Steve and Ted: New Jersey neighborhood on lockdown for bees

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 17th

Large swarm disturbed by beekeepers who were hospitalized.


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KM SS Wichita is number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. Now 630 seat back in time to put words to. One man has died after crashing Clayton County at Milford lake. According to the Kansas Highway Patrol when a nine year old James James Jenkins of guns in city but these W 882 when he drove off. Roadway and rolled down an embankment early Sunday. The KHP says Jenkins was not wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash. Now the forecast with K UNICEF staff meteorologist Dan Holliday a good morning Dan. With a few high thin clouds this morning it is going to be sunny and hot across south central Kansas today will be close to ninety by noontime. 95 later on this afternoon and tonight clear warm Marleau 74. And it hot and humid for Tuesday tomorrow's high ninety seven's I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy 71 degrees we have a south wind at. Only three miles per hour. An apartment fire in north west Wichita has left more than a dozen people homeless fire crews were called to a four plex apartment in the 9000 block of west lawn near 21 and Tyler just after noon yesterday. Neighbors indicated there were several people still inside one of the units rescuers made a search of the complex but were unable to find anyone inside. Battalion chief John Turner says several firefighters were affected by the heat. There's several evaluated and seen him at one notes transported to our area hospital for heat related. Injuries. Turner says fire damage was extensive to all four units in the complex. And the twelve to fifteen residents who live in the building all be displaced. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire the central Kansas woman has convicted of the American been convicted and is a fatally shooting her husband last year. The Kansas attorney general's office says the jurors found 36 year old misty Salem guilty Friday of one count of second degree intentional murder in the death in march of last year of 41 year old Samuel Salem at the couple Stafford home. Police who responded to reports of gunfire found Samuel Salem on the living room floor with a gunshot wound he died at the scene. KTV reports that Samuel Salem stuff was the first homicide in more than forty years and Stafford a town with a population of around 1000 people. Misty Salem sentencing is scheduled for August 25. Phil holed a brand can get SS news. A Washington attorney chosen to service president Donald Trump's special counsel to handle the White House response to the Russia probes. He'll from Kansas the White House announced great bend native Ty cobb's hiring on Saturday. Move reflects the president's growing acceptance at the Russia probes will linger over his tenure for months or even years. Obviously Georgetown University Law School alumnus and former prosecutor who lately has been working as a defense lawyer and partner at the Washington law firm Hogan lavalas. Samantha Adams and her fiance are planning a cosmic wedding this August during the total solar eclipse Adams told the Kansas City Star she couldn't dream of a more perfect setting for wedding. Then during the eclipse because she loves the stars so the ceremony will be held outside on August 21. At 12:30 PM in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Adams beyoncé Cameron cannon says he's happy to go along with the clips wedding because. It makes his bright happy. The couple's entire ceremony will have an eclipse steam and every guest will be provided with a pair sold or glasses. During the wedding in a couple plans to watch the eclipse with our guests before taking their valves Roddy prize can SS news. Longtime Kansas State University football coach bill Schneider is planning to write a children's book. The Wichita eagle reports publisher Craig in the books. Says the 77 year old Snyder is writing a children's book called ticket for me. Few other details about the book were released immediately. They and incest national news time 633. New ABC news Washington Post poll shows a 36%. Approval rating for president trump the lowest for any president six months into the new administration. Among other findings most Americans aren't thrilled with how the president is using Twitter helped. Thanks to think of Twitter as his direct line to the voters. However two out of three Americans disapprove of the use of Twitter or infield he's more apt to. Be inappropriate insulting and dangerous. Rather than interesting effective or refreshing. ABC's David Rice no health care vote this week is majority leader Mitch McConnell had promised one reason Senator John McCain. Remains an Arizona following surgery to remove a blood clot from above his IE. Nine members of one family dead one man's still missing following a flash flood in Arizona and happened so quickly rescue workers say they have little time to react. There's a vigil held last night and box carry Pennsylvania for the four men murdered foreign and drug dealer twenty year old man has confessed to killing them. Jerry Preston ABC news. 6:30 it's morning here on Monday. Police say a New Jersey beat hive at the center of an attack on the beat keeper and his wife has been moved to a farm. Ramsey. New Jersey police chief Brian Gurney says it's still isn't clear what angered the colony. But the beekeeper and his wife for hospitalized Saturday after the bees got aggressive and swarmed. Part of the talent. The New Jersey based beer remover says it's rare for managed colonies to attack. And that they usually staying if they are disturbs thumping. Sent them off gas to protect their own peace keepers. Stinging them no animals are taking over into some to be a movie and