Steve and Ted: Mondays with the Mayor

Steve & Ted
Monday, March 20th

Steve, Ted, and Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell talk about the Shockers great season


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KSS. Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station depend on. Good game until the morning he Macintosh ten foot birdie. Which the police are investigating two fatal shootings over the weekend. Police say officers shot and killed 25 year old man after that man shot and killed a police dog and aim the gun at officers. It happened Saturday night at the mobile home park on MacArthur road. The last night police found a seventeen year old male shooting victim in a north Wichita Alley he died later at a hospital. Police have no suspects no names have been released in either case. Ousting of the forecast with Cain assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. With a few clouds this morning we expect sunshine and more warm weather again today maybe not quite as warm as what we were on Sunday still getting to 84 for the high this afternoon a cold front moves through later today we become partly cloudy overnight Harlow 54. Windy tomorrow at a high 63. And it's finally looks like we have at least a few chances of rain throughout the rest of this week. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Thanks Dan no mostly clear and a 59 degrees. Kansas lawmakers agreed unanimously on a bill giving a sales tax break people rebuilding fences on agricultural land. After wildfires burned more than a thousand square miles of the state. The Kansas house voted to agree with the senate amendments Friday they clarified the tax break goes to rebuilding fits is not Snooki instruction and the bill goes to governor Sam Brownback. The bill gives a sales tax exemption on the plight bought to rebuild or repair anything after the wild fire. Lawmakers passed a similar proposal after wildfires into county last year. Brownback declared a state of emergency march fit in signed an executive order forty later to help bring relief supplies. On the contrary KN SS news. And you fire compact between Kansas and Oklahoma is making wildfires across the state line easier to fight. Kansas house majority leader Republican Don Heineman X. Last year when we had the fires in southern Kansas there was a problem with Oklahoma fire crews coming across the state border to help out and we passed a fire compact that. Well he's their load. Make it easier for them to come across the state line without liability issues. The Kansas senator has not passed that measure yet. Kansas might chart its own legal path on abortion. The State Supreme Court heard arguments this past week and a legal challenge to 2015 law that bans a common second trimester procedure. The key issue is whether the Kansas constitution protects abortion rights independently of the US constitution. If the court says the state constitution does Kansas courts could strike down abortion restrictions that federal courts have or would uphold. The only certainty and such a case appears to be the Kansas courts would deal with additional legal disputes on abortion it's not clear when the court will rule. Ronnie Price Kahan SS news and assess national news time 735. Elections committee is meeting today to look at the issue of Russian meddling in the election and also to be to gas those allegations of trump tower wiretapping FBI director James Cummings expected to say today there is no Obama administration ordered wiretap of president trump last year but the president this morning trying to change the narrative with they pre bottle on Twitter. Blaming Democrats for pushing the Russian interference story. As there used to losing in November the president says that congress and the FBI should be looking into who is leaking classified information about this issue. Karen Travers ABC news the white house speaker Paul Ryan says he will make changes to the GOP health care bill ahead of a scheduled vote this week. President trump will be pitching the plan when he holds a rally for supporters this evening at Louisville, Kentucky. North Korean leaders announcing as old testament to rocket technology is John Yang continues trying to perfect a missile capable of reaching the United States with a nuclear warhead. Sherri Preston ABC news. 9713. Thirty KM as best we aren't even 10 in the morning. Here on a Monday morning march 20. 27 team. This is the first day of spring started about five foot nine sports. A large ago did you hear the traffic going up. Announcing the birth is when I guess not I didn't either it's something we haven't looked into. It is Monday that means Monday with the mayor at 736 with Wichita mayor Jeff Long Will get more consider. Nor good morning David that not be back on Leno last week are out of the more we beat the end. Part of the worst winner I've ever spent. Are only still all in our year happened on the air. I hope that that that's a guess who want to show their appreciation they want to keep their violence. Today. Absent meeting Kelly yes pat you know what what was the occasion accident big you know elected confirmation that. We had a nationally at cities conference but more importantly had a chance to sit down. Some of the department. Directors. Staffers if you will and and then some of our congressional votes to get some help. I had a great meeting with the Bureau of Reclamation now they don't. Sound like how old name in the one and then possibly can gather dollars to help those that are. Equus beds are are her story recharge project then. Mark apple ringgit about 125 million dollars album that el op that our beer because we're. We're recharging that opera burn helping in our region now but it which owns the only one that's been banned for. Well in case of did you on the water were recharge what happens is. When the. Yeah you can go to class on believe that it brought. You've been paying attention. Well you know that's one of those bureaucrats sticking fifteen minutes to tell you that but I. I'm a I can't I can't think that complicated glee okay. Pay a big congratulations this morning the which tested basketball team they. They either lost yesterday that doggone they gave us a lot of excitement and but a lot of a joy this year in a way they played basketball than. There are getting a lot more respect especially after the game when that wouldn't you know via. Charles Barkley in the group said this missile is not a team that deserved to barely get in this top. And team in the country that we watched like Kentucky. Yeah that's today they note that we now group and we bring everyone back. And it looks like we're gonna have a great year next year to that. Here Friday the Blarney breakfast for rainbows united brings more than 52000 dollars more than a thousand people there. Incredible but you guys were I'm a great job by the well I think long while Nash is it I was listening to worry. Long wheel is Irish I didn't know that you can you don't have to add old Longwell. Got to Longwell. Line. Sanity to the public the end you can be Italian long little long well yeah I can get them. It can be whatever I would have had don't do it right and up yet again that City Council meeting to mine and you're gonna talk about a local law enforcement parade coming up the you know in the about. Our. Yes absolutely. It's getting bigger and better every year that opportunity trust this show are. Appreciation for our local law enforcement to do so much all diamond. You know we we have a community that truly steps up when we need them. But we don't need them to step up just a moment the right he's like we've had recently that we want to show appreciation it'll Armon. This just news chance for the community. And others to come down on show appreciation for our local law enforcement. And visit with them and give chance to visit with the police chief he's always there and lot of our officers that are. Walking in the parade and I think is just a great opportunity for the community it's no other op certain about what is scheduled. That next Saturday 11 o'clock start time at City Hall. March 25 and eleventh. I believe this is funny Smith yeah I think that's trying to appetite right dates but I believe that chart that's my wife's birthday. But that. Or how excited. Right and it celebrates only site that final round of them. He listened as somebody passed away the other day that. I think was little more important people who ever lived in our community felony Mitchell. Who actually. Big match million ditch Mitch engineer detonate you know. Big ditch Mitch was my appointment to. They have matched all the planning commission. And just a great guy that only. Changes this community for the better I mean that in we'd we'd still underwater wasn't for them he believes it are at a plan. The engineer for the Wichita Sedgwick county or Bally senator fled. Whatever the big ditch he's a guy who rev what's behind all it did all the work there. Absolutely. In and just have a real gem of a person and he's going to be missed as. And he loved this community and it showed every day you worked are even up until. Ninety's you still working hard for our community. Eventually just fuming few days ago. Mr. Mitch I don't even know his first name Mitchell is a lesson in. But as for what are ever just call diminished and you know. All right mayor always nice to have you listened I hope you have a great week and we'll see you back here again on Monday morning okay. Which which governor Jeff Long well it's Monday he's with the mayor we Stephen Ted. 742 now people that he left the snow with him on the east coat yes didn't bring me back with a guy brought he brought summer with a success 740 Janelle Stevenson had this new leadership role local company editor bill for the which is oppositional coming up with a and traffic and weather on the way seated at the morning on CNN cents.