Steve and Ted: San Diego Brewery makes beer with "recycled" water

Steve & Ted
Monday, March 20th

Made with water from the city's "pure water program."


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I think it's a huge issue because no lie and especially experience and all we have are. 97 and thirteen dirty came in at us and us. We are Stevenson in the morning at 847 net. Now three big things. Shocker basketball season ends as WA she loses or Kentucky 6562. C. Seventeen year old found fatally shot in north Wichita Alley. Wichita police say officers shot and killed a man. Who killed a police dogs and waited a gun at police. Three big things Steven dead on K and assess. And a traffic accident watch for a slow down near Lincoln and hydraulic. This morning it's close to Lincoln and hydraulic launch toward. The accident there K and SS traffic update brought to budget Robin Carl's Goodyear tire located downtown and market and Waterman. In the eastern street Moline on money grows tired dot com home of the 3495. Will change. Sunny and warm today with a high of 83 to greens partly cloudy tonight the overnight low 52. Tuesday mostly cloudy and cooler. Tomorrow's high 62. Now mostly sunny called. 54 degrees. Taken assess whether he's brought to you by the monarch. Featuring the largest collection of crap to burdens and risks he's in the state of Kansas. Full cocktail menu can be found at monarch Wichita dot com the monarch. In delay no but. Later was. Fired from a Southern California restaurant after asking customers to prove they had legal residency before serving them. The Los Angeles Times reports 23 year old Brenda Carrillo. Says she and a friend got the question at saint Marc in Huntington Beach. Carlos as a waiter later asked her sister and another friend to see their proof of residency. Says the women complained to the manager left. One of them later posted an account of the incident on line at the restaurant said in an online to post at the waiter was fired. Can't bearden senior director of operations for saint mark. Says the restaurant real date donates 10% of the weekend sales. To a nonprofit chosen by the one. He's apparently he had his a litmus test there the waiter did for who we wanted to serve there in it California restaurant. On Wall Street Friday that standard and for 500 slipped three points Dow Jones average fell nineteen NASDAQ Composite. Rose a fraction known Roland momentum heading into the weekend. Jeff Jones. The president of the embattled right hailing company arbor has resigned. Just six months after taking the job over confirmed kills resignation in a brief statement. Wishing him the best. Chelsea Clinton. He's joining the board of directors of online travel booking site Expedia. Documents filed with securities regulators say the daughter of defeated president presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Has joined its fourteen member board so Chelsea Clinton is in the business world today about that. The San Diego brewery. Unveiled its latest brew beer made from recycled water dubbed toilet to tap my uncles that's about the opposite hams and it now. Or via its. Cooers. That mass rocky mountain Omaha. So Burry of these cities or largest brewer officially unveiled stone full circle K what Elton stay at its point Loma location. With local beer brands including mayor Kevin Paul that are on hand to sample the beer made with water from the city's pure water recycling program ago. It is fantastic. Falconer said you know after sampling is that there's no better way to highlight the purity. Of this water ego don't eat the yellow snow but they bring the pale ale there in San Diego hands and split from the land of sky blue waters. This is from the minute I guess as for me now in her mind to know who that. That's why you purify our water it works make it work again urges the American laughter craze continues to grow in China in fact. The country is setting an era of value record on imports of the crash stations from the United States. Back in 2010 American lobster was almost unheard of in China but then. The value of imports grew 250%. To about seven point four million dollars say they discovered the lobster. Now I need to start a factory of drawn butter. Sell at a Chinese Government to do this last year Chinese imported more than 108 million dollars and lobsters from America. Chinese importers to get more than fourteen million pounds of lobsters last year at which was also a record. The uptick came in a record year for lobster catch in Maine ceramic. There are plenty of options out there but the price of course is not going to go down the known and have known the way it works ladies and gentlemen. 851 now Stephen did improvements coming for a local market. Editor bill that would stop position with a us this morning about bill. Give Marty Stevens head west Wichita as all the grocery store will undergo renovation of more than a million dollars. It closed temporarily while the work is done it'll be the only all these store in Wichita to be renovated this year. The stored 765 north Mays will close in May and reopen in June. The parent company rolled out last month of one point seven billion dollar capital improvement plan. More than thirteen hundred stores will be renovated by 20/20. Business expansion five star mechanical expanding in southwest Wichita to accommodate growth. PH VAC company has seen strong activity on both the commercial and industrial sides of its business. Co owner Stacy Richards says the company has broken ground on a 101000 square foot expansion. That'll be home to five stars sheet metal fabrication work. And president trumps budget calls for dramatic cuts to non defense discretionary spending some have to do it business the cuts including. Economic development administration and the Minority Business Development Agency. The advanced technology vehicle manufacturing. Program is also on the chopping block so is the community development block grant program. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess at a Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm doing Roy. Bill spring officially arrived at 5:29. This morning which its on time. The audience that's life well any indication that to your house poll while that was missed this spring coming in. Yeah I don't know I heard something that felt I don't know what you on an earthquake or anything like that now well. That is also national ravioli day. Who could be it against reveal who could not celebrate revealed. Exactly is ravioli says that those little and the little pillow like things that any hints there would be up something in side. A little meet and sidled me after a little seafood wherever you want you know. They raced to us that to my kids that lunchtime out of a camp I still eat that as deletion related stuff you get to yields we get chili Mac yet there and it. Spaghetti and everything you do in him. Bill favored beanie weenie is Brian. Love those. And it's Italian food you know I like their of the toasted ravioli. Posted Nancy Nancy. So what do you take ravioli other canned poured into a toaster and at this. Restaurant say that amount to myself this and today's also extraterrestrial. Abductions day. Only honorable followed suit openness. You know I -- abducted and taken up into the space ships in and brought back again and you know anybody who claims to have done that bill I have a strong suspicion of central people yes. That they've gone away and come back and they are little different just yeah up and now we used to yeah okay file I have some analysts have outlook and their eyes like I've been pearl yep I think after I think it's the same people you know. Eight pages that are extra tourists girl's abduction day coming up. He has S news at 9 this morning. FBI director Konami to Capitol Hill to testify about Russians. And possible phone tapping. As it is time Stevens Ted.