Steve and Ted: KU headed to the Sweet Sixteen

Steve & Ted
Monday, March 20th

KU wins, K-State and WSU are out of the NCAA Tournament.


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CNN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 7 o'clock this is McKay and assist sporting news was even dead. I'm Steve Macintosh most of their now at 62 degrees. Firefighters are on the scene of a house fire this morning in the 400 block of south properties which. Is it near Lincoln and George Washington boulevard the firefighters arrived there. Around 4:15. This morning finds will playing coming from the rear of that house. Wichita fire chief Ron Blackwell on the scene. What else. Addressing issues they. They search team did entered the structure. One firefighter suffered a minor injuries there and over Jonas and damaged old callers or damage on the house where 400 block of south poplar. Wichita police officers shot and killed a 25 year old man who pointed a gun at officers during an altercation that also led to the death of a police dog. The incident happened Saturday night at the lamp lighter mobile home park on east MacArthur in south which atop. Police say officers returned the fire with a suspect shot the dog the dead man's name has not been released. The police dog's name as rooster. Emergency dispatchers say it teenager has died after being found shot in an Alley in northeast Wichita. Detectives were called the area of 23 street north and Kansas last night. Seventeen year old victim reportedly was alive when officers found him but he was declared dead shortly after that at a hospital. No arrests have been announced hundreds of homes were evacuated Sunday as a wildfire burned or Boulder, Colorado. 836 other homes are under pre evacuation notices. Boulder emergency management officials say the fire is 50% contained. And no structures have been damaged in the 62 acre blaze. And sixers home he's in the pre evacuation zone and western boulder she told ABC news she is watching the fires closely. Just the damage it will do to this beautiful and natural. Environment is is very sad. The House Intelligence Committee today hears from FBI director James calmly on the Russian hacking charges. And claims president trump has made about President Obama wiretapping him during the campaign. Believing Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff says that two weeks of the president's baseless claims is enough he hopes have BI director Komi ends that conversation. President made an accusation against his predecessor legally being wiretapped. The dirt this guy should be able to respond to put that down. Leaders in both parties say the president still was offered no evidence to show that President Obama had him wiretapped and field ABC news Washington. A Wichita man was critically injured when he suffered an electric shock while trimming trees Saturday morning in south Wichita. The 53 year old man was turning trees that is home in the 900 block of west thirtieth street south. When he came in contact an overhead power line he was hospitalized in critical condition. Kansas highest court has cleared a major obstacle to the long delayed construction of a big new cold. Fired power plant the State Supreme Court on Friday rejected an effort by an environment group to force the state to regulate emissions linked to climate change. The justices upheld a 2014 decision by the Kansas department of health and environment to give sunflower electric power corporation the go ahead for a project. The utility wants to build an 895 megawatt plant adjacent to an existing one outside Holcomb and southwestern Kansas an estimates the cost it 2.2 billion dollars. The company and the State's attorney general said they were pleased by the decision. But an attorney representing the Sierra Club said the ruling quote opens the door for a lot of pollution in Kansas. Phil holed a brand can get SS news the cost of up. Ratings security at Kansas major mental hospitals and also wannabe and lauded in order to avoid allowing concealed carry firearms in the building. Could reach 25 million dollars. It's speaking capital journal reports this state are beginning in July required an open door policy at the two hospitals serving people with severe mental illnesses. And that's extraordinary security measures have been taken to protect patients. That they are not required kansas' community mental health entered public hospitals and public university. To allow individuals with concealed dead if there is no airport level screening at building entrances. The statute applies to state hospitals Indy could cost an estimated 25 million dollars to install a metal detection equipment. In bolster security staff. On Rick Perry KE NN that's needed. And assist used I'm now 7066 minutes past 7 o'clock. NCAA men's basketball tournament action yesterday for Wichita State and Kansas last highlights. Your from the players and coaches involved at all coming up in sports Italy's president says mafia murdered his brother. That story coming up on McCain and us this morning news was Stephen dead. CNN this morning news was even dead now settled on 9:9 minutes past 7 o'clock. Senate hearings begin this morning for a Supreme Court nominee neo corset. The man president trump wants to replace the late justice Antonin Scalia. Who died more than a year ago gossage is a respected highly credentialed and conservative member of the Denver based tenth US Circuit Court of Appeals. And Democrats head into the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings divided over how hard to fight him. The president of Italy speaking out against those who murdered his brother. And put fault on Sundays Italy's president traveled to the heartland of the vicious organized crime group the end kind of tough to speak out against the mafia. President says Joseph Montana's own brother a politician was murdered by the pound animal mafia in 1980. Speaking in the town of low Canadian collaborate and in trying to tell base. Not that I enough praise judges police officers union leaders business owners and politicians. Who have fought or denounce organized crime. Often at great personal risk. Mega Millions ABC news room. Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg encourages women to lean in to their careers. But a former advertising executive who now pay helps women achieve the work life balance they want. Says it may be wise to lean out at some point he. Early CEO Brenda Barnes had cultural it all happened and Gleason Stromberg says they all paused their careers to have children. The author of the book work pawns to Ryan says they all came back stronger than ever but. Many women in the working world don't held the same opportunities. Stromberg says it's time that employers realized over half the workforce is female and they can lose good talent and lest they lean into these women. Derry all the during BC news. K Unisys news time now 7-Eleven 11 minutes past 7 o'clock we Stephen says in the morning. And this morning we've got the gasoline prices in Wichita at 209 a gallon in several this from different places. I spotted better rest up 206 this morning near Douglas and Seneca. Traffic updates from cape and at this radio and get chambers. I listen to get the forecast now with innocence. But no let's go do it. 712 now twelve and his fans haven't collected here for his momentarily we're going to be talking with six. Crime stoppers update but mr. Bobby down as we do and every Monday morning about this time. The yield forecast looking pretty good today. Sunny and warm. With a high of 83 degrees. I just got about a step down good morning Bob nice to have you with us this morning friends on the left. Hey listen what about that weather yesterday gets and and young hot of acute. You turn on the air conditioner didn't. You know and I really didn't. You do. Your interest earned on no I didn't but we did turn on the overhead and less than it would make a little more comfortable you'll. Liabilities Golan as well. Just cut. I like to eat but also like to comfort of the cool comfort me no evident in today's the first day of spring just it is warm. Yeah this is. My son Serb or take today and if you resist bring babies the only trial that we did and a so it that BP's. Certainly out duds they had to Berkeley they're all very nice birthday. Yeah. Garret ended disc at a certain. It's surely got a complex not try this reflect and Eric. Explain it to folks but just didn't this crime. In about 5 o'clock in the morning and noted a coalition of 4900 bucks out Elmer. You got up and left all one over to a restaurant where he did that must be something does frequently I have caught. Bat an hour later. His wife gets up and if she turned on the living room lights. Cheap Archie had heard some kind of a strange sound. And she wasn't sure whether it was coming from the inside or outside of the out. Joshi goes to the back door in and immediately she notices. That it's a jar. She walks over turned on the lights. And she's. Get a glimpse of someone running outside. Your door and that's when she saw that are stormed or had been. Propped open. And are so good of the garage door that was open as waters. A door Bolling and associated competitive. Well in all this occurred she immediately start to look around my house usually what might happen and she immediately discovered. Some wanted to have gotten her wallet and taken money out of bed they'd taken to rearrange. Plain silver band and a black one of the Blackstone entry at a mother's ring at five different style and senate. And hashish. Of course dispatcher. And a patient folk shut that city and county. Send it to sheriff's deputies out. While they're in the process. Working on the scene of the crime and pick it up as much evidence as possible. A neighbor who lives in the 3200 block of these all along. Came home. Sees what to deputy do and walks over nickel back whatever. They find at the storm door propped open and a massive well. They went through the action the bedroom window had been pried open. The place for children ran smack. Picked it five inch television at bag a roll call and reject and they did notice sent to the front porch light had been on screwed. They whipped us and somebody working pretty hard and had neighborhood and again that's. Down on yourself to Elmhurst. And DO 4900 block. And and southern neighbor was that 3200 block of east old long. Shall people who work living in that neighborhood. Should be alert good bit somebody's work and end up. Apparently it's early morning inched up there doing. Do you have any idea. Who might be involved in this crime we'd like to hear from him. It's easy pick it up to Poland called Nash took 672111. We pass that information along to the police. In this case to the sheriff's office. If they detect an arrest based on new information you provide. We pay up to 2500. Dollars in cash. And no one will ever know who you are remember that number 2672111. That's helped Teixeira sat on the saying and see if we can. Get somebody picked up look forward