Steve and Ted: Mondays with the Mayor, and Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 17th

Wichita hosting baseball and golf tournaments this week.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on us. 730 knows even though in the morning he's back he's punished and have them look forward. One man has died after crashing plate county's Milford lake according to the Kansas Highway Patrol play nine year old James Jenkins of Junction City. Uzis download K 82 when you go. Awful roadway rolled down the bank and early Sunday. HP says Jenkins was not wearing a belt to a seatbelt at the time of the crash. Now the forecast with K and assist at the college's Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Well good morning you may wanna grab an extra cold bottled water and spend as much time in the shade as you possibly can today with temperatures climbing again into the mid ninety's with plenty of sunshine this afternoon and and it looks like this pattern is wanna stay the same throughout this week. Clearing 74 tonight tomorrow sunny and hot with a high ninety seven's I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy 71 degrees in. Call home. An apartment fire in north west Wichita has left more than a dozen people homeless. Fire crews were called to a four plex apartment in the 9000 block of west lawn near 21 and Tyler. Just after noon yesterday. Neighbors indicated there were several people still inside one of the units rescuers made a search of the complex but were unable to find anyone inside. Battalion chief John Turner says several firefighters were affected by the heat. There's several I went and those seen in the employment transported to. Area hospital for heat related. Injuries. Turner says the fire damage was extensive to all four units in the complex. And the twelve to fifteen residents who live in the building we'll all be displaced investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire a central Kansas woman has been convicted of fatally shooting her husband last year. The Kansas attorney general's office says the jurors found 36 year old misty Salem guilty Friday of one count of second degree intentional murder in the death in march of last year of 41 year old Samuel Salem at the couple Stafford home. Police who responded to reports of gunfire found Samuel Salem on the living room floor with a gunshot wound he died at the scene. Take TV reports that Samuel Salem stuff was the first homicide in more than forty years and Stafford a town with a population of around 1000 people. Misty Salem sentencing is scheduled for August 25. Phil holed a brand can get SS news. A Washington attorney chosen to serve as president Donald Trump's special counsel to handle the White House's response to the Russia probes hails from Kansas. The White House announced great bend native Ty cobb's hiring Saturday. The move reflects the president's growing acceptance that the Russia probes will linger over his tenure for months or even years. Obviously Georgetown University Law School alumnus and former prosecutor. Who lately has been working as a defense lawyer and partner at the Washington law firm Hogan levels. Samantha Adams and her fiance are planning a cosmic wedding this August during the total solar eclipse Adams told the Kansas City Star she couldn't dream of a more perfect setting in for wedding. Then during the eclipse because she loves the stars so the ceremony will be held outside on August 21. At 12:30 PM in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Adams beyoncé Cameron cannon says he's happy to go along with the clips wedding because. It makes his bright happy. The couple's entire ceremony will have an eclipse steam and every guest will be provided with a pair sold or glasses. During the wedding and a couple plans to watch the eclipse with our guests before taking their valves. Roddy prize can SS news. Longtime Kansas State University football coach Bill Snyder is planning to write a children's book. The Wichita eagle reports publisher Craig can book says the 77 year old Schneider is writing a children's book called take it from me. Few other details about the book were released immediately. Pay and assess national news time 734. A new ABC news Washington Post. Poll shows the country continues to be deeply divided along party lines only 36% of Americans approve of president trump. Here's ABC news political analyst Matthew Dowd big part of what's driving his negativity is is tweeting anyway communicate to all he did was adjust that. I think she would begin to rise but he doesn't seem willing to do that if if you get adjusted just the way he communicates. I think he'd had some improvement 68% of Americans call the president's tweets. Inappropriate. Senate Republicans will delay and vote on the latest health care bill later not now well Arizona Senator John McCain. Recovers from an operation to remove a blood clot from over his eye that may take weeks. The Congressional Budget Office says it will put off scoring the healthcare bill this week though it doesn't say why. White House marking made in America week the latest theme week is the administration highlights that part of its agenda the president reviewing a showcase of American made products in the South Lawn today. Jerry Preston ABC news. 97. Even 10 in the morning 7:35 here on Monday morning the last Friday afternoon. Yes I gave up part of my nap time. Go to City Hall ended say. Good luck to retire in Wichita fire chief Ron Blackwell lose he's gone. He's retired now says you gonna have a ball doing absolutely nothing while I was there I ran into our mayor. Wished a mayor Jeff Longwell and he told me might have something interesting to say today. It always does something special it's Mondays with the mayor with mayor wrong will go according share. Well let me let me courier here that ran over here. When you saw. A small point. It ran in running and you bet. In in the news today did you Maggette cake here Friday. I am. Does that tiny tiny small beat