it free so mr. Grassley knew what to do. And I think I saw full grown cold grown deer that things can play. And or 500 towns at least a little blood vessel one Denver now drawn to it I'm not gonna go anywhere near it now. Ms. stay away from Deere and all other. And animals like that and possum and everything else but the all right so what we're gonna keep an eye on the weather again today for you here in south central Kansas. With Stephen to have this morning it beat on anticipated weather problems if your drive to work this morning at go to school go to shopping wherever you may want to go today that it should be free sailing at least till later on in the day and we'll check on the weather ruler. The three year old just all morning. Today. On this date and 18774. Heavy rain in days of rain in a week. They do a great flooded Wichita tolerate flood of 1877. At the occidental hotel that set the building is second in Maine right. There are a result body of water 150 feet wide and two feet deep. Everything north of second street was under water up to three feet. Now these are historical those provided by Ted Woodward at a bit. And Ted's been doing a researcher and so the great flood of 1877. Idea is digging deep into his order of the dates in her sleep I don't remember that the flood that you're tipping it. But it Warrington on that plaque there. There's any other inspector there. I think it's on the. Water plant there at. Broadway in army. They are plaque there noting where the water how high the water got nine feet above flood stage. We talk very best we talked about a lot. The valley center which abilities under flood way. Just imagine that nine feet above flood stage now how to how high is his ceiling and here Asia at the close to nine now as. And these are people on 1877. Having to deal with things without much infrastructure and boy that must have been bad no serious the modern signal to ignore them. Our right to access 618 Stephen dead and a diverted off sports it's deadly bird and oh the royals were an action of the wing that's I guess decided not methadone openness that. Yeah outgoing nets obviously saw the weather coming in they postponed their season opener so they'll try again night's season opener for the wing nuts against the Salina stock Davis. Set for 7 o'clock tonight downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium. Instead of because they missed last nights game he'll do a double header tomorrow on Saturday to seven inning games at 5 PM when it's of their opening weekend. We know it's getting ready for their tenth season in franchise history. It's really just a tenth season yet I'll. I paper and it pass and ended up but it sees open tonight downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium. The Kansas City Royals as you mentioned finally gotten the Yankees. Yeah last night Danny Duffy went seven innings only give up three hits. Mike whose stock has hit a three run home run royals five yankees won. In city does avoid three game sweep against him win. Duffy had never really pitched well against the Yankees too much but he was good last night. So good job by the royals to get that win and wrap up the homestand to now Kansas City is on the road this weekend. Visiting the Minnesota Twins member of the veils royals opened up the season by going up to Minnesota and getting swept guns and a set of bad tone for the month of April. Seattle royals do this weekend I'm prepay debt at Minnesota tonight tomorrow afternoon Sunday afternoon up in Minneapolis. Live coverage of the royals in the twins' all those games on Sports Radio Kate have 81240 AM 975. FM. Wichita State finishing up its regular season on the road at Indiana State the beginning with three game series yesterday you heard it right here on KM SS. And it was pounding by Indiana State as the sycamores. Because soccer's thirteen to six. As Wichita State once again still struggling on the road they are four and twenty on the road this season. And there shocks and Indiana State glad it again two more games there's a game tonight there's game tomorrow afternoon metal finish up the regular season for the shocker urged. Mike Kennedy will have live coverage both those games right here on. Ninety on I 987 and thirteen thirty KMS as today's game at 5:30 PM tomorrow at 1 o'clock in the afternoon finish of the regular season. For the shots and we have some. Indoor football tomorrow night a big road game defending league champion Wichita forced on the road tomorrow night in Dallas taking on the Dallas marshals at 7 o'clock. Dallas is one game ahead of which it's on the standings as are both fighting for playoff spot so. This is a really big one for the Wichita force tomorrow night on the road at Dallas. Sports Stephen Ted KM SS I had six when he won given here. For Fox News coming their touchdowns. He's gonna tell you about a small town Illinois grade school that canceled book the prayer at a commencement ceremony. That's coming up but tot start even dead in the morning on K and assess.