Steve and Ted: Katydids, Mormon Crickets... swarming the western U.S.

Steve & Ted
Friday, July 14th

In some places the swarm is as dense as 70 crickets per square yard.


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Up cultured world com. You know I this is always fun to think about rather than you know getting around that needs immensely good it's a big guy I mean just today and then you know literally see if there's. A lot of weight behind them. 9713. Thirty K in Manchester retailers even dead in the morning. At 7:46. On Friday morning. Three big things. President trump in France. Defends his sons of Russian little longer breeding season questions about the state to report on what happened during an overrated O prison disturbance line. Which are the police crackdown on crime along the Kellogg reported there. Very big things David dead on K innocence. And now. Big slowdowns on Kellogg especially eastbound right and I too dirty find in the road construction. Traffic moving very slowly and is very heavy right here roadway is also a little wet and slippery. Good idea to be cautious this morning up their traffic update from cape and it's as radio on kids keepers. Partly cloudy today with a 40% chance for rain and a high of both 91 degrees. In today's high in Wichita was of 101. 20% chance for rain tonight the overnight low seventy. Saturday mostly sunny tomorrow night again 91 degrees now light rain 72 degrees. It was southeast wind at eight miles per hour. Kate and assess whether he's brought to you by the monarch open at 11 AM for lunch Monday through Saturday and noon on Sunday. The menu can be found at monarch Wichita dot com the monarch in Toledo. 748 now Stephen Ted's death. In France president trump stands up for his son and in Washington congress continues to work on health care hearing your political insights from ABC news president trump in Paris once again defending his son Donald junior and his meeting with the Russian lawyer. My son is a wonderful young man. He took a meeting with a Russian lawyer. Not a government lawyers but they Russian the president said he was opposition research and is just part of campaigning and politics I think from a practical standpoint. Most people would have taken that made but the president did answer a question about the testimony of his choice to be the new F. BI director Christopher Wray told congress Wednesday that someone who receives an email like the one Donald Trump junior did she reported to the FBI. And in Washington senate Republicans unveiled their latest version of the health care bill to replace the Affordable Care Act there is a lot of pessimism right now in Capitol Hill Republican leaders acknowledging they had a big hill to climb to get the votes they need to even get this to the senate floor. For a vote and those are your political insights I'm Karen Travers in Washington's envoy. I know Stephen did the coffee we serve up at the intercom campuses prairie fire coffee if you're not drinking prairie fire coffee at work your boss doesn't love you. Farmers in the US face up. Western US face a creepiest gorge every eight years or so swarms of ravenous insects. I can decimate crops and cause slippery bug slick car crashes window as they march across the highways and roads. The three inch long Mormon crickets are actually Katy did its. And and entomology trickle and the biological. Cousin to grasshoppers. Experts say this year could be a banner one. For the big bugs official report significantly higher Mormon cricket populations. On federal land in southwestern Idaho. With some areas reporting as many as seventy crickets per square yard. Hole. The swarms are also affecting Oregon Nevada and other western states Katie did to bar the door and a former Honeywell employee has been sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison for fraud scheme that cost the company. More than 50000 dollars 37 year old Trent Christie able I think Kansas. Was sentenced Thursday in Kansas City, Missouri authorities say Christy pleaded guilty in December to four counts of wire fraud. And already has three paid 50480. Dollars to Honeywell apparently he made enough money he saved it up and he can pay it back yeah. Prosecutors say he work for the Kansas City branch of Honeywell federal manufacturing technologies and it includes. Doing some some no no's there and to banks and technology company news guilty when they found he could afford to market and inherited stayed up. Very yeah banks and technology companies posted modest gains on Wall Street leading indexes slightly higher at the closing bell Thursday. The tiny gains were enough to mark another all time closing high for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and yeah. And consumer focused stocks also rose via S&P 500 rose just over four points the Dow clown claimed Tony one ended the NASDAQ rose. Thirteen points. 751 now Stephen Ted of women take center stage at which our business journal editor bill wrought with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted the other big story in the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal on the streets today recognizing. The winners of the 2017 women in business awards the WBJ and Cox business recognized 25 Wichita area professionals for their career achievements they're community impact and their support others winners come from a variety of industries companies and organizations. About 400 people attended the luncheon Thursday their profiles are all in today's Wichita business journal three women named to be the first to enter the women in the business women in business hall of fame. They are Maryland Polly vice chairman of Commerce Bank. And he'd overworked and a metro courier and Wilson building maintenance and Helen Galloway in the first place and the women of which are not charitable foundation as I'm talking about women in business. And need to apologize to dev both operate rainbow sign this pronounced her last name yesterday and I apologize for that it is to have both. Sorry about that. This week's top 25 list actually top fifty list of the which by area's largest employers Spirit Aerosystems remains at the top 101700. Employees. Textron aviation next at 9300. The rest of the top five McConnell air force base which is top public schools and via Christi health. Local breaking business news every day on can't SAS in a Wichita business kernel dot com. For the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. Not to focus on your mistake. Yeah. At and you pronounce it. I said blah blah yeah. He owed TH is your last name it's votes instead of cloth and I wish soreness that happened when you when you make a mistake he hadn't yet represent what you're politics can't hide right and right this is a business where you and you're doing is probably edit public presentation or something right. Up 400 people in the room well it's always a new year your worst you know and have something like that happen in front of a big ground. Absolutely. They forgotten about it already. Okay well if I just wanted to make sure that make make things around don't India put it behind you we're reckoning mutant keep reminding people that you missed pronounced both okay. Are evident. I appreciate that how many times that I and that's that's that's a function of all those years in broadcasting 47 happily yeah they've taught me to be perfect illicit. So you add those up if you've Devin US legislatures up there probably. 99 and nine tenths percent of you never done any. Public MC work like that it that is that is a scary deal I mean. We do stuff like that and bring it to pretty funky names that we have to print outs and only god usually if there's any if I have any question about it if there's any dad that suspicious I always check he you know whether it's kids names or names things like that bush haters didn't do that again today and it's that I do is usually mumble or call off. Well I'm saying an elitist at Carolina at that's a good. Have you ever tried that maybe she dread that built this I have tried that as a matter fact when you're reading copy called on the air and yeah. Early get away with that radio you can't see well today and you can't really do. Bride but that's why we have microphones which is turn them off we can call right or a technical problems today is up pandemonium day. A day of sheer bedlam and utter chaos. If ever there was a wild and Mikey and organized database is that day everyone has today like this once in awhile. But died at a tea I do not like anything that hasn't been planned for creeping up on me table at this is dead even worse. It has deep I get surprised you know I go in the ditch I just drive right. That's not what I plan by and it all planned out my same way it always telling us last night I'm going to hold with. You know with saint Shelley's shall we stop here at this place and gets the attitude sure it's kind of cranky a little impatient. They're not lying little Nell satellite with a cars sat there for about three or four minutes didn't seem to removing. So I drove off at a big snipped and eleven. About an hour later after first complete sign at saint Shelley let me handle with both barrels. In and a I'll tell you she just told me and knows that you know. But anyway I know my faults and I think you do too. You bet and then you get past that you just all right and its thank goodness we don't mispronounce your name it's bill Roy. However in France it's bill law right why argument thank you bill as always we appreciate your time this morning 755. Stephen did. Coming up at 8 o'clock UK and is this morning news the Stevens did the Republicans unveiled their latest health care plan. That story and more Stevenson in the morning on tape in a sense.