probably already has been a movie about bees right. And today Merrimack any out back in the seventies. Killer bees are on their relate to America yup we're coming up from letter follows TV movies about bees. There are going to takeover. And a scary much I don't know. I'm more afraid of giant praying mattresses. You know is because house that would be downright scary at B spears well they knew movies about that too and no. Three adults and a small child had to get emergency treatment after lightning struck near their getaway on the South Carolina coach. This happened Sunday afternoon on the isle of Holmes. And not too far from Sumpter. Or Charles in his. Fire chief and Graham says that people were on the boardwalk and the lightning struck ranges three adults and red streaks on their bodies afterward. And a child suffered a head injury when drop in adult who was struck. No the injuries is thought to be life threatening. To know what it did. When the mother comes up and there's the possibility of lightning leave the weather service is always good about warnings say. Lightning is skimming induced not to be taken lightly I mean c'mon. I think DC ability lightning actually kills more people when tornadoes every year. Something like that wears it well flooding them flooding. I think the tornadoes still kill more than lining of electing come right up there and entertain and you you know if that we've gotten to the point now distant past couple years I think where. People are put on ball games at night and things like yeah I think they're a little more attentive to lightning than they used to day. And knowing it did you know you might see it over there and it you know maybe five miles away in need you to be hit by itself. Anyway there's a family they survive they did okay. Thank goodness the young. Hey you wanna 1000 dollars. Who doesn't wounded at four times today without hot Temps cool cash contest are Iraq. You have to do is listen and Texas a special code word we given up on K and assess. At 7-Eleven. Two and five so the first and come up here about twenty minutes and and keep bush McCain and assess each day at 7-Eleven to a five your chance to win 1000. Dollars very nice wouldn't wanna 1000 dollars script. And kaine as his radio happen now available. You can go to the App Store and downloaded for free search KN SF radio. When a lot of great things going on for you here on a Monday morning with Steven dead it's purple and 638. And it time for our commodities up statement Tom Lechler about the company's reporting Tom. Good morning Steve ready to live cattle feeder cattle futures closed on the positive side and also scored new highs for the week. The boxed beef price continued the slide in case straight yards last week of less than two dollars higher than the previous week. Am very hard last week at justify early gains that we saw in the futures market. Now Friday of this week has catalog people port and the cattle inventory report. We saw on the closed Friday August like cattle 37 and final 11780. Or dispute about the 45 I want to deport 27. And obviously no excuse 62 lower at 7990. Ready the corn and soybean futures traded close pot legal technical trading in changing weather forecast. PC in Chicago wheat futures made new loans for the week and closed beta V Friday. Now last week September Casey we blocked 35 November soybeans lost fourteen that we have accord brought fifteen cent for the week. According to belt back overnight. In the overnight session from their low this morning. Our phonetic yet the greens are built up their overnight session lower this morning the publication he Greek currently import it says that I've O nine. December accord that opinion they have a 388. In November so we beat the pentium three quarters tired Kindle to read a quarter. August crude oil bailed pipes that that 4649. August 04 dollar and seventy cents higher at 12:32 PM. The timber recipe appoint to record high reported fourth 57. Three quarter. The number dollar index three cent higher at 9496. September they're just featured thirteen points are between 10060. Wait. But commodity trading great marketing advisory contact our for commodities on the program on the web by using 8660212. I'm always in now on my daughter's neighborhood he lives out of far west part of Wichita. And course she's pretty much teach right next to a farm out they're damaged housing and development of there right next to a farm. And there's farmland around there and I noticed yesterday my wife and I were out there and those a couple of couple of fields it was some with some pretty good corn. Gone downstairs kind as to what's the status is corn crop in Kansas right now. Overall look at pretty good but we do have other areas where they came up short on rainfall that's curtain. We're agenda pollination stage so Mary the we've already passed through pollination stage. So overall record wouldn't put it did but what do what the heat this week are gonna help that it looked like order they'll. Yeah I know that not much moisture that we see in the forecast if any at all here for the next few days so it. The going to be struggling against that I'm done the stocks I've I could estimate there about 56 feet. All hell help that how told us doctored go here in in Kansas accord struck. In a little different varieties that you play a bull tonight. 67 foot tall isn't very common. You know sometimes he even power cord of it's slightly toward which is where the are resistant or stock and chopped up and put it. Just think the whole thing and now and I like heroes and it you. A didn't get an anger brought right now. Yeah yeah yeah avenues are. Thanks Tom Tom littler littler commodities there was an update this morning and coming up here was Stevens says it's. Gender financial. Acumen well done grant CF ET the bunny tracker is on the way. Listen to Stephen did in the morning on kick in a sense.