some more bad stuff kept them. You do your experience in doing so many years in law enforcement when you've got somebody it is in a neighborhood. Billy using just go to one Al altered that you. You like disparate. If you go sit neighborhood do and and find out what people habits are up and you know tomorrow most murders occurred during the daytime. When people heard work. But did this is a little unusual. And it it added that people would come in and out of burger coming in out when you're there you know they have their sneak thieves and and they like to do their vendor when nobody's home. Yeah I'm the the ones to make a living and allegations say. They're pretty clever about not going in some ways because you never know what's gonna fine. And should they don't want any commutation. Ollie wants to steal used that's right get it danced and move on down the road. Let down the road all right well if you want to. Call crime shoppers are numbers always 26721 among eleven ever trained and Bobby you have a good first day of spring we'll see you back. Thank you very much general of the same year in your friend editors Chang and argue he's hanging around yourself. Thank you Bobby cell with a crime stoppers update this morning Stephen Ted 718. Now 18 minutes past 7 o'clock India and those that did. If you just get up this morning in hand haven't been paying much attention to that we've got all the sport for his morning including shocker basketball and jayhawk basketball that would. Fortunately did the NCAA mean battle tournament yesterday finishing up the round of 32. Nineteenth ranked Wichita State taking on fifth ranked Kentucky yesterday in Indianapolis. Good ball game tight ball game back and forth between these two it's not a lot of separation. The shoppers were down by three points. With the ball. Trying to tie it up in the late going in regulation might Kennedy involve whole had to call the game 103 point seven KEY in. In addition haven't written about not standing wolf Kentucky now dating him it obviously the sinister plot. It's an NBA or not. What happened right in front of a conflict. We fell afoul of a lot of contact. But came out of hi all hope now a lot of ball that's not a fan friendly appreciate it because the Big Three we had a fourth quarter of the few defenders on him. No fault gave the end zone he walked out of camp. For the second time in forty years Wichita State. Is exactly always loves it can't quite pull it off. Kentucky wins it 6562. Wichita State's. The nation's best sixteen game winning streak came to an end with that loss Kentucky now as the nation's longest winning streak at thirteen in a row. Kentucky that advances into the sweet sixteen as a shocker to take the three point loss Wichita State had the ball twice in the final minute and couldn't get a shot off either time Kentucky blocked. Shot both times. Shots fall three point short here's Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall. We didn't have very good ball security we had a couple really bad. Passes. That fueled their transition so. We talked about ball security shots election. Keeps him out of transition and that's when you when you don't do those things are able to get out Gallup Enron and finish. Certainly that did play a big role this shocker had seven turnovers in the second half Kentucky only had two. Wildcats had a few extra possessions there animated work very close win. And the shocker for outs got outscored thirteen to five points off those turnovers. In the ball game. Kentucky wins it 6560 due to soccer season comes to an end with a record of 31 in five of the soccer in advance for the fifth year in a row to at least around 32 in the NCAA tournament. Action yesterday in Tulsa for a number one seed Kansas Jayhawks taking on Michigan State yesterday afternoon. And this was close in the first half the jayhawks pull away in the second half let's get more on the case you wind from the play by play voice the jayhawks Bryan Payne. Kansas City here we become the Kansas Jayhawks are heading back to the sweet sixteen for the thirtieth their illustrious history and headed back near home within its city. Take golfer do on Thursday thanks to a frequent some say he figured Tulsa nineteen to seven B over Michigan State. It was a five point game before Kansas closed all the support he wants a six run. Put the hammer down on the midwest region's number nine seed. The jayhawks advance into the sweet sixteen. Take on Purdue on the Thursday night. And we'll College Baseball action yesterday Wichita State wins on the road you heard the game right here on K and assesses the shocks beat cal poly to two or nothing. Zach Lewis threw seven shutout innings to lead the shocker that to nothing win on the road at. Yesterday soccer baseball team now eleven and eight on the season. Sports the Stephen said Kate and as SI dent grabbed whatever they've shocker but at basketball team a fine. If the young men this year and it is terrific job is so. Congratulations for going as far as it and we'd like to single a way. Maybe next year maybe next year who knows as can be and will be loaded for next season seven course Seth. I got to look and you know. There are two former Kansas State coaches that have their teams in the sweet sixteen year real Frank Martin was South Carolina they beat duke last night. And Dana Altman out org about that now even. I its seventh money you're now a fugitive for Rush Limbaugh morning update the weather forecast and the global warming hoax. Stephen deaths on K in a sense.