back straight off the art. That's. Well every week salutes. Chief Blackwell and in him whatever he does in the future and of you know we've got people like that who. Were forced the city for years years years and it's it's nice to see them have a good solid career down there and. Yeah don't have here then and are finding that the law. Oh yeah. Taylor is a New York pining to me that you might have something special to tell us about maybe something in a committed town here maybe something new blown out. Now you know I think that he ought. Hopefully get out there we have they you have. Junior amateur championships and let you know. Golf course this week and that is that that big big deal with that as an experiment that Jordan's beat one in the past that Tiger Woods won in the and until we get beyond a national stage or in life. 33. States represented in that ink and street. Better better represented in a golf tournament this week and it starts today that day is that. Or programs grow by Romero build around it like that before and then. Then they have matched by that we have one of our. Own well that problem that went through May now and retirement at all are obviously we get and the anyone know what's out there and watched that spree in drop there does old Carmen and the world class junior but for. Ted Lindsay agent on these kids eighteen and under eighteen and under are ranked very good you know get on scene in the dentist rate. You know those Sunday. I have my grandson look with me and we decided. To go needed to get to chilies out west. Or my other grandson is it one of the is a maitre. And in the parking lot we ran into about a half dozen young women in salt bullets uniforms they were playing over west Durban over the at a tournament going on. Now that. But I think butler's state parameters like that we are in and beer brand that church yesterday. Ater uniform on there and only use it over there what. And it should not for their state and a big apartment belt buckle up and has on it that we get out and do we have the and these interment starting history of starting tonight there haven't had banquet they called the first that banquet that and I thought that NB and then battered. The first game will be played not it is rapa burst that touched Saturday at the MB in world Perry it's quite an honor. And be a lot of and that you Dolan is better. I know that do you you one time ninety shall we had the John surgery not Tommy John Elton John surgery on your older. Yeah I. We have to let playing the piano and. Hey listen but you know basically we're talking about. Entertain people are coming to town and sports related stuff seems to be real draw for which Italy we do a lot of sports related stuff and get to gosh I was. It's nice to see these visitors coming and I'm always really nice to them I'm you know I stifle my impulse to make fun of people enough. Be nice to but you know most folks I think in which tol are ambassadors we'd like to see visitors and we try to make them feel welcome. I think that there picture you know we call. What is up nine then. When I enjoyed it and it will come down and we're gonna have great up and it this week between. Topple ball and they all there in the visitors and and there are studies or a mall it is Creighton and that's. That's a great time and like it that much and many of these eventually go watch the very end. MBC it usually has them very cheap it is available from sponsors are and dumped it is greet tickets available from sponsors and so. Great entertainment very low that. Like alcohol or as a critical let it go as you have been in this dispute. On I would encourage people to get out there and enjoy it. The outdoors and watch them really in ball Korean. Or hit at it like another sporting event we have an opportunity to do that but it. Patty did you win if you and he said do you know how many years the NBC term it's been going on here Wichita eighty years 83. Early years are. Right. It's. Satchel page never he's always said it never looked back somebody might be gain and on it. You know we're finally going to bill that month Allman bill that they can sure Burke and more on the national best book irked. And the the really special bulletin board of that. That now though there what you mean if you look at that she can't talk about it back. So it Tuesday night I'm. And a ride along with our department. So hopefully it's not one of these great united. I have encouraged all of that now we'll do. There tonight and a ride along and their district or or her and by two. Ride at least are being let. They have to deal with on a regular basis and so Tuesday night is my turn to. Ride what stopped. Well good ones in new adventure for you you'll be in the front seat at least this. Elliott we don't want to seal on top with your shirt off one point. Three run down the street the captain Jason that. No that would be that will be an interest in time and MB yeah you'd be careful not to act. Well it certainly but it might be what we have the deal with on the regular pay and certainly has yet to. Through their butts next year we but it enemy to have a bill or. Them the kinds of things that they need to do their job well. Yeah and if you don't think they're important to next time you have a drop problem don't call up all the City Council member NC when it happens it. This and has always take his or try to stay cool okay. Thank you appreciate it Mondays with the mayor there of which some mayor Jeff Long well always a good time. It is 743 in time for our prairie fire coffee break one and it says. Prairie fire coffee is a precious golf in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans. Are roasted fresh right here in Wichita and you can get prairie fire copied your office like we have here we Stephen dead by calling. 267377101. Line at prairie fire coffee dot com. 743 now Stevens jets coming up local aircraft supplier gets a positive assessment. Bill Roy editor of the which stop business journal on the way Stephen dead on CNN San.